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No. I pledged my allegiance to Blender minutes after being born, and I am a faggot of honor. I will not switch.

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I have a question for you /3/, have you ever suffered piracy? How did you react? Do you have any experiences you want to share?
My case :
>Spent months working on a character, sculpting, modeling, clothing, retopo, unwrapping, texturing, baking, rigging, blendshapping, animating, exporting to a game engine, well you know the deal
>In a matter of weeks, someone ripped her, made a poorly head swap with mismatched texture seams to a random daz model, copied all the clothes and blendshapes.
>Ive seen her in animations from patreon and other similar sites, earning money from my work
>Its been months since that, now she is on those porn banners, fake games like "fuck dolls" and so on. Theres even a russian website claiming its their work.

I know I cant do anything, but this really discourages me as the character itself is more famous in porn animations than on the original product. And all that not counting Im not seeing any of that money.
Anyway, I work as character and environmental artist, so I dont really know a lot about game engines. Do you know if theres any way to prevent this to happen? Maybe importing directly a posed animation instead of T-Pose, just that will help a lot as most of thes coomers dont really know how to model a basic table.

Pic not related but similar work.

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Oh shit seriously?
What links so I can report this.

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Ive also seen things like this. Some chinese and indian guys downloading models from sketchfab and then offering the models for 3d printing.
There was a thread in zbrushcentral talking about that

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Yeah it also happens a lot on thingiverse with models licensed under a non-commercial creative commons license ending up on eBay as 3D printed objects.

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Another reason to never share character models

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>I know I cant do anything
You can at least report that shit to Patreon. It would be fun watching those fuckers get demonetized.

Just prove to Patreon that you are the original author (best way IMO is to show source files at different stages of progress, plus previous publications, preferably those you think rippers got the model from), and wait for the tears.

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does anyone have free anime models

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yeah me. check your inbox i just sent you a few

EDIT: thanks for the gold!

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Was this made with blender? (or any engine really)

I'm completely new to blender and would like to know if I could make something like this someday w/ blender

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You can definitely make that with Blender, or for that matter Maya, 3DS Max, Lightwave, Modo, 3D Coat, Zbrush, Houdini, C4D and so on.

Before you chose one do some serious research on You Tube. What you want to do now might not be what you'll want down the line. Also research the workflows. There's zillions of artists with videos showing them work on projects while they talk about what they're doing.

Me? I started with Maya, played around with various programs (still do) worked with ZBrush and mostly work with 3D Coat which I find to be the easiest to use, the best interface. 3 or 4 years ago I'd say skip Blender but it's now excellent and you'll have a good time with it. Lots of improvements there.

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thank you so much! You've given me some pretty valuable information to consider

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I'm pretty good with computers, I always figure things out. But I have a condition called aphantasia, which means i have a complete lack of creativity and inability to visualize things in my head. Im starting to get it back now, but I'm not sure what are some good ideas for early modelling

I'm thinking:
>Make a layout of my house, furniture is pretty simple and i have some visual memory of my house because im constantly exposed to it
>Make a few guns or maybe a grenade or some crates or a barrel or typical assets you'd see in a game like counter strike

what are your ideas for simple beginner models?

Do most people just start by modelling things they have IRL? i think i could model my computer, my laptop, my phone, a hairbrush, until i get my creativity going again

No im not an NPC im an mkultra victim thats why i have it

I tried to read the sticky, but the person who made the readme apparently got their account suspended

also, how do i get my creative muscles going?
does anybody else with aphantasia do 3D modelling? how do you get by? references?
how do you get those creative muscles and visual imaging skills going? because obviously in the future im gonna have to imagine.

should i just recreate models from my favourite videogames? i know what all that shit looks like, and its already in 3D my memory of old 2000s PC game models is pretty good i can visualize them

also, is it easy to make 90s looking shit in blender? shaders that look like picrel's rendering?

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>I'm pretty good with computers
stopped reading there as I know THAT kind of people

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>Toy Story
Well, that incarnation of RenderMan was already pretty much freely programmable when it came to shaders.

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Modelling stuff in your house is a great beginner’s practice. You have the stuff available for you to measure, rotate, take photos of, etc. and should give you a good idea of scale. Modelilng stuff from video games is also good, and can give you some practice with different art styles. For now, just do what seems simple and fun as it is just practice.
As for creativity, there are solutions for people who struggle with art or writer’s block. There are lots of idea generator websites for example. Or you could do something like write down things that you like on a piece of paper, anything, and then try to string some ideas together. Or make an idea collage using Google Images and a paint program filled with stuff you like and expand from there. Don’t worry too much about creativity though; most people model what someone else pays them to model.

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thanks so much. Good post, everything i needed. Oh I want to get creative, do my own shit
lol, no not that kind. i never need tech support for shit i just work it out. that wasnt a brag, it was a point of reference.

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Download this technical drawing for the T1340 High Speed camera. It's got all the precise measurements in all 3 dimensions.

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I'm looking at this video


and wondering how do they usually approach this challenge - do they actually recreate all the textures from scratch or push them through AI upscales, tweak in photoshop, sharpen etc.? I'm not sure, but since I see a lot of details on those reworked textures to be identical to original ones, I can't believe they have been actually recreated from scratch and still managed to match every single detail.

Does this guy really deserve a job in cd projekt red like some people are saying in the comments? I always thought this is just a meme where you spend some time sharpening the texture in photoshop. It's just time consuming. In that case I wouldn't even post it in my portfolio. But again, if this is actually recreated in Substance from scratch, then that's insane.

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One more thing - wouldn't the studio just use a higher res version of the texture (which already exists) for a remake and that's it? The work this guy has been doing would be slow and pointless either way.

That's what I was thinking as well. But now I'm interested how it's actually done because I see people cooming left and right and praising the guy for this, and I'm not sure if he actually deserved it.

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Either going back to old project files and recreation from scratch.

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Why the hell would anyone bother making this? The textures are already good enough for something you'll be looking at from a distance, in motion while you're focused on gameplay.

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People play that game for immersion as well, they just like to explore and enjoy the visuals. It's a very popular mod. Also, it's not like this is Need for Speed that you'll run through the environment with motion blur on everything.

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>tfw still can't figure out how modelling and rigging anime eyes works compared to normal eyes

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Extruding shapes along curves?

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Go to SketchFab open anime models, enable wireframe and look at the topology.

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You made that? Looks good.

Now rotate it...

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How do you avoid clipping? Do anime models have floating eyes?

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in most of the anime games, eyes are just a texture. just think about it, in drawings even when you are seeing them in one side the eye is completely flat.

so its better to make textures for the eyes, open, closed and all the variations you can imagine.

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Screenshot from Sanitarium (1998)
Anyone know what they would have used in 1997 to create this kind of render? There is something magical about old adventure game / late 90s prerendered era CGI / backgrounds that are very grungy simplistic looking but have otherwise realistic cpu based raytracing. Apologies if this topic has been brought up before, I do not browse this board often but I have seen people on here identify some obscure shit. A combination of low resolution textures, very metallic and bumpmappy workflow but not anything lowlopy as its known today (nostalgiabait). I mean these renders tried to be as realistic as they could be for the time. I've got nothing against blender but I am trying to avoid recreating this look in modern software and instead trying to hunt down the exact kinds of software that would be used to play around with it for fun.

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I used Lightwave at that time, first on Amiga then on PC.

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Yeah... Lightwave was my main tool for a long time, into the early 2000s. It actually was kinda required to work in broadcast and VFX since no one used MAX there for many years to come. Good tool, kept alive by its plugin ecosphere but NewTek ruined it again and again by doing nothing with it.

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You can't always blame the development team if the company runs out of development money. I mean why is Blender so popular with 2.8 and onward? It's because the EU has given them $10 million twice in the last 5 years. Not too many private developers have that kind of money to play with. That's why Modo had to sell out to Foundry. That's why XSI got devoured by Autodesk. It's a brutal business.

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>It's because the EU has given them $10 million twice in the last 5 years.
WTF? My taxpayer money is going to fund those cultists?

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Well, in that case it was 100% NewTeks fault.

The creators and key engineers proposed a complete modernization of Lightwave in 2001, the management disagreed. So Allen Hastings, Stuart Ferguson, Brad Peebler and half of the LW staff left to form Luxology later on. Years later NT fucked up another attempt at modernization by shelving the Lightwave CORE prototype, tacking some of its features onto the next versions of LW.
And now with LW2020 out even more developers left the company.

I was done with NewTek after 2005. XSI was fun while it lasted, now it's Maya and (again) 3ds. Let's see what's next.

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This game looks like shit. Arkham knight came out FIVE years ago and looks better than this, why is it so many current gen games have this cringe-inducing "cartoon" artstyle. Is it due to inferior hardware on the switch or is it to appeal to zoomers? Either way it looks gross af. I expected better after seeing the Unreal tech demo.

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Does nothing for me if I have to be honest.

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Partly the expectation that just following a PBR workflow will make your game look super photorealistic, while neglecting the art direction/lighting aspects. When using PBR, lighting is everything and yet it's the bit that most games are most lacking in. Maybe when full GI Raytracing is doable at good framerates it will pay off but until then, the combination of PBR materials with less than ideal lighting setups gives a lot of games that plasticky, flat feeling. The Halo Infinite trailer is a good example.

The other reason is a tale as old as time - outsourcing, deadlines, lack of polish time. They can definitely get a better result with some more time spent tweaking but ultimately, would it significantly affect the sales numbers? Would it be worth committing more money and dev time to fix when you can just release and maybe fix it later if the backlash is big enough? These are the decisions the publisher/developer has to make and they will usually choose to release the game and hope marketing will make up for the technical imperfections.

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Ever growing industry pozzed out of its mind hiring by quotas instead of talent and merit. It has been going downhill for a while.

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AAA games have been stagnant for a long time. I blame this on a myraid of factors but the easiest to
point out are
>bigger teams and higher dev costs means less personality and more generic stuff to avoid risking the dosh
>realistic graphic expectations lower overall creativity, there's only so many ways you can make a realistic person or object, leading to things looking samey across games
>Uncanny Valley makes bad looking realism much more noticeable compared to games of the past
>with bigger teams comes contracted work, removing even more soul from the game

The most innovative games this generation have come from small diverse teams of passionate developers. Small diverse groups are proven to be better at creative thinking, compared to 1000 soulless contractors.

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Talented people in gaming rarely work for big companies anymore outside of high level positions. The grunts are more often than not contracted workers for these games. Why would a talented young dev work for say EA? When they can get a few people together and make something out of passion?

The future of gaming isn't in big companies, it's in small dev teams and easy to use development tools being accessible to as many people as possible.

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do i need to do anything special with my models to import them into vrchat or is it just plug and play?

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Anon, we make 3D here. We're not tech support for your shitty game. Did you looked on the videogame boards for threads related to this before making one here?

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im currently learning blender to be a waifufag on said shitty game. thought the question would be more apropriete for here so i skipped /v/.

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You'll need to rig them, implement visemes, optimize the textures, lower the polycount if needed and set them up in Unity. That's a Blender addon to make some of those steps easier as well as a ton of tutorials on youtube.

And this, read the guide on /vrg/ >>772281

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basically you download unity and import your mesh into a project and set up the gameobject yourself before giving it to vrchat.

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That's right, fellas! Finally, you can deal with that obnoxious coworker who insists on using Blender for everything. (The day he gets fired can't come soon enough!)


I'm not posting a link because you are not babbys and know how to search things online (as opposed to most Blender users). Now, I'll go back to dabbing on those amateurs! Cheers mateys!

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>The Blender foundation sure isn't motivated to build a software bridge between Blender and the SDK to go around that license problem which would also bind many devs for many hours to get this done, not to mention that AD updates FBX every year and makes things worse and more complex.
This is Blender propaganda, don't listen to it.

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Can a nig get a magnet? It's not on cgpeers yet.

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Yeah, betterFBX. I always use it, it's awesome. The donut foundation should integrate it by default.

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Maya binary files are cat poo. I hate them. Maya ASCII files are OK but why? FBX, OBJ, Alembic. That's where it's at.

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>The donut foundation

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Questions thread

prev >>760674

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of course not you paranoid idiot.

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Can someone tell me why my cloth sim textures are fucking up? If I give them a texture that has a pattern on them the pattern sort of mixes with itself when the cloth is draped on anything. Like if it's a checked pattern the checks will sort of merge with each other at certain points.
I don't think I've explained it very well, but I can provide pics if needed.

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I'm in the same fear as you.

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Yes. If you look into a mirror and say NUKE backwards 99 times the The Foundry Buttholemongers will appear and take you away.

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Must be something to do with uvs.

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What are some good tips / mods/ addons / best practices for streamlining the UV-unwrap process in blender?

Out of all thing in CG land, unwrapping seems like the least fun busywork.

>> No.772265

I was just marking seams in blender and then turning on the "UV Magic" addon, with that one you can select parts that will basically be symmetrical in the texture and do an UV Mirror

>> No.772273

Using live unwrapping and learning how follow active quads behaves.

>> No.772533

3D Coat has the easiest to use UVing process I've found. Maya's is horrible.

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Amazing, I gotta download this Blender thing.

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what is this board about?

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What do you think about Blender?

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>A thread from two years ago died for this

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Why does so much 3d look like pic related? Is this the kelarts style of 3d?

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You need to lower your mesh density first and make your primary shapes less obvious and more anatomically correct.

The face is actually the hardest part to do "elegantly". It seems simple to get the disney face appeal, buts i's filled with sublte shapes to make it charming.

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Kudos to whoever can guess where the original is from

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>stylized in general has a very low floor level
You could really say the same thing about 2D art, but there's infinitely more variety among 2D art than 3D.

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>> No.772683


it's very easy to do stylized 2D that looks appealing, since the graphic body can be extremely abstract and still make sense.

3D on the other hand is much more grounded i reality and even slight misproportions look _off_

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Hired a voice actress for my 3d visual novel. Was it worth it?


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You regularly link your Youtube, but never post your work. How is this not blatant advertising? Either pay gook moot or fuck off

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This is funny if it's actually yours post more clips

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This is fucking amazing

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This is amazing OP.

please hire some people and make a liveaction one

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With both their voices that video will be a waste if it doesn't wind up with her recieving well greased anal.

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Ok so I know that this thread does not belong here but it was either here or /y/, (a NSFW board) the last board alphabetically in 4chan. I am aware that there is a way to donate to 4chan, but currently, I am unemployed and broke. As implied, I have all my boards organized in alphanumerical order, and I would much appreciate it if a board beginning with the letter z was created, as that is the only letter missing.

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Is blender gpl2 or gpl3? I tried downloading the source, but it doesnt say which version, and then on the website it says a mix. How is this even possible, bros? The licenses are not compatible and I need to do everything legally

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>The source code we develop at blender.org is default being licensed as GNU GPL Version 2 or later. Some modules we make are using more permissive licenses, though, for example, the Blender Cycles rendering engine is available as Apache 2.0.
>Blender also uses many modules or libraries from other projects. For example, Python uses the Python License; Bullet uses the Zlib License; Libmv uses the MIT License; and OSL, a BSD License.
>All the components that together make Blender are compatible under the newer GNU GPL Version 3. That is also the license to use for any distribution of Blender binaries.

Each file is headed with the license it uses. Every license that they use is compatible with the GPLv3. Depending on what you're doing, just license your work as GPLv3 if you're confused.

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>I need to do everything legally
what a sucker lmao

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Blender is amateur crap

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I figured we could have a general for texturing, where we could talk about texturing workflows, tools and ask non-technical questions.

For texturing I'm using Substance, and recently I started using Mixer quite a lot as well. I'm actually using it to create trims and I'm using it for some unique environment pieces, but not hero props. For those I still prefer Substance Painter just because the tools are more refined IMO and painting details isn't as laggy as it is in Mixer.

That being said, I've been looking at some Mari tutorials on YT, and I noticed the workflow looks kinda different from Substance and Mixer. I see people usually start by gathering photo textures and then they create masks from those and paint them by projecting them on the surface, example:


It actually inspired me to start doing the same, because for some reason I never did it before - I'd just use various smart masks in Painter and then break them up by hand to reduce the procedural look. I never textured by projecting a photo, though. Is this a thing in Mari? What do you think of this approach? One more example:


On the other hand, after starting to use Mixer and learning its workflow, I realized I should use more displacement masks from base materials to blend new materials on top, similar to how blending threshold works in Mixer.

What I'm trying to say is, it might be a very good idea to try out different software and see how they work, because it might enlighten you with new approaches to texturing and improve your work in the future. That's how I realized I really like Mixer's way of blending materials from bottom or top, by using displacement masks and a threshold. It gives natural looking results instantly.

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Oh dear, like that's a consideration one way or the other. I know, you're offended Andrew opposes porn and masturbation, your two favorite hobbies.

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I get blurry edges when baking ao maps in substance, thus everything bleeds. What the hell could be wrong? The edges are sharp and all. I'm completely at loss.

>> No.772551

Show UVs and show your cage if you have one

>> No.772628

It happens even with a default cube from blender.

>> No.772642

Even the noise is blurry.

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Share tried and true /3/ advice.

>dont invest in crazy powerful hardware, its never worth it
>learn multiple programs
>learn to script

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This is even dumber

>> No.772267

Learn linear algebra

>> No.772270

These boxes don't get very hot and they are normally closed.

Also, water cooling in professional environments, lol. Not gonna happen, at least not for render farms.

>> No.772294

Yeah? Well your mom is a whore

>> No.772316

Amazon makes render farms cheap, CPU rendering is often cheaper than gpu

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