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Does anyone give a shit about piracy anymore?

I've been constantly reporting one particular channel to YouTube, pretty much weekly but also reporting every video that's uploaded for containing illegal content. They're effectively showing people how to pirate switch games and play them on PC and as the emulator improves it will only become more popular.

This is the channel


As you can see they have several videos not only advertising this fucking emulator, but also guides on how to set it up. Does Google not give a shit about this?

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Emulation itself isn't illegal in most places. So as long as they don't directly link to copyrighted code (games, dlc, bios files, etc.) there's very little reason for Youtube to care.

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What does this have to do with 3DCG? Go away to vidya with this shit

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Fuck off you pussy ass bitch narc

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Because you're stealing. And all these moral pontification you pirates always do in these threads is just criminals trying to justify their actions, which is something all criminals do

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I've been emailing RMS. (Regarding the GCC plugins, etc)
RMS isn't going to do anything about GRSecurity because Bradly Kuhn, a non-lawyer who stabbed RMS in the back recently
, said nothing can be done.

What the FUCK?

RMS says "No evidence right?" and "I'm not part of the FSF anymore" and "wasn't it agreed that nothing could be done?"
There is in-writing evidence:
Has he forgotten about this:
Has he ever heard of "Discovery"?
Subpoena the customer list,
then subpoena the customers.

I told him the contributors to the FSF codebase should sue to recover their copyrights on the basis of fraud in the inducement then.

Why are these free-software people such fucking FAGGOTS that WONT SUE?

(And yes: you can recover donations to organizations that misuse your donation / don't do what you've instructed in atleast NY and California)

Bradly Kuhn is NOT A LAWYER: he's just a FAGGOT with a Bachelors degree, RMS BELIEVES HIM, and ignores actual lawyers. Is RMS a senile idiot?

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(And yes, IAAL)

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Hey Josh, what you doing?

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Can someone please explain exactly how this person made this video?


I'm not sure how they are able to get the different angles which shows it isn't just a single minecraft image on premier in the background. How do they give the minecraft level depth to match the angle of the camera for the hamster? What process/programs did they use to make this meme?

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The sensible way is to film it on a green screen stage. Knowing that people, this is probably isolated from some other, existing footage. Tedious roto'ing by hand.

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Setting up a small green screen on a staircase, isolating the subject. Film whatever you intent to film. Then do 3d tracking on the footage to get the camera movement. Export into 3D software of your choice. Rebuild your staircase/background. Texture it with the appropriate textures from MC. Match the lighting to look like it does in the game. Render to sequence. Don't forget to grab the smoke sprites from game and do an element/pass for the particles. The rest is a job for whatever composition tool you use. Easy peasy, but I don't see the point. Is this what zoomers consider entertainment?

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PS: if you're retarded and don't value your time, isolate the subject from some other existing footage.

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Just trying to understand the concept for future projects. So do they do compositing and camera tracking in blender to achieve the effect?

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No idea, never used blender. I use Mocha and PFTrack for tracking(depending on shot/situation) and Fusion for compositing.

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/questions/ - Questions & Help Thread
General Questions and Help about anything /3/ related, hardware and software.

Previous thread: >>721238

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Is Unreal a shitty starting engine compared to Unity?

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Cintiq has a film grain effect on the screen. You need a proper monitor for previewing.

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If you'll somehow make it to 1% of successful devs, you'll have to deal with Epic and all their shady tactics. Also, this is not a gamedev board, /3/ is for people who can actually earn real money.

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most of /3/ earns their money doing modelling, animation, and scripting for indie games so yes it is a gamedev board

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>most of /3/ earns their money doing modelling, animation, and scripting for indie games so yes it is a gamedev board
I like how this post started bad but still managed to spiral out of control. Take your meds, please, or at least be a less of a newfag.

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i just started checking out blender and SFM because i wanted to port an MMD model i like and make some clips. can anyone experienced with porting give me some tips? aside from the guides. i am aware of the huge guide on porting but this covers a lot of subjects and is very intimidating. i just want my mmd to be in SFM. the bones and the expressions make it look very delicate to handle.

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Why would bother with SFM when you have blender(or any other 3D tool for that matter)?

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because once i port it to sfm it can be ported easier to other source games(also sfm has some silly stuff like warped bodies). but you have a very good point. i can make them dance already in unity while im stuck in sfm. but one of my other problem is i can't record them, do you have any recommendations on a recording software?

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Is luxcore superior to cycles?

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Sword i made kek

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Gif of it in unreal engine 4


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Why didnt you post it here

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I want to edit EXR multilayer by GIMP, or another photo-editing software.
But GIMP can't deal with exr multilayer type.
So please tell me how to divide the each layer into one file.
Or, please tell me how to deal with multilayer exr by free-software.
(I'm not a native speaker. Sorry for the strange English)

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How demanding on a system would a fully rendered,textured, and game ready Earth and Solar System be on a given system and Game Engine.

Something like Kerbal Space Program with GTA V or Ace Combat level Graphics?

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>First person combat still looks janky after years and they are using CryEngine

What engine would you personally use?

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didn't you mean Godot?!

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This, but unironically. Unity is an excellent choice if you wanna build a system like this. Thing to understand is that unity is only powerful if you can code advanced systems yourself, it's not a toy but a fully fledged game engine.

It's sorta like a blank canvas in photoshop, really powerful but it's all up to you.

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Agreed, just look at Escape from Tarkov to see what could be done with that engine alone.

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Is it better to get Blender or just pirate Maya/3Ds max if I wanna make 3d models? If piracy is the better option should I pirate Maya or 3Ds max?

All hypothetical of course.

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Imagine choosing your software because of the download and installation process -- something that will take less than 0.001% of your time with that software.

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I'm using Maya, Max and Blender on a daily basis
and in my opinion every software has it's strenght in different

Regarding blender... just try it, it's free

In terms of autodesk software:

1: with a classic polygon modelling workflow max shits on everything i've used, it's greatest strength is that it's non destructive since it uses a modifier stack, if you wanna do anything modelling related max can do it.

Maya on the other hand excels in everything that is related to rigging and animation, in my opinion the only real modelling related advantage maya has over max in terms of modelling would be if you're going for a nurbs related workflow f.e. automotive modelling.

But generally speaking if you just wanna do models you'll be fine with any software anyways.

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What do you like about blender?

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There is literally no reason not to try Blender. It's fucking free. You can download it right now and have it running in seconds.

I would advise any and every beginner to do that, simply for that reason alone.

Maya, Max and Zbrush are all good and they all do one or more things better than Blender and which one is the 'best' will depend on what you are modelling, but Blender is an excellent general purpose 3D modelling program. It isn't massively specialized for poly modelling like Max, it isn't specialized for animation like Maya, and it isn't massively specialized for sculpting like Zbrush.

But it is very capable of doing all of those things with high quality results. Honestly, with 2.8, sculpting is just as good as Zbrush for most things. Only an experienced 3D artist would reap the benefits of using Zbrush over Blender as things are right now.

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Because it sucks.

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what the hell is this

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what distro are you running

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gentoo with cinnamon

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oh okay, nice. why a NUC?
based, private or public instance? is Google still fucky?
and it looks like Blender 2.79, I don't recommend you use it.

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I got a NUC because I was looking for a desktop with the highest specs I could get off Amazon and this was it -- which I found pretty bizarre considering it's so small.
I use public searx. Meta-searx actually. I don't use it so often anymore, for most things I just use Google instead. Botnet be damned, it works, and other shit kinda doesn't. Searx itself for instance just gives me a timeout or 404 half the time, I think I should probably stop using meta and switch to a single instance.
That's blender 2.82, is there a more up-to-date version? I just upgraded my system recently, maybe the most up-to-date version isn't in the repos yet, later today I'll have to see if there's an official blender overlay I can get it from. I actually don't really know shit about 3d modeling as you can probably see. I just fuck around with it sometimes and make disgusting abominations like pic related.

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Of course it's art. It's really abstract and makes no sense but it's still art

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yes famalam these are all artworks and were amazing back then.
Listen tho:
these were also tech demos, which a lot of art still is. There is a common joke that a lot of artists and art studios rush to the newest available production methods to remain 'avant-garde'. The real question with these types of work is, are they written well? Do they remain relevant? whats the emotional value after the tech impact lost its appeal? As with everything, none of this is static.
Plus, these were never integrated into the post-modern art market, they were made for a more global audience, to amaze, and turn profit somehow.

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Yes, because it's a technical achievement. Remember, you stand on the shoulders of giants. No one ever had it that easy to create great and compelling 3D art, so you have no excuse to mess up.

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ITT, Share:
>Lighting tutorials, theory, resources etc.
>Your own lighting work to ask for criticism
>Examples of good CG lighting, references, inspirations

Everything lighting related!

Good read: UE4 Archviz Interior Rendering

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>If I understand correctly then, the general purpose of rim is for separation/silhouette and the purpose of kick is for shape?
yes, as an addition to the key light, where most of the shape comes from

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saved, another example of how awareness of most basic film practices makes 3D processes work better. This should be obvious, but artists tend to get lost in their model/animation without seeing the final objective output.

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That whole series by Pixar is great.

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One thing that's curious is how much the film lighting techniques has influenced non-film artwork. These days you see it not only in the 3D animation industry, but also 2D animation and concept artwork. Did these techniques exist prior to their prevalent usage in film? Maybe they arose in theatre?

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>id these techniques exist prior to their prevalent usage in film? Maybe they arose in theatre?
yes, in photography

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hello guys im new to blen...uhh 3d modeling i can draw 2d art so i said why not try 3d modeling any tips you would want to share any tutorials mistakes i should avoid creating models like in the pic

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use meshes to draw on top of so you can get 3d

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Is this a for real thing to do?

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You were given information, try doing some research yourself.

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remade some levels of lego star wars in unity

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i'm interested in learning about modeling environments, but I want to be able to plan things out ahead of time so I have some sort of reference point when I do the actual modeling. I have Dungeon Painter Studio and I think it's nice for mapping out what an interior is going to look like, but I think it's lacking when it comes to outdoor/more open environments. is anyone here aware of a good program/method for planning out larger areas? it's fine if it costs money, assuming it's not too pricey

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Make a somewhat modular library of placeholder objects in your 3D software of choice and use those

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I wanna build small town sceneries like pic related. Filled with lovely details and also some forests in the background.

Now I know that guy is using 3dsmax. My prefered tool is Cinema 4D. Is there any advantage for building something like this in 3dsmax? Like performance, etc.?

C4D is just so easy to use but I'm afraid to miss on something or so.

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Yeah, except that Blender would be stuttering and shitting the bed with the amount of polygons and objects on screen. The vegetation alone would kill it. Same for C4d and Modo.
I know it's a tough pill to swallow, but you need a tool which has a responsive viewport even if there are several hundred if not a thousand objects in the scene. And Blender, Modo, C4d do not belong to this category.
I know because i tried - it's not fun.

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What is the best for very high poly count scenes?

>> No.725447

Clarisse and Katana are the industry solutions for final scene layout, shading, lighting and rendering of gigantic scenes.
Katana is completely node-based and unnecessary complex IMHO (for an single artist).
Clarisse is piss easy to understand, it renders billions/trillions of polygons while using less RAM than the average DCC and it is perfectly usable as an single artist.

3DsMax and Houdini are the top dogs when it comes to the classic DCC's.

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Fuck off shill

>> No.725581

I mean to be fair, for Blender there's some neat plugins like Tissue and Scatter that are pretty useful for architectural stuff and making city layouts.
Also the modifiers make it pretty easy to iterate and make buildings "parametrically" (obviously it's not all procedural). You could model entire buildings in whatever dimensions you want with a few clicks (provided you've got the top/bottom and middle pieces).

Though it really does shit the bed with complex scenes. Once you start hitting 2-3m polys it starts to slow down noticeably.

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Inspired by project melody I want to make myself a waifu app where you can design your perfect girl, dress her and save outfits, makeup, simple greetings, do softcore lewd things like undress her and pose her how I want, etc. I want it on my phone so I can say hi any time of day when I have a moment.

Is there free software that would make this possible? Basically a 3D engine with free models of anime girls that can be customised

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>I initially suspected porn but there's very little of it out there
The porn being made with Daz is probably not for public distribution.

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>Inspired by project melody
You and half of the 3D comunity is 'inspired' to do the exactly same shit.

>> No.725397

yeah, inspired to try to make a quick buck

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If you fap to cg camgirls, you're still a fucking coomer.

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And it looks like she outsourced a lot of that work, as well.

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