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Is XRP going to the MOOOON?

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They are like normie opinion distillers

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>from $12 to below 20 cents
never gonna trust gooks again

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Pic related

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>I'm fucking eating
Are you a fat femanon eating wings?

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she is a bottomless money pit, imagine the bill after eating out
she would bankrupt me on buffalo wings

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I like when fat women dress in layers
It fools my stupid male brain into thinking she's thinner if I see spandex holding gelatinous blobs in place and a breezy sun dress flows lightly over it as if the sun dress wasn't large enough to cover my truck

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Imagine being the cuck who ends up marrying this beast to make sure his wife's son has health insurance.

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how do people like this even continue to live, for the love of God. body type: long term suicide at the highest expense possible to society.

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Did i get scammed?

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Nah, the real value is just hidden from market. In India you can redeem those for bathroom shits.

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at least you havent been holding skycoin for the past year

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Just sell now and rebuy at $75 before next pump, ez profit

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I am wondering if anyone here is a dark god, i need to trade in a few things, and i willing to give my own for the puppeteer. Are you there ? Need to know and i am willing. Please leave a tip in the direction for me to go to speak open.

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Buy pretty much anything up until february

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You have to cut off your foreskin first. I'm not kidding.

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That long i guess? Thank you for that token of knowledge.

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Looks like we’re all out of buyers
Big dump incoming!

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hurr durr bitcoin doesn't inflate hurr durr digital gold store of value reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

10x short

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my magical ball says otherwise

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We’re actually out of sellers so we will moon soon

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Low volume is a sign of trend exhaustion.

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thats what they said at 6k, kek

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>Anon, what exactly is it you do for work?

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>i'm a casting director. let me show you my fake taxi
get with the times anon it's 2018 now

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Fake shoplifter is god tier

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>tfw no gf

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Means she doesn’t trim her bush

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I'm a carpenter and boat builder.

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Together we will make Bitcoin great again.

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Fuck off, pol.

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She is so fuckin beautiful, it's insane.

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like bruhhhh

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you gotta convert to judaism like her and you will make it

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By partnering with Shipnext and issuing new SECURITY TOKENS, not only is AMB now officially an investment, it is now under the eyes of regulators.

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>when he owns COSS
you guys are gonna get some COSS soon, right?

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lol no

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>doesn't want free money
don't be like this anon guys. buy coss

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>t. Bags

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This coss pump is lame, went up only 10% now its over

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the tulip bubble never actually ended?

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yep one of top 3 public chains txs wise.

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ledger "might" keep support after the fork

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*nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants* *nopants*

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Fuck them, too long enough to get support for rewards. Agama is getting better each new release, I'll be using Amaga for muh ERC shitcoins too. Get them off the exchange and in a cold wallet

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>kick my dog
No fucking way, I hope doggo removes your testicles one at a time.

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Ok /biz/ I think it's time to put our hive mind to work. I think all pajeets are kicked out of crypto by now.

How about we start our next move to take reddits hard earned cash?

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I wish I was a nigger.

Free gibs till death. Free housing. Immune to rejection cause muh racist, women magnet by Kike brainwashing.

Name one financial downside to being a nigger.

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Does it matter when cucked white people provide for you for a lifetime expecting nothing in return? Literally reverse slavery.

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Lack of hygiene and pronouncing it "aks" just kill me if I ever wake up as a nigger

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Bag holders up again

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Doesn't matter because women would still want to fuck you due to the kike propaganda.

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don't you value your intellect at all? you might as well ask if it were better to be a dog
you would be fed by the humans too

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1. How much economic and societal trouble would blowing up this piece of shit cause?

2. How do we accomplish it?

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What an impressive structure. Where the fuck does one begin with a project of that scale, fucking lol.

We are all brainlets.

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Yeah but we need to blow it up, preferably in a catastrophic manner so it washes away as many Chinese as possible downstream.

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it's chinese engineering just sit back and wait for 20 years

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reported to the security services.
Long Live the PRC.

MeiYou GongChaDang MeiYou XinZhongGuo!

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I am surprised cyber criminals are not extremely pissed on bitmex. They sure have enough firepower to shut any anti-ddos down

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I'd be extremely surprised if arthur hayes is not in jail and still alive by the end of 2020

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5% interest to borrow some bitcoin to dump. daym. that rate won't be sustainable for another week or two.

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green dildo incoming

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Say my name

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Satoshi Nakamofo

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>87% of GDP
how is this real? what the fuck is going on in China? how is it sustainable?

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Funds are safe

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implying it's not a thousand times worse in the US but that it doesn't matter since we just bail it out whenever they want

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Where you part of the first 100k people to sign up for a Robinhood checking and savings account featuring 3% interest and no fees including no foreign transaction fees like when you buy on Coinbase, Bitstamp and other places that use out of state processors

I don't even want you to use my ref link, just signup for the best bank ever

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so put in $10,000 smackaroos and pull out $600.

And the .05% is still better than most banks.

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Fuck you nigger, didn’t use your ref link

Use mine instead


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That's only decent at best. You get the 3% for two months and then it becomes worse than any other money market account available

If there isn't a limit, then your best bet is doing what >>12106458 says and then just putting it back in a vanguard or BoA
Money market account.

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Holy fuck I just moved up to 11th place.

THANK YOU 4chan! I'm about to deposit enough money to wipe out my denbts with the interest.

Best of luck my dudes, currently #10 on the list.


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> mfw 107,000th place

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