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I need your love and I won't bring no pain
A little birdie told me that you feel the same

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i'm in the us but i never got kicked off binance. i can use it as much as i please.

what gives? is it because i never bothered to verify my account?

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Anons, I had a vision. It's weird to read and trust me, it was even more weird when it happened.

I knew it was like heaven because everything was blindingly bright, green, and beautiful. The air was fresh. I was standing behind someone else who was in as much wonder as I was. We were walking towards this amazing warm light. There were scores of people to our right and I couldn't figure out what they were wearing, but it was almost as if they were clothed in light itself. They were singing and laughing with each other, and looking so happy. Some of them saw us and waved us in. "Come on. Come up here. It's PNK token" they seemed to say.

For a moment, I let myself go. As I did, a sensation came over me that I still have yet to adequately describe. Think of every wonderful feeling you've ever experienced flooding your body all at once. No shillscams, no pajeets, no P&D scams, no FUD, no stress. It's the complete absence of burden. Every part of my being was at peace, and I felt nothing but joy. It was so strong and so overtaking that I woke up this morning and first thing I did was to go ahead and buy 100,000 of these PNK tokens.

The vision was beautiful. It comforted me then, and it did the same this morning. I am going back to sleep and I'm never selling these beautiful tokens given to me by god.

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millions of retail investors get paid tomorrow.

millions of people will be dollar cost averaging into bitcoin tomorrow.

do with this information what you will.

for me? i am long.

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Fan tokens are already listed on CMC and soon they will be on CoinGecko.
Trading will start in a couple of weeks.

Tokens of the bigger teams will easily enter the top 150-200 for market capitalization.
Soon CMC will be flooded with these tokens and hundreds of shitcoins will be overtaken and forgotten.

At every game, you will be able to bet on the result by placing long shorts on the token. Betting sites will have to update their odds according to the token market.

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I'm torn between posting this chart and fudding it so I might have time to put in a few more paychecks, eh

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are you a tranny?

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CHZ new partnership announcement will be announced today.
Dreyfus will save us.

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get out of here with that fake dreyfus

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VIDTcels come join us. Reserve will never dump on you like that.

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your time to buy.....

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oh ok going all in yeah this is going to work out great im so smart wow i cant believe im gonna make it this is so cool

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And gold.

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if it is on biz
it is too late

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its literally dumping right now

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Has anybody here actually report their crypto to crypto tax?

Havent reported shit since 2017..

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Great thread. Would love to here a little bit more about your situation so we can give you a hand!

How much exactly haven't you reported and in which state is your primary domicile?

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stupid nigger assuming he lives in the US

US isn't the only fucking country out there u know

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I hope this guy didn't actually pull the trigger and kill himself...that'd be rough

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Do You Hate Making it Anon?

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I will soon! Paydays around the corner. In the meantime what's a make it stack?

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Better start buying up these cheap bids anon. Any entry under 10 million marketcap will make you astronomically wealthy

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Spoonfeed me like I'm 5 anon

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I'm good anon but keep buying.
Loaded up on this gem months ago and got the vest to prove it.

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How to profit off shitposting?

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no way pardner

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keep doing it till u fry ur brain then keep going for a highscore

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>buy shitcoin
>spam shit posts

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you didnt actually sell... did you? oh god... anon, i... lmao...

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Wtf it dumped from 2500 sats to 1100 sats in one night and a dead cat bounce is cheering you up? I bought this shit at 900 sats and sold at 2300 almost at the top. Only retards didnt see it coming. You are deluded and I'd use this mini pump to dump as well because sure as fuck its not going to yesterdays level.

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My fucking god what a disappointing dump. First i fail to sell as the news hit, then my 1050 sat order doesn't get filled... What a fucking horrible day this has been.

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Insiders know MBL getting disqualified, jump back in ASAP

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Get in now, yet another falling wedge


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>cool your jets OP tomorrow will hit .25 and then we will buy buy buy

Agree anon but other anons need to start xfering cash to exchanges now if they want to buy the bottom

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we're gonna make so much fucking money

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compared to other coins XRP's relative strength index shows much room to grow, no exhaustion like ETH or LINK. upside to 5,5k sats shortterm easily!

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>compared to other coins XRP's relative strength index shows much room to grow, no exhaustion like ETH or LINK. upside to 5,5k sats shortterm easily!

compared to other coins XRP's relative strength index shows much room to grow, no exhaustion like ETH or LINK. upside to 5,5k sats shortterm easily!

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