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What is the best way to make fur shells in Blender? I can't seem the find any tutorials or information on this. Everything I turn up involves baking everything from the fur mesh to a single texture and mesh, nothing really covering shells.

Pic related is my attempt at baking a hair particle system converted to a mesh then baked to 5 textured shells only baking the direct diffuse light. So far after messing with the bakers in blender such as AO and Normal, this seems to yield the best results, but I am sure better can be done.

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Pic is the particle system converted to a mesh that I am baking from.

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give me a plausible reason not to use sketchup

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smayo tastes better

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I dis better on paint...

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Any tutorials to make a female body with CAD? Used a CAD software to model some robots before but I wonder if this could work for more organic stuff

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Any recommended tutorials for creating hard surfaces in ZBrush?

I've tried shadow boxes and using the clip curve thing but they don't look as clean.

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>hard surfaces in ZBrush

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Check out this guy, see if you can keep up with his speed of teaching.

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just look into Zbrush Youtube official channel. there is whole class about.

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/ic/ here, I'm slowly mastering the trad art, at what point should I advance into blender and 3dsmax (know some basics, but still grinding hands and faces and perspective daily and it keeps me busy)? And what should I consider if I want to do /3/ stuff for living? I'm 25, no time for failures or changes of mind, anymore.

Are video games and TV (quite common in here) the only jobs that make use of 3d stuff?

Is 3D printing (modeling in CADs) an employable skill outside of niche marketing companies?

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If you've got a good enough grasp on form, lighting and volume I'd say jump in. I would keep doing traditional art as well though, as it's a different mindset to 3d and might help you later on.
As for jobs, there's more than just games and movies/tv. I make extra money selling my renders on posters, shirts, and all sorts of stuff. There's making album artwork for musicians, music videos, and all sorts of things. I work as a graphic designer, but I use 3d heavily in my work. So to add to the list, there's that. Though I would learn quite a bit about design before jumping in there as it's an art in of itself.
You could even sell sculpts for 3d printing, or sell models online.

It's what you make of it, same as 2d or any artistic medium. You've gotta have some business sense, or connections if you want to really make it though. So keep practicing and don't rest on your laurels too much.

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>I make extra money selling my renders on posters, shirts, and all sorts of stuff.
Not OP, but I'm interested in this. What sites would you recommend? I heard of Redbubble, but this is a space I really know nothing about.

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3d printing is a rough business. You can practice on FDM machines that run like, 300 bucks in your garage and get some experience with the software side of things in NURBS modelers, but its all hot garbage. The people who are really good at this are making art/culture/sculpted adnois won't touch FDM. Those designs are extremely hi-poly meshes and fragile with too much detail to print. Requiring SLA (or even stacked powder printing) just to exist. And guess what- that's where the money is. That's the whole point of 3d printing, no one wants shitty home depot DIY plastic cases. So on top of this crazy high poly modelling that's super fragile, you gotta learn about injection molding (because your print is just a master copy that will be mass produced without a 3d printer). There is kind of a similarity between 3d printing and those anime resin figurine kits from the 90s. Artist makes the master model, breaks it into castable pieces, and uses vacuum tank with silicon to make the mold, then shoots hot epoxy into it a million times. But in your case, you will probably be running a bank of form 2 printers or if your lucky an HP inkjet that comes out perfectly after you model it and all you gotta do is mail it to the people casting it.
If you actually like blocky CAD nurbs 3d modeling, you should get into solidworks and CNC fabrication. They use tiny drills to actually make a steel mold of your blocky thing with gcode and pathing and kerf and all that horseshit I hate dealing with.
>zbrush is the best and only way to make hi poly SLA/powder 3d printed models. Blender is what you bring your model in for rendering it can't create this kinda stuff.

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I use Redbubble and Threadless.
If I gotta be honest, Threadless is a little better in terms of margins, but Redbubble is decent just because of the variety of shit to put it on, and it's just a "set it and forget it" kind of thing.
I've tried to get into Patreon for a bit more consistent income, but I can't really figure out what to really give out on there.
I also want to try my hand at printing out some of my work and selling it locally at art fairs and the like, but I haven't gotten around to it, and haven't really found a place that prints cheap enough.

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Wow, really cool that I got these answers I expected /3/ to be much slower.

>If you've got a good enough grasp on form, lighting and volume I'd say jump in. I would keep doing traditional art as well though, as it's a different mindset to 3d and might help you later on.
>the job part
Sooo, is it sort of like... the freelancer thing for /ic/? I'm OK with it as I'm only mildly sociable and I fear corporations, but isn't it difficult to find commissions? At least, right now I'd have no clue where to look. I'm EU, btw.

Sounds like a huge upfront investment, doesn't it? Is it mostly for industrial customers or do people who want these models/molds are also smaller businesses?

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Working on recreating my room in blender as a bit of practice (all I've done before is the donut)

any suggestions? I'm trying to make all the materials procedurally using nodes, should I just suck it up and stop fucking around with that and download some premade materials?

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Also, every time I try to apply a material to one face in 2.8 the whole fucking program crashes, so I'm being forced to make each face I want to material differently into seperate objects. pls help :(

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there's a WIP thread for this.

there's a /blender/ general for this

sorry for being a dick.

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This, please

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I have the others models of the Asashio class, but I dont have Arashio of this author(yes, I have Arare, and Asashio with the Halloween costume). If you can, share to us the model please

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Can you share yours?

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One detail, I delete (or not download... I'm not sure, because I'm not attracted for) Asagumo and Yamagumo, but Minegumo not are modeled(or I not found)

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>>667388 This contains the original files in japanese, I forget to mention that.

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guys i want to make sweet shinny monster skin and guts but i cant find any good resources on painting subdermal epidermal and scattering maps.

p.s. im not rendering in blender guys sorry

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>bake a curvature and thickness map
>or better yet paint it yourself
now fuck off

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So that's how you do it, hmm hmmmm

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The maps are just the fine-tuning you need to dial in the settings in the shader and the scene light so that your material renders like a fleshy rubber without any maps at all.
then it will be self evident what values do and what colors you will need in them maps to get the look you're going for.

In general it's not so much subsurface scattering that makes flesh looks like flesh as it is getting the diffuse falloff and reflections right (aka the BRDF)
so that is priority #1 to nail if you want something organic to look highly believable.
For something very translucent like a sludge or larvae sure SSS is very big part of the effect but on creatures like humans it's a very subdued and overestimated effect.

In daylight conditions you could render skin with or without any subsurface scattering and you should hardly notice the difference because the backscatter is such a small part of the returned light.
Artists routinely use several hundred percent higher than realistic values when they first start doing this stuff because they think it's the magic bullet that will make skin look real.

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Why would anyone think it was a good idea? The whole advantage of non-live-action is that your characters are built from the ground up, they can look exactly like their creator envisioned. They aren't just another actor playing a different role, but the character at its purest.
But, yeah fuck that, let's constrain ourselves by reusing the same character models.

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ITT whiny faggots

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Well I actually like it. Now, characters in capcom games don't look like shonen characters anymore.

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>Because you're forgetting the appeal of actors.
So, how come 3D hentais made by the same studios do not do it? Even in 2D ero-animes, it's very rare (the only example I know, being the pic related).

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Daz: Origins.

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All anime characters look the same. Your point is moot.

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Need help,
Couple of years back there was a very easy to use software for creating avatars, I cant recall what the hell it was called. It suited me because absolutely every aspect was controlled by sliders, almost like the way you'd create an avatar in SecondLife but far more detailed.
Does anyone know the name of this software?

pic nor related , but life size Baby Groot so why not?

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creature creator pro

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Daz 3D, Poser, FUSE, Reallusion, Makehuman

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Makehuman, thats the one, thanks for that anon

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Where can I find a quality update of a Night Elf model with the WoD update?

There's a huge assortment of links through Google that are all of questionable quality (old model, custom edits). I just want the canon WoD model for the Night Elf.

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rip it yourself retard, it's not hard

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based futa porn 3d artist

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Best way to most reliably know you have the actual model and not edits, is by getting the WoW model viewer. You need the game installed for it to work, but then you can just pull up any of the models and export them as fbx or obj if I remember correctly.

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I realise it might be a meme question (At least it's not a programs war thread) but do you people have any ideas, advices, explanations on how to replicate the style they used for this JoJo fighting game: https://youtu.be/R7DDnpw2T68?t=557
(Especially starting from the timestamp I put since the models are slimmer and that's what I'm aiming for)

I'm getting into 3DCG specifically for video games and when I see the critics of some assets you people posts, I definitely know that I'm not reaching for the level of details you guys aim for.
I love that game's artstyle so if I could specialise on that particular artstyle, I'd be more than happy even tough it's not that detailed (compared to models for movies or shortfilms I mean or even other games).

So tell me everything you can tell me by looking at this video, I mean everything, I need as much infos as possible so I can practice to reach that level. Let it be in terms of texturing, modeling, shading, I need every information about that artstyle.
I'm a little bit more interested in the faces than the rest but like I said, I want every piece of knwoledge you can extirpate from this video.

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Okay I'll take your word for that

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Nowadays, sculpting is key to character/creature modeling. Many times the sculpting is done from a clean base mesh if the concept is clear; but if this is not the case, sculpting is where exploration/concepting takes place, leading to a finished model that is then retopologized into a mesh with proper topology, which will carry the details from the sculpt using textures and shading techniques like normal or displacement maps.

Since you know how to draw and know anatomy, I'd suggest you give a try to specialized sculpting tools (ZBrush, 3DCoat, or Mudbox). Chances are you'll find it natural, after learning the UI well enough to not stand in your way.

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Is Maya a good tool for that? You didn't mention it so I'm wondering.
I'm asking because I actually picked a course on learned modeling from Maya so I'd rather know right now before I get too far into it.

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not him
maya seems to have basic sculpting, doesnt look that good tough

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Maya will do everything except sculpt very well and is dependable, but you need a real sculpting program like zbrush.
As for this style, the others are right, it took about one second and half a minute of video to realise they model and rig for extreme deformation, arms broken out of their socket as the norm, legs having enough hip space to go past the splits.
The animation is easy though, for the models you should try modeling greek statutes.

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I'm doing the cover for an album, need to do the 3d design for a creature and then some graphic design (probably illustration) on top.
How much should I charge my client considering this is the first commissionI take?

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fuck off retard

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probably means materials that already have several maps on them, basic materials just alter the metalness,roughness ect, smart materials have textures and other stuff that control the textures especially bump maps

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their daughter's virginity

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>You may end up broke,but you'll be knee deep in promised organs.

have you tried making the tongue longer and thicker? i feel like it'd look cool

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here's a fun Twitter follow https://twitter.com/forexposure_txt

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Does anyone have a backup of the plugin? I don't have the zip anymore and since the project is now "discontinued" I can't get them from the official site, and can't find them online anywhere either. I have the plugin installed on 2.79 now but I can't be sure I'll get all the correct files if I try to manually re-extract them.

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isn't there currently a community effort going? I think they made him hand over the stuff

>> No.667160



will make sure to add this to the next dazlet thread, now go and pose your waifus!

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New version of houdini officially on the way for March 7th, what's on your wishlist lads?

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Would you say Houdini is managable for simple rigging and animations like for game assets? Or is it basically broken at this stage?

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Simple as in a basic bone + skin weights rig that you could do equally well in Maya, Max, Blender, or anything else? Sure, it's perfectly usable for that.

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guize, what the fuck is a vellum?

pls no bully

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The first minute or so gives you the gist: https://vimeo.com/294379827

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It's their name for an implementation of a modern "XPBD" dynamics solver. It uses techniques that were developed for game engines. It's very fast and simple to use and it automatically unifies cloth, hair, particles, soft bodies etc. in a single solver. They also added some nice features like a Marvelous Designer style cloth workflow.

The drawback is the simulation quality is worse than the dedicated solvers. It's hard to use Vellum without everything looking like soft rubber. But soft rubber is good enough for a lot of simple sims.

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Copied Guru's tutorial. Next up i'm making an anvil, i'm a pretty slow learner but if I mash my head against it enough i'll start to get okay.
Share your doughnuts or first renders, would love to see em.

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you idiots need to stop using blender for texturing, its literally cancer for the amount of work you need to do for simple shit.

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Go to your fucking containment thread.
There's two of them.
No one is going to pat you on the back for following a tutorial.

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Did you just call applying a generic shader texturing?

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Lol nice emissives

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Does anyone have a (torrent) link for a SceneCity download?

Ive been trying to model a city for 4 days now and it just looks absolute shit. The addon is way too expensive right now.

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>This is unironically easier and faster to do in Houdini.
I know, the guy has houdiuni background and he is just trying to replicare that in blender, this is him too

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Why does a free software have paid plugins? That's not what comrade Roosendaal wanted.

>> No.667297

The GPL license allows it, smartass.

>> No.667299

Only the building assets are non-GPL. You can redistribute the plugin code itself.

>> No.667300

I suppose you can use this in Blender too and add you own things, are just .obj


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These people are cancer.

"video games are racist, change your entire culture for me"


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On top of this though, you know how black artists usually draw the exact same short black kid/good guy gangsta/dindu with a white soul, and their story is almost the exact same each time? Most games that want to push diversity do only that, and act more like brown people simulators.

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/v/ tier thread

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they are making games like Elsa pregnant smelly feet and Elsa's zombie baby inspection. That's all they do.

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I love how browns an pajeets move to white majority countries built by white people, and then compalin that the culture isnt suited to their liking.
Ive never met a more rude and obnoxious bunch of bastards in my entire life. Imagine moving to Japan and then demanding they change their enitre culture and media to suit you, a minority group. Rude as fuck.

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So whats the general opinion on 2.8?

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Getting used to left click select and new shortcuts was a bit tedious but I've got it down now. I really love the new viewport, I thought it would just be some useless eyecandy but it's actually super useful.

>>also udim support is cancelled :^)
Source? Also feel free to hire someone to implement it for you, it's free software after all :^)

>> No.667451

>Also feel free to hire someone to implement it for you, it's free software after all
It's less expensive to just license any of the available professional suites on the market.

>> No.667473

>I'm giving up my whole carreer because of some fancy UI

Sure we believe you blendie.

>> No.667483

1 for vert
2 for edge
3 for face
It's super fast. But there's always the buttons on the bottom too. I guess the top now, but I've moved them to the bottom.

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2.8 is awesome. as soon as the final release is here, i used for my works to replace 2.79.

blender is very cool for creative artist.

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