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>Model modfications that are only rendered if shown from certain angles.
How would you do this?
Basically soft-break the 3D "always on model" scheme.

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drive bones/shapes by camera position

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post your teeth /3/,
critique others.

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OP, that's a volume render from a CT or perhaps CBCT xray machine. /Xray-guy

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yes, but it's in 3 dimensions.
xrays can be exported to STL file.

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Alright, here you go.
3D sculpted, CNC machined and polished.

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what poly count is this?

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it really doesn't matter
lmao look at this shit hahahahha

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At least 2

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2 million

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Maybe its just one big poly

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Million dollar question - do you have to own all your tools in order to freelance ?

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You mean own an electronic invoice for the tools you rent.

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If you work for actual studios and not for random individuals, they might ask you to show them your licenses, in which case, yeah, you need to own your tools. Otherwise you might get away with pirating, but idk about that.

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Kaisoku oni, ore wa naru!

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If you're making assets public, likely.
If you're working for a private party, no.

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It would be retarded to not pay up if you're hired by fat wallets. You forego, maybe, $500 - $1000 a year, but hey, it's not that much. You just cover for it with your rate (it could be as little as $0,50 extra per hour).

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Let's be serious.

For all the effort you have to make a 3D animation look like real anime, isn't cheaper to just make it 2D in the first place?

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They are, but guess what is selling the chinese plastic garbage?

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Newfag detected

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All the 3d asses are reusable, for a single movie, 2d is probably better but for series that netflix wanna shit out, hoping one will stick and they can milk for multiple reasons, 3d is obviously a no brainier

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Shit like this just looks wrong

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>3d asses
Yes....they are quite reusable indeed. :)

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Hey guys, since I saw a guy's patreon (oscarkim123) I have been wondering if it was legal to profit off NSFW animations that use other people's models. Do you have any idea if this is the case?

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Blizzard sent some cease and desists over people making porn with their models, but I haven't heard of anyone actually ending up in court over it.

There is a legal risk to doing this, but it appears to be quite small thus far.

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I guess it can only work if you live in the same country. Gl getting some third world shitter to stop desecrating your models

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not sure if you faggots are all american or why you make such a big fuss about copyright enforcment (I'm not advocating for ripping). like blizzard would care and do much about some animated overwatch hag, when people literally steal their online games, host their own servers and live comfortably from P2W shops and donations. Just google Warmane WoW or Ascenion WoW if you dont believe me. and you can always disguise your patreon comission work or whatever as something else where the actual coom product is just a bonus. like a discord member role with special benefits that just happens to have the ability to "request" 1 coom vid. like try to make big money first, worry about the rest later

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>if it was legal to profit off NSFW animations that use other people's models
You just described Daz """artists"""

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Daz ""artists"" don't usually animate. But they have permission to do what they do.

It's not the same as, say, making an NSFW short of Elsa. This is obviously an example, it doesn't have to be Elsa, or even anything from Disney. But imagine if it were Elsa. Hm.

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I'm trying to make pic related.
and everything about it is easy (because it's a boxy van) EXCEPT for how to approach this cylindrical shape that flows through the side panelling.
The thing that's giving me a headache is the fact that it is slightly bigger before the front wheelwell and gets slimmed down before crossing the entire rest of the side.
I cannot for the life of me figure out how to replicate this accurately.
I've done other cars from this era, and older, it's pretty much all I've been doing recently. This is still just fucking with me so much.

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here's a picture that should give the part I am talking about a little better definition.

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cut a cylinder in half, cut the van in half, weld the cylinder into the polymesh of the van

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its a good starting point, download blender and do a couple of tutorials now

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The fur sim is nice, but the lighting and color scheme could use a lot of work

I recommend spending some time sculpting for the details, because the simplistic body model does not look good with the hi-res fur(Face wrinkles, lips, separation between toes, color variation in skintone, etc)

Add an ambient light to the scene, it looks very "early 2000s car commercial mascot" with all the super dark shadows

Scale down the textures on the background, they look very distracting

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It's shit.
Like any render made by a noob.

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I am looking for a blender sculpting tutorial because the knight turned out to be a disaster.

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trumps chessboard be like

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Errr, shrimp to B3

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I like the shitty pieces. Makes the render more interesting than if you had done a "good" job.

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I am new to blender.

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It shows.

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I use photogametry as reference to sculpt, pic related the last shit I did to print, it is great to make textures for low poly models too.

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For the ruinous powers!

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I have bout 2 gb of Corvus Belli shit scanned from videos too, just to practice sculpting because that shit is unprintable.

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cool but useless for the reasons >>796162 this dork pointed out

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Neat, I saw some of your earlier progress on tg. Good stuff.

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Why yes, I do use Affinity products instead of Adobe to texture my waifus, how could you tell.

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I use affinity designer. I mostly make alphas

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What's a good on-the-go software for modeling/sculpting on the android/tablet?

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U could write vertex positions in ur notes app, or run blender thru a linux emu at 1/3 fps

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This thread was moved to >>>/wsr/961232

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is anyone here using it for any 3D pipelines? i've seen mostly 2d artists use it for references

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what's the best 3d modeling tool?

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Get fucking murdered, CC

idgaf, kys CC

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For some reason, you thought that posting this would be an epic BTFOing of who you're attacking, CC

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it was probably some lame coomer bait, if you're into that thing there's this cool thing called "google" where you can just search for actual porn instead of relying on safe for work imageboards for it

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someone know about tutorials who teaches how a make a 3d porn model?
its for a porn game

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yeah i dont reply you

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In other words you're anally prolapsed over past discussions that you got obliterated in. Got it no problem. :)

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No, mi anus is good, the twitter it wasn't me

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>yeah i dont reply you
Do you have brain damage? I get that you are stupid but was it an injury at childhood or is it genetic?

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took the bait

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What's the proper way to make a 3DCG demo reel for a job application?
Should I create the model from stretch or use a pre-made asset models to show the test animation as a resume/portfolio?

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Both animator anyway, so I doubt models are required. What >>795954 makes sense- make simple models just to show the animations

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guess I'll just make simple model for a test animation then.
Hope they don't mind with the low ploy sculpture.

>> No.795958


God damn it!
Fuck my ESL typing skills.

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>Hope they don't mind with low poly sculpture
They won't, it's better to show off that you know how to make a model+rig instead of just animating, even if it's super low poly.
A high poly model you used from someone else really means nothing.

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Thanks for the advice anons.
Looks I need to require more time and effort to create demo reel for a job.

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Do I meet the minimal requirements of this tridimensional temple?

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What are the benefits?

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Yo! New Guy. Join The Blender Foundation or Else.

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None. Plus it's actually a pedophile ring. I'd stay clear.

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How the fuck is that scope going to stay aligned for any length of time?

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A lot of glue and sad thoughts.

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Hi guys I'm collecting some data for a personal project which involves the production of a series of Hyper-Realistic CG Character. Since I'm not that experienced in this field I would like to ask you what would be an average price for a Human character, with a standard rig. No clothes required
Thank you very much.

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>2-3 months of work at around 50-55$/h.

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> personal project which involves the production of a series of Hyper-Realistic CG Character
> I'm not that experienced in this field
better quit right now before you embarrass yourself son

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Pajeet does, and so will you if you want a job.

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fuck off

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this thread is for maya chads only, blendlets get out

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im proud to have fixed your crooked ways

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shame his works have been lost forever rip my furry nigga

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>Everything just "blends" together

You said it bro

>> No.796354

>everything just BLENDS together
>transitory states that run in CYCLES
It better fucking be intentional

>> No.796377

you would have to be a downie leper to think it wasnt intentional
>the late sean f kay
RIPPPPPPPP RIP the late sean f kay briding the gap between kant and hegel though his works are now lost

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Do you agree?

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What is the point of this? Respond like a normal human being for once ffs.

>> No.796214

The windows are part of the buidling (modeling) process, idiot.

>> No.796220

the windows are a metaphor for light. l2pottery

>> No.796281

>Good lighting is something you can buy. It will be as good as the renderer you have available.
let me stop you right there, you're a complete retard
you're the equivalent of a senile grandpa who thinks shit happens by itself because its done on the computers

>> No.796283

they are all complementary
none of them is the "foundation" of the others

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