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What the fuck is going on at Bitfinex? Since they opened up from maintenance there has been about 10,700 BTC withdrawn from the exchange. This is starting to get a little bit worrying.

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why is bitcoin harder to buy in australia? faggot government regulations on what you can do

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well biz?

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Anons pic related (NRG) is airdropping 1,000 dollars worth of coins to American and Canadian citizens
3,000 spots left
I cannot post my link so I’ll post this video:

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Does this look bullish?

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Is it a solid Project?

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its a nigger welfare coin
normies have been programmed to love niggers, so it will probably go 500% if there is an alt run

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>usd value steady
>sat value demolished
Is that everyone else's experience right now?

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yes. don't care one shit

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What is this pattern called?

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1000 EOY

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singularity approaching

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I need red ID for my bunghole!

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Buy 5000 Waltons thank me later

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No, the top is in

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Hi there, no. I made 25k profit and hope it will come down. If not, so be it

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The top isn't in. Expect a blowoff.

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haha yes ofc my beartard fag don't you know le crongle is always a le longle????

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fuck diversification

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Diversification is a meme just like DCA is.

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Is this shitcoin going to eventually surprise everyone? One of those rare gems? Or is it just a shitcoin?

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Every MSM article on crypto: “We predict BTC and all these other cryptos will make you rich. Except XRP. We project its 2021 value at .0001 cents. Don’t buy it. Trust us on this one for sure. XRP is the worst never buy it. We are looking out for you here!”
>I’ve gone all in on XRP and will HODL forever.

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Portfolio thread

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>lost 0.25 btc margin trading
>lost 3 eth to scammy idex shitcoins

A-at least I have my linkies

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All in on BTC on a 100x leverage exchange.

If BTC crashes I'll short and make a fortune.

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eat a dick faggots

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>RLC is mooning
>ONE still dumping
Life isn't fair.

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>inb4 gillesposting

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>hear btc going up
>login to binance to see if my link I bought over a year ago with a few weeks of gpu mining did

thanks /biz/

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So you made 586 dollars. You’re still poor

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Sorry but you gooked boi.

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Link Will Be top 3 crypto this year, triple digits during winter and a lot more than 1000 dollars per token.

Accumulate more

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Oh! based and red pilled! Lord Sergey's cum will free us from wage slavery!

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