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Hail Parsiq.

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Yet still felling FOMO

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No Bots No Shills No Indians
I See PNK mentioned constantly here, is it a permanent shit coin or is it wort something? Need a high IQ individual to convince me

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Where can I legally bet on the elections as an American?

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$19 COMP + $10 XLM + $10 EOS


1: Earning interest
2: Supply a crypto asset as collateral
3: COMP token holders



1: A decentralized protocol that unites the worlds financial infrastructure
2: Facilitating low-cost, universal payments.
3: Transactions are fast, inexpensive, and global
4: To issue, exchange, and transfer tokens quickly and efficiently
5: It relies on the cooperation of trusted nodes to confirm transactions.



1: A blockchain protocol for fast, scalable applications
2: Delegated proof of stake
3: Fast, free transfers
4: Stake EOS tokens
5: Upgradable smart contracts

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RSR is going back to under 0.01, sell now to easily multiply your stack by rebuying lower

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the time to swing was at .017 not after a correction with a btc pump but good luck. dont get rekt kek

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Stay rock friend. Final shake out.

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I'm thinking about using WeBull but I'm worried that it is chinese.

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1400 sats
>1400 sats
1400 sats
>1400 sats
1400 sats
>1400 sats
1400 sats
>1400 sats
1400 sats
>1400 sats
1400 sats
>1400 sats
1400 sats
>1400 sats
1400 sats
>1400 sats
1400 sats
>1400 sats
1400 sats
>1400 sats
1400 sats
>1400 sats

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>he thought he could get rich off of something everyone got for free

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Stop making these threads Cameron. Fuck you.

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What's the best online job to do in this day and age, or is it all over for now. Missed the mark on dropshipping, what else lets you sit around and collect money (apart from LINK).

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buy the rumor: $boobank is preparing to announce an airdrop tomorrow. high apy NFT farm with lots of original art and community input.
boobanker.org check out the apy on these farms

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I have 2.5 eth I made from the fil launch just sitting around. Should I go x5 long on btc. Please help so I can secure pic related.

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This is going to boom.

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Sometimes i jerk off 3 or 4 times a day

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>When yall actually start having sex?
>Not just your hand
I have Sex with my onahole
dont need smelly 3DPD cunts

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me too

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how do you not cum? i have problems to last longer than a minute

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don't know. too autistic? can't focus while fucking

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>mfw when I sold at the top a month ago and the other yesterday I bought the bottom
why am I such a financial genius?

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2019: Team full of women, diversity, trans... they even had a culture coordinator
2020: Almost only white men https://holochain.org/team.html

Why did they shift like that? I though diversity was a strength

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Should I sell half my Palantir?

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Voyager digital just announced a 1000% revenue increase. This is the ultimate way to play the coming bull run with little downside. If you could have invested in Coinbase when they first started, you would be rich. So why the fuck are you passing this one up?

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You all appear to me as rapidly shrinking dots on the landscape below. Like livestock.
Soon, we BTCitizens won’t be able to see you at all.

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I’ll thank you in 3 days when you cash out

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cant wait for the day hex overtaking bitcoin.

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I’ll be sure to wave as I lambo past you, kneeling down on your grubby little paws drawing lines in the dirt with a stick.

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>names a literal whatcoin
Haha thanks for that! I’ll add it to my list of complete shitcoin failures once the inevitable $0.000000 is reached.

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