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There's basically no chance of making much money off of BTC for people just starting is there?

Okay, it gets to 100k... if. You get 2.5x returns. Maybe if it doesn't tank after 50k. There's no way it'll go above 100k without BTC somehow becoming a standardized currency everywhere.

Is there even a point investing in Bitcoin now?

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i learned that when you are the first liquidity provider on uniswap you can put whatever price you want so why isnt everyone creating their own coin, giving themselves 1m coins, pricing them at $1 dollar at selling them all?? am I missing something?

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or do you?

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What if the deepstate shills on the left (le leddit discord trannies) and the right (fake christian southuuuuun faggots) are both and always have been responsible for all of the raiding on 4chan, and XSG is the prime example of their subversive niggardly behavior.

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It's only the rabbinical pedophile cannibal jews that are the problem. They are influenced by etheric demon reptilians into using their skills (primarily the schizo/sociopaths) into becoming deranged psychopaths that basically still want to live like animals with the subhuman belief that those with more of anything should prey upon and subvert, control and totally dominate those that don't have what they do. Have money and not having money being smart and not being smart being spiritual and not many of these things they consider good, just as good people, but they think themselves so great that they have to have a walled garden to their greatness so they may carry out the real sickness within them which is just sadistic sexual and spiritual rituals that involve imposing your violent will on others. The only real crime, especially sexually, is just imposing your will on others and taking their free will from them. They are all full of gays and trannies for fun but they shame others to keep the divide and conquer agenda alive while procreation is with incest so that they may all be forced into submission to their order of darkness from birth.

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>no goy there are no hidden ledgers
>no goy the hidden ledgers don't have dark accounts
>no goy the dark accounts don't have unfathomable money
>just sell your XRP for spark

Actually not that bad of an idea because of the second airdrop these fags think we don't know about.

>but not all of it obviously

>CUm coordination

>southuunfaggot is also coordination


Is yet another samefagging/ally of the discord nigger plague

Heckin' cute and valid

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Wait wait wait.......

Are the discord shills having a civil war here on XSG for derailment? I mean I know that we all know XRP is the standard and most based anons are just basically POOOOOMPA posting but God damn.....

Just wow. Truly awe inspiring the lengths people go to in order to take over these threads. Its actually pure fucking comedy holy shit. Part of me thinks that they really are getting mad at each other.

Discord Mellon Christians vs Discord Shabos Goy JIDF Satanists

It's truly poetic.

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So these threads are constantly getting raided by:
>Discord Trannies
>Namefag clout chasers
>The government of China
>1 post fud artists
>Butthurt chainstink bag holders
You don't see this with any other coin. Yeah, I'm thinkin' XRP is the standard.

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this sounds very good, but why not set this up in a smart contract and openly tell people, its to keep the exchanges liquid with enough xrp? what would be the downside of being honest about that?

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Anyone noticed before our first pump to 55+ FUD was shilled heavily. Anyone notice even more heavy FUD than usual being shilled lately

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Do you work for SWIFT? it all makes sense now...

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hey guys notice how the FUDsters come out the MINUTE a pump happens?

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Should I buy ETH?

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>we can’t go back to a gold standard because there isn’t enough gold and it’s too restrictive!
Why can’t we just go on a silver standard then? It’s both rare (Rarer than copper and nickel) but less rare than gold.

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Depending what % you'd have missed out on, - I'd hold off and watch for another hour at least... probably even wait & watch AH, but fwiw I feel that it's going to hold near or above $14.


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Why don't we just literally make work a game? Have accounting software make bing bing wahoo sounds while you fill out a spreadsheet, flashy graphic and explosions when you digitally sign your reports.

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>If I just come in here and lie they'll believe me

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Why are you so secretive about the news and keeping them to yourself?
They must be really important news.

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>1 post by this ID

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>murder someone
>get arrested for it
>everyone condemns it
>riots nationwide as cities burn
When did murderers getting charged with murder become inadequate? And where are the riots about your retarded drug laws causing thousands of deaths every year, compared to your cops killing about 1000 (maybe 100 innocents)?

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But someone has to sell for me to buy, right?

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>Hello son! Whoa nice trips
>if anyone reading this doesn’t reply to this post your mother will die in her sleep tonight

but it's about op's mother, not the readers'. if anyone wants op's mom dead, they just need to read it and not reply

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>you need to start moving forward

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