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Few hours left

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Is what I would say....

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>what was the worst decision of your life?

mine was buying into this chink token.

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I don’t know exactly what the worst decision of my life was, if I did I wouldn’t be who I am today.

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i lost $550,000 on chink scamcoins.. that was about about 30 btc at ath

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Goodnight /biz/bros.

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goodnight hunny

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Night man, see ya tomorrow

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>Link is draining almost all the top 25 coins right now

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Imagine the smell.

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Why has this not mooned yet?

>Coinbase investment
>Y combinator Investment
>OKEX listing just announced
>Asian team

all the moon signals are there why hasn't it happened yet?

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My BTC short went very wrong, so I took my anger out on my dog and smacked him around like a punching bag.

I'm sorry, boy. I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm just emotionally weak and can't contol myself.

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Actually too far. Tell your dog you’re sorry.

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You're disgusting and should give your dog to somebody who can give him the love he deserves.

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OP probably sold me the dip, what a fucking loser.

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I release stress by walking my dog, not beating it. kys faggot bear

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sounds like youre a sociopath you need help or society needs help from you

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uhh sure bro which hole are we doing

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If only someone would...

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No seriously, fuck you OP. Everyday I think about how much I hate you, you massive insufferable faggot. Fuck you. Fuck everyone and everything you know. Never post on this board again or I’m going to fucking kill you kiddo.

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We Conspiracy Theorists are aiming to compile the absolute best, most riveting crypto conspiracies ever made in one thread. Submit only if you have something juicy and / or thought provoking.

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Could Satoshi Nakamoto have come from the future?

Bitcoin came into existence at the perfect time, almost like humanity needed it. Satoshi Nakamoto, the enigmatic and mythic figure seemingly disappeared without a trace, just as fast as he appeared, perhaps gracing the world with what little time he has left.

Went dark because Gavin went to CIA and didn't want them to dig too deep ?

Go into the past to gift humanity with the greatest financial invention in a century, have them mine for nearly 10 years, then when 2017 bull-run comes cash in?

How do we explain this hash?


That hash was mined in 2018^

"The last time bitcoiners got all excited over a block hash beginning with an unusually high number of zeroes was when Satoshi mined the genesis block. After the fact, once bitcoin had developed a community, the significance of block hash 000000000019d6689c085ae165831e934ff763ae46a2a6c172b3f1b60a8ce26f was pondered in a Bitcointalk forum thread. There are a number of unusual things about this hash: for one thing, it contains two hex zeroes more than were required, and for another, as we explained in a previous article on the genesis block:

“It took six days to mine. As speculated in an old Bitcointalk forum thread, this may have been yet another deliberate trick on the part of Satoshi, to mimic the biblical account of creation. As we read in Genesis 2:2, “And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested.

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It has been estimated that it would take 2,500 years to create that hash, working at a rate of 1 exahash/second (which represents around 2.5% of the current BTC network hashrate). For this feat to have occurred deliberately, it would had to have been performed on a yet undiscovered quantum computer, or by a time traveler taking advantage of future advancements in processing power. As theories go, this one’s pretty tinfoil, but there are those who believe that Satoshi Nakamoto was a time traveler. "

Proof of time-dialtion?

There are many, many more oddities in this story.

What are you thoughts/ theories?

"If you don't believe me or don't get it, I don't have time to try to convince you, sorry" - Satoshi Nakamoto

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I found a nice thread of blockchain and cryptocurrency theories here too:

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what happens once this scam implodes

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USDT pair fly up to insane numbers, fiat pairs barely follow, then crypto crash had to god know what level

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best part is the gloating

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We golden bull

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I am pleased with XLMs progress. I like stellar.expert a lot and messing around trading on decentralized exchanges. It’s pretty neat you can open trust lines and hold any asset from your stellar wallet. Anyone have experience setting up bots to be a maker maker to pick up a % on the spread?

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When your limpcuck crypto fkn moons and youve got mega fuck you money, how can you decrease how deep uncle sam fist you for tax...??

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Konnichiwa STOs! Big welcome to Samurais and weaboos here to the fastest growing market in crypto. Come shill your best STO platforms here and explain why Dusk is the best one of the lot

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Send messages to @jwp55 (jelle pol)

Since Arie deleted his telegram account

Ariefounder AKA Jelle Pol founded CCG Syndicate dumping on its members, pocketing Community Management contracts on said projects without disclosing it's affiliations through Informance.io

This informance.io company is linked to multiple scams.

Previous scams are
>Open platform
>Apex network

>Ariefounder of CCG dumped pool tokens before distro, delaying distro & pocketing difference

>CCG operated VIP investor group, hidden from the others. Insider information and earlier distro of tokens to dump on the rest

>Silently got community management and marketing contract through Informance.io BV for pool deals.

>Insider trading and organised dump of the pool projects

>Bragging about dumping on members while drunk

>All projects exit scammed

Emanuele Francioni Dusk CTO

> Self proclaimed genius
> Can't get mainnet out
> hyped announcements and pumped and dumped his own token
>Lied about partnerships
>Changed token utility. Dusk token no longer required for STO. Fundraising will be stable coin & €. No Dusk.

>Team keeps hitting delays after delays

>Mainnet announcement for Q4 2019 failed

>Roadmap delayed x2

>Lied about Bitfinex partnership , Changing company records after private sale

>Only 400 real erc20 holders. Team created 13.000 fake addresses with tiny airdropped amount of token to make it look like they're a bigger Community

Team doubled Hardcap after private sale.

Team token unlock has started even without delivering anything

Stay away from this project

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"American-style freedoms: freedom of political insanity, freedom of military presence, freedom to be poor, freedom to grow inflation" / USSR, 1983

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fuck socialists

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LOL but USSR is slave (((country))) of poor and old

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gather around, I have an announcement to make

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All women are whores.

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umm based department???

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That green is wrong. I know my frogs.

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Based thread

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Yes it comes from when some anon with some great numbers said 1000 EOY, it was 7777777

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yes no maybe

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It's a meme but some memes are true.

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What the FUCK is his problem?

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paul allen was the real microsoft chad, fuck bill gates

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>>18367080 ...long a go people lived by heart beat of the day and 'fish heads' was detected early in their ten age. Those special people was called many different names Vatiko or 1% psychopath. It always was struggle with pain of mothers heard, but she could not hide any more that here child is psychopath incapable for human compassion. and Jungle tradition is Kill everyone with who you can not have heart by heart connection. long story shorter we stop club 'fish heads' and they get in to predatory gangs surround them self with other peoples kids in uniforms and grabbers. War, gov, authority, big owners, ... this is a price we pay for not clubbing 'fish heads' . 'Fish heads' feel best is a crowds of strangers but they can not hide in a circle of people who know each other.
So get together in circles and will be obvious who do what how it serves life.

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Linux is peoples tempt to be free from grabbers like you

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UGH you got all your fiat monry all over me!

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What I envision when I see someone ahead of me in line using debit cards.

Have fun not building credit, and exposing your own bank account to getting locked up for up to 14 days when fraud is detected.

>But muh debit card helps me maintain my spending habits
Brain dead monkey. The smart ones maintain their spending habits as they grew up beyond 12 years old on the inside.

Debit cucks come out so we can laugh at you, financially illiterate dipshits

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Some of those offers are really tempting too. I spent about $200 on clothes at Kohl's for a job interview (first time I had bought clothes in years), and they offered me a credit card that would have saved $50 dollars on that purchase and 10% future purchases. I declined it because I knew if I accepted, I'd end up back in Kohl's buying more and more clothes to justify the card and whatever fees it might have.

The kikes are slimy

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Nigga are you recalling using the Kohls credit card as an example?

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Unless you're literally milling credit cards, you aren't making money by spending more. The easiest way to save is to not spend at all. If you are milling cards, the feds are gonna have your ass for lunch sooner or later.

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When you leverage your asshole to a gaping proportion compared to your net worth, you own nothing. Your logic is flawed and you buy your bankers lies. There is little benefit to credit, if you can’t pay cash it means you can’t afford it. You have a 0% risk of losing everything when you owe NOTHING. You have a 100% risk of losing everything when you OWE IT ALL. break your leg and lose 18 months of work and see how well your bank treats you when you are $10000 behind on your mortgage, even though you’ve paid off over $50k. they can and will take everything from you.

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Yes? Have you never been offered a credit card at a retail outlet?

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