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Hello I'm begginer-intermediate 3d modeller-architect. Pic related is my current level, i know, it's not too great, but also it took me a lot of time to get these images.

I work mainly with 3d max and vray. Sometimes applying photoshop.

I was wondering if there was any good guide on how to streamline the work with these programs in order to be able to quickly make architectural images by following a series of determined steps rather than a trillion hours of test and error.

I was hoping for a guide that includes which renders settings, how to test lights, when to include models, textures, etc...

Thanks in advance for any answer, ill be bumping with pictures of the shit i made.

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general advice, photoshop is more powerful than the rendering engine if you give up the goal of total photo realism.

you can save a lot on performance by limiting transparent and reflective materials, especially avoiding materials which are both transparent and reflective at the same time. some times you can just render a reference texture of where the windows are and add a decent reflection in photoshop.

this guy does a good job explaining time saving techniques

post production becomes faster and less labour intensive if you keep most shots as single point perspectives, saving two-point only for the money shot

and also the post digital look is totally acceptable, even desirable, for basic skematic design. this may not be a popular opinion on /3/ but its worth throwing out there

in general, i've heard that fiddling too much with all the settings until it looks right in the rendering engine will push things away from what's physically accurate.
even if this guy is talking about blender the advice is good

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woah this is very good advice thanks, all read it/hear it all and reply

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This is how Adobe starts trying to push shit down our throats.

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>tfw when updating the software costs the same as just buying them all as new again

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>an alternative to After Effects
tfw there are actually blendlets that think that

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It's a filter in Designer since ages.
B2M is in Alchemist and in Designer, how is Adobe pushing shit down our throats?
Don't get me wrong i strongly dislike Adobe, but so far they haven't done anything bad except buying out Allegorythmic.

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This is what I''m talking about. Of course to do that now they want you to "subscribe".

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Is this cheese industries?

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It's about to be.

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Pretty good so far no eye square guy.

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So I was taught 3d in cinema4d. I tried to download the educational license from my old college. The problem is, the license is expired. The license for cinema4d for use is over a hundred dollars. I tried to learn Blender, but I couldn't make heads or tails of it. Is there any options for me on what I should do? I can't seem to figure something out.

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Hello /3/, it’s divegrass season again.

Our last run was pretty exciting, even though we fell just short of the title, but we made an impressive showing, especially on what /3/ is all about : 3D models, winning best overall aesthetics and WIP winning best new model (for the second time). Unfortunately the days of good looking /3/ are behind us as the cup has moved to PES18 which gutted aesthetics in general, and /3/ in particular. The root of the issue is the complete removal of an option that the team used heavily : custom models that could use the kit texture and change with it. 9 out of 23 players from Winter use it, and they’re the best of our models (notably the shitposter, WIP, Jiggle Physics). There are three ways to go about it now:

- Either use the PES kit and loose what made the players really unique
- Make custom models with their own texture, with the risk of making the team visually disjointed
- Make custom models that all use a texture that matches the kit color, locking the team into a single kit (most likely the orange Blender kit, because least likely to clash with other teams’ kits)

Then there’s the issue of the poly limit, the exploit to get full body models in the game comes with the caveat of a poly limit in the ballpark of 5k tris for anything from the neck down (the head itself has a 17k tri limit). That means a lot of models will have to be decimated with unpredictable results. There’s also the possibility of embracing the low poly future and making the whole team purposefully looking like it came from a N64 game.

Here's a poll to sort these questions:


Otherwise on roster matters I was thinking in putting No YOUR program sucks as medal, replacing >Blender who would go in the defensive line with his BFFs 3DSMax and Maya, if you have other ideas don't hesitate to list them.

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Oops forgot the links about what is the team and the cup for new people


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Did u all know that that logo is from a Catalonian television?

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Jo ho sé.

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Okay Bois, redpill me on Lightwave. Is it any good or not?

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it's an alternative to Autodesk bloatware without becoming a blender fag. And it's been around since the Amiga days and has lots of tutorials and free plugins

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Thanks anon.

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yeah but its ancient shit, not updated since 2012.
The only people who are still using it in 2019 are those who are fanboys and can't let it go. Its more or less dead, the community is small and constantly shrinking. Not to mention the constant drama behind the curtains. It got sold to an new owner and its future is .... nobody knows.
I wouldn't touch it nor would i ever recommend it. Many LW user are flooding into the Blender community, that tells you exactly where it is positioned.
Everything else is better. Stay away from this dinosaur.

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Any 3d generalist here? I work as a environmental and architectural artist and I cant help to keep procrastinating in those parts I dont like.

Right now Im stuck at the rigging and UV mapping. Its been a week already and I never find the proper time for start doing that, so I always end up starting another project or wasting time doing other things. Everytime I open my file I dont feel Im capable of finishing it.
Any ideas for this? Which are your least favourites stages of a 3d project?

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Common as muck. I hate uv's and texel density for all the fucking little bits. I hate retopology. I hate baking maps. I hate trying to fucking sync colors between all the apps because they all have different formats, inverted gloss ot metalness etc. Most of all I hate blender users tho.

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>Most of all I hate blender users tho.

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I found 3D Coat makes Retopology and UV-mapping interactive and fun

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Ah man I actually like rigging and uv mapping sometimes. It's the dirty, boring shit but it's got to be done before you can move onto the other fun shit. Throw on some tunes of a podcast and rig/uv map away.

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Concentrate and think only about the end result of a process that is not so motivating that the end will make you feel worth everything :3

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Hi. I do fake Smash leaks. I’m also working on a Sonic fan film. Please check out my Instagram @blendtendo!

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>Please check out my Instagram @blendtendo!

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Fuck off

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Substance now is finished as well.
Autodesk BTFO by based blender.

Time to stop paying for cuck software.

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>with max all you have to do is select the tool, make as many incisions are you need and right click when youre done. and continue to make incisions because it doesnt leave the cut tool mode until you switch to a different tool
That's literally slower than in Blender, though.
In Blender you hit K, make your cuts, hit enter and it's done and you're back to your basic tools. To engage more cutting, hit K again. This way you're instantly ready to do other things, and you're also instantly ready to do more cuts (by hitting K with your free hand).
In Max you have to enter/exit the tool itself, which is just a slower workflow.
It's also an extremely minor thing to be autismal about. Is that little difference the reason you refuse to try Blender? What kind of retarded assburger are you?

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Blender doesn't even generate seamless texture thought. Unless you go full retard and bake it on a torus.

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You friccen moron. You haven’t figured out to work faster is to map a gaming mouse to all your most used key shortcuts? Lmao do people need to remind you to breathe?

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>Max is like the only software that does it right
This, I hate the way the knife tool works in Blender and Maya.

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Blender as a modeler is comparable with Maya, even if it lacks some basic (and not so basic) features. But Maya is still fairly behind Max as a modeling software.

People need to be more aware of how precious and fleeting life is, how quickly time passes. Perhaps then they would be less inclined to use Blender.

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I want to make a videogame, but I have zero knowledge in 3d modeling, can somebody create and animate some models for me? Dm links to files if your interested, @gamer16234893

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Do you have pussy? Because I can work for pussy.

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back to r*ddit

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Just use place holder models for now. Make your game and if at the end you've got a solid program you think will be a good seller then hire an artist to make the models for you.

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No money, but felt he's entitled enough for free work even after killing an innocent thread who hadn't even had its first kiss yet.
Scum like you disgust me, OP.

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Anyone know any good blender tutorial series?

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how can he be so heartless...killing a thread like its nothing!

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The donut one

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> good blender tutorial series
All of them will be outdated in July with the 2.81 release

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You guys told me it was better than Blender but is just confusing and harder to use, there aren't as much tutorials as Blender and didn't find anything Maya could do that Blender can't.

Fuck it. Im just pushing myself to learn it because is what they use in school.

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>I prefer Redshift for the speed, and that works fine in both Maya and Blender.
I highly suspected the post was bait, and this confirms it.

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>Better than Maya's
>Open VDB was added a couple of months ago, and it's nothing special.
Another half assed implementation that does absolutely nothing in Blender except its used for caching, no import/export, no custom attributes
>Lolwut, are you claiming Maya or Max has material editing surpassing Substance?
No i am not claiming that you absolute disgusting retard. You don't even know what i am talking about. Stay ignorant faggot.
>you can do literally everything you could do in Substance Painter/Designer in Blender.
ahahahaha....., wait you are serious, let me laugh even harder...HAHAHAHAHA
>Again, why the fuck are you comparing Houdini to Blender?
I am not, you just don't know what i am talking about, which brilliantly illustrates my point about you guys don't know shit but are projecting like mad.
>What sucks about it and why would you ever use Renderman in the first place?
Its a buggy half-finished implementation which crashes more often than not.
And i don't need to justify my motivation for using an otherwise superior renderer to you shitbird.
>Cycles is fine, but it's not Blender
Cycles is Blenders render engine. And its missing a lot of features.
Redshift works in Blender? You are really incompetent are you?
>Coming in a future update, but you can already set up UDIM support by making your own node system.
You expect me to do everything manually, what the fuck is the point of UDIM's if i have to wrangle with nodes myself?
Go fuck yourself, its not there yet, so another missing feature on the long list.
>Prorprietary formats causing some toruble with every update, but it's been very long since I had any problems with Blender FBX files.
I don't care about the reasons and i don't care about your anecdotal evidence. It doesn't work, therefore its shit.

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>proprietary formats like FBX sort of work in Blender
>open-source formats or specs like OpenVDB, Alembic, UDIM, are not available or poorly implemented
Makes you think, no?

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I only use Maya because I was trained in it.

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Why don't you explore other options?

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Hey guys. I have an asset from the Unreal Marketplace, and I'm trying to add lipsyncing to it. I have a good lip syncing method that I've used in the past, but it requires these morphs, or morphs similar to them: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/audiosdk/latest/concepts/audio-ovrlipsync-viseme-reference/
The asset I'm using is this: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/slug/character-customization-female

She's facial rigged and everything, just doesn't have the morphs I need. In the past someone as able to easily add these for me, but that was different meshes, so not sure how easy that is here.

Willing to pay to have this done for me. Let me know if you can help out! Thanks!

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That would be amazing. I've put the file here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=55258921729739668841
The visemes/morph targets I need are here: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/audiosdk/latest/concepts/audio-ovrlipsync-viseme-reference/
They don't need to be exact, but obviously the closer the better.
Would super appreciate it !

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I dont think anyone here at /3/ would do it and specially for free OP. But maybe Im wrong, who knows. It would be the first time I see something like that happen

I used to create face morphs back in 2014 or so when I was SFM porn modeler and animator, I ripped my own characters and most of them around are either from me or from a guy from east europe.

Anyway, nowadays I think the best method specially with highpoly models is to use the model inside Zbrush, model every variation you want and then export them to maya as blendshapes

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Like I said, I don't mind paying. I'd just like to get it done, not entirely where to search but someone recommended here.

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Ok, I tested the model and she doesnt have any bones in her face except her eyes, so all the morphs have to be done modeling from scratch. She also doesnt have any teeth/tongue/mouthbag.

I dont really have the time for doing that while achieving a good result. Better try on sites like upwork instead, its more direct and quick.

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The teeth and mouth are separate files for whatever reason, they're included just not part of that mesh.

But thanks for taking a look. I'll check out that site Upwork.

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>want to make something for little bro
>he likes marvel movies as every kid does
>loki and starlord are his favs
>gonna make one of their helmets

So I need an accurate asset of his head. I watched a punished props video and the guy claimed to have easily make his head asset so accurately his first take was a perfect fit; using software called makehuman. Anyone used makehuman before? Really don't want to spend the next two days navigating new software just for one thing. I spend about 15 minutes checking it out and it doesn't seem to be as easy as youtube guy claimed. ("Just plug in your head measurements and you're done!")

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I forget the name of the program but it's the one bethesda used on oblivion to make heads. Use that.

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summer already huh

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Sounds pretty gay.

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Find him some real interests

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This battle has made my day. I'm even have a birthday today.

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Where do I go to talk about b/o/ats?

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Where can I find a realistic, rigged human 3D model for free?

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Literally any 3D filesharing or torrent site.

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"realistic" is just polygon count and textures

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Tried being productive today, rendered with aiToon + OSL

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Sure you do Anon, sure you do.

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Drop your reel then Mr. Professional

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hahaha still no

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>t. boomer dad

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Lol figured, you larping fag.

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do you think that blender can compete with other 3d programs such as maya ?

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