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Are the warwick fundamentals to hard surface modelling in 3ds max still the de facto intro to learning how to do modelling in general? i'm trying to get my foot in the door and it seems like that alongside the fahrenheit rigging videos are praised heavily.

my main goal is to model characters but i have no real polymodelling skills. i know about bevel/extrude but that's all really. i know jack shit about how to select loops/rings and how to harden edges, which seems pretty crucial.

is it just better for me to learn character design in zbrush and how to utilize uvlayout and topogun than to try and learn modelling if my goal is to make characters with decent topology and organized mesh grouping for rigging/animating? i'm really not sure what the best workflow is. furthermore, i hear marvelous is better for making clothes than 3ds max and possibly zbrush. i have a tutorial that goes over marvelous and it's for a dress. i don't know if this is bad from a purist standpoint or should that matter?

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This looks so cheap, I bet they made it using blender. How much money do Netflix 3d artists make? Can't Netflix afford their own rendering farm and use some decent textures?

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uhh i did this in 3d

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Will presenting in tool bag help me get a job?

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eevee literally put marmoset out of business

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Welp. That's enough internet for tonight.

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Prove me wrong.

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Eevee looks like budget UE4, and Marmoset still looks better than eevee.

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How did you guys decide what 3D rendering software to use? I'm currently on Keyshot because it's what we had license for at the design school I attended.
I'm interested in rendering interior scenes and closeup product hero shots. I find Keyshot lighting and shadows not appearing properly in final renders (yes I've done troubleshooting and tutorials) and looking to try something new.

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Literally doesn't matter. As long as you can bake multiple maps (occlusion, specular, subsurface, caustics) and then composite in nuke.

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Not every renderer is going to be ideal for every type of image. For your work Try Vray.

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>I'm interested in rendering interior scenes and closeup product hero shots.
I haven't used it but Corona had a pretty good rep for architecture/product visualization. Look at their website gallery, the quality is great and it's my understanding that the performance on indoor scenes is good.

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>Corona had a pretty good rep

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Yeah Corona's great, currently using that

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With the recent reveal of the Sonic face from the sonic movie, the obvious course of action for /3/ is to be making the movie model for animations. So, i´ll be using 3dsmax an Zbrush to sculpt him, as he is... well, curiously similar to the models i usually make.

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those are some cursed quints brother HH

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More resolution. More fingers. More mouth. More feet.

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Eyes? Eyes.

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>that chest tuft
>with that potbelly
Nope. Nope. Stop that. Stop it right now.

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Sure. The world will be fixed if he stops.

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So I've been working with c4d and vray for 7 years. I got a new job and need to migrate to max asap. Do you think I can do it in 4 weeks? What awaits me?

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subject is migrating from c4d to max.

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What does your job require you to do?

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Max is a bit odd in some ways but all dcc's are really the same. Just watch some tutorials.

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>migrating from max to c4d
>So I've been working with c4d and vray for 7 years.
>subject is migrating from c4d to max.

Are you retarded or what?

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You even drew the arrows wrong... It might be hard for you

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here you go unity bois https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/519671845796970507/519672846524350465/RipComputerPlsDontUseOnAnyoneButAvatarStealers.shader

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>He can't make this simple shit by himself
>It's a surface shader from a visual editor
Anon... all it does is overload the fucking CPU. Even then it's single threaded so the program will be crashed by Windows eventually. Also you're not causing any harm to any computer because they saw through your shit when they were designing the CPU.

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Since you look like a knower guy, where can I learn how to make my own shaders
I need it for reasons

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Usually you'd go from something like DirectX/OGL to shaders. But if you want to learn shaders directly anyway, you learn shaders by basically studying other shaders.
Try the MSDN for HLSL, since it's pretty similar to Cg.

First, get to know the graphics pipeline.

Next, check out HLSL.






Also, since I assume you're on Unity, you'll have to check Shaderlab too. It's kind of unconventional, since they've packed both the vertex shader and the fragment shader in sort of a framework, but converting HLSL syntax to Shaderlab isn't hard.


You can study old Unity shaders here:
(Check "Built-In shaders" in the dropdown)
Here are some examples:

You'll probably want to draw a diffuse shaded mesh first, so check these:
Basically it comes down to converting the mesh to clip space, then you check the normals in relation to the light.

Next, you'll want to know linear algebra. Matrix math other than the basics can be done without studying since Unity does the job for you, but eventually, as your shaders get complex, you'll need to know matrices as well.

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Whoa dude I never even expected a real answer
Thanks a lot

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I bought https://www.udemy.com/unity-shaders/ on black friday sale. It looks like a good intro so far.

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I need obj meshes and image files for a game i'm making. really need a mac10,aug a2,m4a1 and a m60.

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Check clara

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>obj meshes
you sure you don't need .mdl files?

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>still no crack
>still not in CGPeers

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Pirates are the most entitled losers on this board and somehow they think they are all better than blender users, both as far as skill level and as far as posts.

I would rather sit in a room with a bunch of blendlets and work on a project with them than the same amount of piratefags.

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t. undercover blendlet

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if you are too dumb to hexedit the old crack you are too dumb for Houdini anyway, faggot

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i want to create rendered images like pic related for questions that im creating that has varying possibilities of traffic setups. It doesn't have to be pretty, just need to be able to position simple models in different ways.

I have close to no modeling experience though, just computer graphics experience through my study. What can i use to create images like this, that isnt hard to do?

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any 3d software - 3ds max, maya, cinema 4d, even blender. Create a plane primitive, put the road/grass textures, download some low poly car models and scale/place them at your liking.

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best bet.
easiest to learn.
best price.
and not as fucking faggy as the rest.

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Test. Removing soon.

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FBI, we have a potential shooter over here.

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>be me
>start going on 4chan
>go to /b/ and /r9k/
>sick of /b/ and /r9k/
> originally came for the memes, but I don't like seeing all of that porn
>it got really stale really fast
>ffw to today
>doing 3D modeling as a hobby, maybe as a job if I'm lucky.
>Remember 4chan has a CG board
>Never used it, but sounded cool.
>Hoped to find some cool shit some fellow anons worked on
>Get on /3DCG/
>It's all fucking anime

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shut the heck up and go back to 4chan you meanie don't bother us here at 4channel we don't like your kind!!!

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Ahh..... Home sweet home

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I mean yeah this board isn't great. But you're robot? The literal worst of humanity? So maybe shut up and get out.

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You archived a useful thread with this greentext shit without even bothering to check /wip/, kindly neck yourself on your way back to your containment board.

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Good day!
I am modelling for several weeks now and after I created some hard-surfaced models (houses, barrels, tools, ...) I wanted to get into human modelling.

I am looking forward to model low-poly humans like the old WoW characters, but idk how to start.
I looked at sculping, but it looks like it's more for high-poly characters.

Should I get one of these dolls (pic related) and create blueprints to model my character?

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OP posted a pic of 8 € dolls from Aliexpress.
I think he will buy one of these.

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Nah, OP wants to make realistic anatomic anime models, not DAZ models.

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What are DAZ models?

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is houdini vellum better than maya ncloth? if so can i do skinning with it?

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It's a thousand times better. I hate Ncloth.

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i'm currently following a tutorial that makes you form a muscle and skeleton rig using ncloth so that you can simulate tension properties accurately, moreso than just with maya muscle, but it takes 2 seconds to update the frame since it's hard simulating everything. i'm gonna follow the guide to the end and form a full on musculature system then see if i can adapt that to the vellum soft body nodes on various geo. hopefully the speedup will make it easier to do beast rigs. the skin sliding and bulging effects are pretty amazing since it's not doing any deformer shit. it's straight up treating the skin as a cloth sim on top of soft body muscles on a rigid skeleton that's joint rigged accordingly. it's super advanced but i just think it'd be fun to learn and would be a good thing to have in a folio alongsize mari uv/displacement texturing. thing is houdini doesn't seem to let you do viewport stuff with shader materials so i can't get realtime viewing of those materials with various gloss/roughness viewing. still the simulation is more valuable to me for now.

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here's a link to the tutorial btw

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>probably the most advanced rigging technique, requiring insane technical knowledge alongside insane anatomical and artistic knowledge
>good thing to have in a folio alongside lookdev stuff
Anon, there's a reason muscle cfx TDs are scarcer than water in the desert and their base salary breaks six figures.
They are the guys that mastered not one, not two, but THREE of the most difficult, time consuming subjects which most people don't bother tackling even one: rigging, form and anatomy.
And you're a lookdev guy?
Good luck, you'll need it.

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>muh salary
bring it back to /biz/

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have this found in my oldd hdd u jnow the source no more can any help find the artist?

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Shitty Daz model with zero personality.

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Definitely a daz base character with demon/devil addon. You can throw this kind of trash together yourself.

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Why all DAZ models look the same?

>> No.655451

Each generation uses the same chracter base. new "characters" for each base model are just sculpted on top of the base model.
A good amount of it is the out of box lighting being shit. People don't change much but still get the patreon dosh.

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>Fuck the abdominal area. How to sculpt external oblique and rectus abdominis properly?
What helped me was downloading a skeleton model and adding muscles with basic shapes based on a good anatomy book for artists. You keep all the big muscle groups separate, shape them, and then connect, and detail.

just an idea

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>making useless and boring HD renders
>not making sub 10k poly models with flat lighting to sell to retards

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calm down dude we know already

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>not using disunity

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Press plugins you retard then export as obj.

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Well then rip in piece

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What is the absolute best maya beginner tutorial for someone that knows nothing about 3d. How long a day should I be watching/learning?

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stupid blendlets

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I'll look into this thanks

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>How long a day should I be watching/learning?
3 hours a day minimum
and as much as you can if you are able to

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Does anyone know how i can model this form? I want the triangles to have consistant proportions and grow out from the faces. I tried particle in 3ds max but the triangle shapes weren't growing out but just bunched together

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Looks interesting but it is texture based so it cant grow specified geometry. Thanks anyway.

>> No.655138


I wouldn't say generating a clean mesh is going to be trivial. It's a week long project, if you don't know python, or another language. In 3DS max, there is object paint, and that seems like a good thing to look into.

>> No.655141

I only have today to make it. I guess ill have to manually construct it and umtry object paint. Its going to look shit. Thanks anyway. If i have any similar stuff to do in the future could learning Houdini be a solution?

>> No.655146

What do you mean by growth? Assuming OP would be the final shape, what do you intend to have as a base and what would the growth look like?

>> No.655151

Assuming all else fails, you can always try this manually. Dyntopo/Sculptris/anything with dynamic tessellation i.e. sculpting will give you these organic shapes with consistent tris sizes (when set to constant).

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