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The next-gen algorithmic stablecoin.
-No presale.
-Free farming.
-Price protection for token
-High and sustainable APY.

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>he didn't buy

1M mcap, if you're not in, you're either bagholding something or retarded.

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What is the perfect bizanon dog to protect those crypto gains?

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Sometime within the next two years, this shit is going to suddenly moon huge out of nowhere
Don't let the fucking chart fool you like it fooled me at first. Look at all the work done, the connections made, and the contracts signed by the NKN team, while the token's price remained ridiculously low for over two years. Look at the use case, look at what they're building up to
This thing does not have 'bad' tokenomics like everyone was saying (which almost caused me to pass on it, along with it being chink-associated). The tokenomics just relies on adoption more than hype
Do your own research, then buy a suicide stack minimum while the price is still under 3 cents

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I hold 15K of these little bastards. Am I ever going to make it?

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just little hint


2 months forward, and you cant say that you have not informed

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Degenerate apes are unloading shit-tier profits while their bags are being eaten up by those who've followed ARMOR's development. I'd imagine Nexus shoot's up with this as well.

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*teleports behind you*
nothing personnel, kid

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Where are you earning interest on a portion of your link stack?

I am in Yearn's aLink vault at 4.47% and have made 71 link in it so far, but sushi has a 30% apy in their toadie link pool (2/3 of yield stays locked for 6 months). They would pay out in their sushi token which has held up quite well.

You can also find good yields on coin gecko and searching by link


YFLink also seems to have become a big player too.

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Stack up for that BOR pump anon.

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> income tax
> property tax
> sales tax
> pay for public school indoctrination of your children
> massive inflation due to money printing
> outsourcing jobs overseas
> socialist healthcare and green new deal on the way
> "btw white man everything is your fault, time to talk reparations."

How do you deal with this insanity day in and day out? I honestly can't even believe this is real life sometimes, feels like we're way past the point of revolution.

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buy more crypto, and in 5 years i will put it out fully untaxed in some dumbass non-jewed country

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>How do you deal with this insanity day in and day out? I honestly can't even believe this is real life sometimes, feels like we're way past the point of revolution.

I am buying Apollo and farming at launch to contribute to the destruction of the fed and the broken system we live in. Either you can sit at your computer and moan or you can grow the only project that is going to live up to the hope of finance 2.0

This is the only team capable for legitimizing this degen space all while using a system that fixes dai, usdt, maker, comp, aave, etc.

Fuck the fed
Fuck the banks
Fuck the marxist indoctrination
Buy Apollo
We the banks now
We the fed now

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we become welthy soon bros

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do the needful sirs plese buy my bags

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sirs please my village

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The project looks ok, but something's wrong with that token. Lots of the early adopters seem to be very eager to dump their bags in anyone who buys. The team probably gave away way to many tokens too easily before getting listed.

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Vast majority of people will lose money. My guess is around late January or early February most will be regretting they ever bought GME.

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Built for beautiful white women

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How much a $300,000 doctor salary is worth in the US? Is this lambo money, or just FIRE at 35 money (I'll start residency at 25~26, so I'd start working at 30yo at the very least in the US).
I'll be able to work or start residency in Brazil in 10 months, but I could just as easily take the steps and do residency in burguerland. Single. White. No debt. Italian dual citizenship.
I would be top 0.001% earner in Brazil. Should I bother?

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I have exactly zero debt.

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$300k is a middle class lifestyle in San Francisco area. Its comfortable but not rich. In less expensive areas its good money, but they also pay less.

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Don’t forget malpractice insurance

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Exact opposite. Specialists in rural areas get paid 2x more than city doctors.

>T. Specialist that works in bumfuck California

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Yes... That's the kind of problem I'm getting at at this point in my life. I could easily become a plastic surgeon here and have a great lifestyle, but my overall net worth would obviously be lower (in US$). Best case scenario here is ~US$110,000 in these specialties. Cost of life is certainly lower and prostitutes will be cheaper, but rampant inflation would destroy my earnings one way or another. I'm very confused if the effort is worth it. I'm already scoring ~240 on the NBMEs and haven't started Uworld yet.

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just did my first trade and lost 3 dollars

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Congrats anon

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>3 dollars
I envy you

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Staking you can lock your LGCY and get USDL in return, which is LGCY gas/stablecoin.

Staking has shown to fill up pretty fast. 70-80% of the circulating supply locked in staking. Think it dumps on release? No, it didn't when the Gold pool was released, it jumped 30%. Reason for that is:

Payout in USDL, which will have people buy more LGCY with the LGCY/USDL pair

Snapshot of price happens when the pool expires, meaning people can pump their own staking rewards

The last round of staking is done through Biki Exchange, a daughter company of HUOBI. Biki's CEO, Ethan NG, is the former marketing lead of Huobi and now a strategic advisor / partner to LGCY Network.

This is a pumping machine. I am pretty confident, once this staking round is filled, we will probably see LGCY on Huobi. Imagine what will happen then.

Anon, are you missing out on another quick 10x? 1c LGCY before the Q1 is over.


Supply cut by 78% - Team burns most of the circulating supply - wont exceed 21b tokens (was 100b)


Testnet around the corner, roadmap pushed forward over 1 year - dApps ready to start migrating from Tron to LGCY



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you're bad at shilling
LGCY will 10x eoy tho

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Stake.com is a scam lmao

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>playing on casinos in year 2021
are you fucking retarded OP?

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What do you guise think of Bisq?

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Sir. There will be a mainnet that is a level above other major blockchains, and all of baseline protocol will use it due to compliance issues with ethereum and GDPR and so forth.

$ETH $138B
$DOT $16B
$ADA $11.4B
$XLM $6.6B
$EOS $2.6B
$TRX $2.1B
$XTZ $2.1B
$NEM $2B
$ATOM $1.8B
$VET $1.7B

$UBT $86M

Just get ready for February guys. If you know you know.

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