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Token not needed for technology adoption

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What do you guys think, seems like a legit x3-x5 even with no leverage

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Now many shekels do you intend to trade?

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couple thousand on this. With some margin it shouldbe 100k in no time.

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just closed my long for a .23 btc profit at 151,80 usd
should i reenter my long in this area? You can't really do ta on eth usd as it just mimicks bitcoin

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Chainlink is bleeding everyday, once we go below 2$ it will accelerate. Is the team dumping?

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Have you got it yet?

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I get it

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You don't get it

The token is not needed for technology adoption

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We forex now

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Release the slaves on Mars.

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delete this they are still selling cheap links

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Baby Yoda uses Verge!

buy buy buy!

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Gay reddit meme. Star Wars is one of the most overrated franchises of all time

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didnt read, but interesting, would probably fuck

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Silver contracts (volume) are traded 700x their annual mining amounts.

When the ticket gets called and all the long chains of cascaded derivatives come crashing down. Only those who physically hold Bitcoin, Gold and Silver will have any wealth.

Financial markets are an illusion. You've all been swindled by banks and governments to trade your labor for fake currency that these banks and governments convert into real money (Gold, Silver and BTC). In historical accounts throughout history, the true value of silver is 1/10th Oz for a mans day of labor. Do the math.

You've been gold/silver pilled.

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>not diversifying your investments
>not buying gold, silver, stocks, crypto and property

enjoy necking yourself.

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i have lots of silver and it was a huge mistake

dont buy this shit guys

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when you bust a nut into your 11/10 model gf you will come to your senses anyways and realise it aint shit

when you eat your 11/10 sashimi king lobster you will feel full and it will turn to shit you shit out anyways

im 24 now and the hedonic treadmill got me all the way fucked up. your baseline happiness simply adjusts overtime and everything fancy becomes normal and you are back to feeling like shit. i did it all, bought it all, ate it all, fucked them all and im as miserable as ever. i think about suicide almost daily. the biggest blackpill is that there is no difference between a homeless man eating trash and a billionare on a yacht eating super fine de claire oysters.

the only thing which legit makes me cope and not think about death is a puppy i bought 2 months ago. coming home and seeing him smile is better than doing bolivian coke and fucking romanian prostitutes or playing mini golf with muh perfect qt gf but its only this much i can cope.

i need help lads. i dont know what the fuck to do. everything i worked and wished for as a child turned out to be a big lie.

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Larp or not, there is a reason that humanity universally found religion, and loses it only in times of extreme opulence and excess.

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Once you have a family you can't even kill yourself, you're fucking trapped. And I doubt it fixes anything, your kids are just going to tell you to go fuck yourself when they're 16. If you're lucky they won't decide to let you die in a nursing home

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>find christ
i envy religious people but i cant do it. god would be the perfect cope to life but i simply cant. i have tried it.

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The answer isn’t to kill yourself, but find something new, and don’t doubt yourself either

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Money will buy you the most important thing: Freedom from wage slavery.

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Post your best ONE pics here while we wait for $0.01 to arrive

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Sold everything at 110 sats

Volume couldn't even get above 100btc for ever this shit is going to crash and burn

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Lol stay poor idiot! This shit is going to pump for weeks!

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Can you feel it anon? Alt season is upon us

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>tfw society is an illuminati scam designed to kill you and the only way out is Chainlink

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this is your leader everyone

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fuck off zoomer

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lol he unironically is

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lol based Nevin. RSR is going 76x calling it

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why did they handshake? A deal of some kind?

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that's how older gay men leave each other after destroying the boi pucci

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disgusting. I hope they washed first

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When Cardano drops all your shitcoins are BTFO

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CH is crypto Jesus come to vanquish all shitcoins and take us to the promise land

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When this line gets broken, it will be a slaughterhouse.

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Thanks for looking out for my financial wellbeing. Just sold 100k and exited crypto for good.

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Never gonna happen. Fucking bearfags are moronic as hell

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Can someone explain the rationale behind this? I'm not a TA person but how does this look bearish?

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You can't explain it. Bearfags are just cooming over an imaginary dump to $1.

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god fuck bearfags

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>market sells 900,000 bitcores
>everyones stop loss all the way down to $100 is triggered
>uses the 900,000 core profits to market buy bsv
>bsv is now $10,000
>you could have bought the real bitcoin at <$100
When bsv flips core there will be jumpers, dont be a jumper, buy bsv

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but he will release the segwit flaw in 2030, he wont sell until then

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>things that will never happen

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>market sells 900,000 bitcores
>OPs fantasy falls over at the first hurdle

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Eat shit cultist

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ok biz I'm considering opening a savings account with the likelihood of it being an AER for the compound interest. I live in bong and just need to know if it's worth it or not. Sure some of you might see it as a meme or are trolling and see it as a meme but I'd like to know you're take on compound savings.
>Inb4 hurr durr isn't it obvious spekal boy compound increases every time it's triggered
Yes I know but I'd like to hear other's opinions.

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Am I still on time for the party bros?

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It's been lingering for weeks and you had all the time to buy this Binance gem. I bought my biggest bags at 89-95 an guess what happened? It's so easy to make money, you only have to click on some buttons every now and then. But accumulation is not over yet. You can watch in envy of stop complaining and get in now while it's still low.

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Oil and gas will still be out main source of energy even this century while we are still focused on renewable energy. Renewables are by far not as efficient and cheap as fossil fuel. Go will be building the next generation back end infrastructure for the energy sector.

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Its just a matter of time before GO really starts to move and start working on the backend of intergalactic space stations.

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The price is up and many people are happy. They want to celebrate their good holdings. This is simply the context. Also, oil companies are sucking dicks of the gochain team just to get their services.

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