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Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray weak hands won't make LINK cheap.

Sergey please, before I wake.
Announce tonight my LINK can stake.

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Me and my husband have a combined total of ~30,000 chainlink, will that be enough to buy a cozy home somewhere in the northeast, raise our two adopted children with college expenses fully paid for, live comfortably and retire by age 50?

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Yes anon it will be, now tits or gtfo.
You know the rules.

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How does 30,000 cups of coffee sound?

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On the $BREE platforms for #Staking and #Farming, we can find assets such as $MKR, $COMP, $SNX and $DMG

You can earn $BREE and #Stake $BREE once it goes to mainnet.

Comfortable looking % APY's being offered.

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Let's go !

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somish blockchain labs confirmed, cbdao sent their code for audit. This shit is huge guys

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it's time to spin the chamber

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Saw this the other day and didn’t buy. I saw the prices for these and win is up 50%
Can I make it with 200 bucks and following this strategy?

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I meant biz oops

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where you at?
what happened?

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He's Zeus. Also talk about rent free, holy shit. Imagine giving that much of your brainspace to another person.

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you must be new. uncle oldfag is a huge link holder.

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So my girlfriends friends sister just killed herself.

She’s crying and I don’t rly care and had to fake being sad. I’ve just been checking my charts.

What does this mean and how can I profit from this?

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based... emotions are a weakness soon your gf will subside into a depression with the uncontrollable empathy of mortality and hopefully become immune too these pedestrian like emotions and then join your quest too own 10k link

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nah you're not who gives a fuck about some tangentially related person committing suicide, what does that have to do with you

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I don't think anyone really cares about stuff like that, they are just acting to make others feel better in their suffering. and you should act too.

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Nothing to see here folks.

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are you sure your not really fucked up about it bro
you did post on the bamboo growing forum about it

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Looks super decentralized to me, breh

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That is the software version you mongoloid

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Well it's called bitcoin core in this image so that seems biased. Ok tell me which is the real BitCoin so you can feel better

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this was 40 bucks on fiverrr and worth every penny


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great editor, but the content sucks
kinda goes against the link meme culture
mind hitting me with that editor tho? for 40 bucks thats a steal, editing was crisp boi

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wtf i just lost all my link

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watchu lookin at wyteboi, om a kustumuh

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I'm going to literally spoonfeed the last of you dumb fucks who don't understand XSN yet

i think i should explain to you how important the stakenet DEX is
the biggest problem in crypto right now is the fact that all exchanges are KYC (know your customer) and this defies the original principals of bitcoin's cypherpunk-esque whitepaper
it means all bitcoin and other cryptos are immediately traceable to someones real life ID and other info
with the stakenet DEX these problems are all solved, because it is anonymous and instant
stakenet never holds the coins themselves, the decentralised network does
anyone can trade any amount of any available crypto on the network
the two biggest integrations (which are ALREADY working) are the bitcoin lightning network and ethereum ERC20 tokens
bitcoin lightning network is just like a bitcoin transaction, except not all broadcastable transactions *are* broadcasted
it means instant and low fee transactions, because they are locally verified
a bitcoin on layer 1 is the exact same as layer 2 which means no weird workarounds it just simply works
ethereum ERC20 tokens (example: chainlink) make up the vast majority of current altcoins which people invest in, and are available on the network
ethereum itself is still being added because it does not comply to it's own ERC20 token standard (with ethereum v2 it should)
the developers are also implomenting a system where you can stake a masternode offline (hardware wallet) and store ANY btc or ERC20 token also on that wallet
this is immense because there are only two currently active hardware wallet companies and one of them has already been proven to be compromised and leaked private keys and people home address'
the stakenet DEX will essentially re-anonymise crypto currency, it's MCAP is currently incredibly low compared to what it will be once the DEX releases (this month) so it is an extremely wise investment

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Scam. Also your formatting sucks.

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Everyone here should own at least 21 SNOW.
21 - For literal poorfags, but a second chance at being in the 21 million club.
210 - A decent starting buy.
2100 - A good sized bag and reasonable amount to hold as a hedge.
21000 - Make it stack for the true believers.
210000 - Future king, but good luck accumulating that much.

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Boys, seriously, wtf, this is $18M MC, and the best B2B blockchain yet. It is already in the Top 20 most used blockchains, and the team is dope.

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With Jews, you win

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ha ALGO too late fren

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I don't see how andre could ever leave this money faucet, no other shitcoin project could ever come close to giving him the wealth or adoration that continuing with yfi will.

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>Europeans aren't dumping

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give us a couple hours

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Let me have my morning coffee first :)

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its literally dumping as we speak

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absolute retard poor/newfag wagie here, DEXT is my first 2x and I'm terrified, should I just sell now? also how fucked is my "portfolio"

3500 DEXT
113 LINK
3000 PNK
1600 XAMP

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always take profits

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always hold forever

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Take profits, buy BUIDL

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Is GDPR compliance the only use case with lition? it all looks very pretty but what is its full potential?

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I made a post about this yesterday asking if anyone knew anything about SBREE when it had 4k in trading volume. Nothing back. Got a bag anyway.

Now has $160k in trading volume. Slowly been pumping all day. 2x in the past couple hours.

Should be easy to pump, no?



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