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Read the white paper, you stupid, fucking, nigger.

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>tfw I would need thousands of dollars to get something good out of this now even if it does break 200

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Good job derailing the thread.

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Tourism isn't a reliable industry, especially not as your biggest GDP source.

30 years ago Italy, Spain and Greece were industrialized nations with massive production plants, high furnaces and a blooming mechanical industry, in Italy they had from Ferrari to Fiat, in Spain they had Seat (now owned by VW), Bultaco and a shitton of truck brands like Pegaso (you can still see a lot of them in Latin America), in Greece they had Namco, they were also massive producers of domestic products like fridges and microwaves and of course their absolutely massive food industry. But once they entered the common European market and the EU they had to go through a process of deindustralization so they wouldn't compete with their cheap products in the same market as Germany, France and the UK, the real big bosses of the EU (till Brexit) who also had the biggest influence and upper hand in the Troika (ECB, EC and IMF) to compensate for this they received economic funds to be "more competitive", <<Ok ok you have to stop helping your industry with funds but we will pay you this other funds from the EU so you can give them to another industry that don't fuck with us>> (basically) thus the industry of tourism flourished in these nations and the once proud, creative, productive and independent nations of Southern Europe became the brothels of Europe and the oldfucks resorts of northern Europeans, a bunch of countries of services, restaurants, hotels, clubs, casinos and other shit that started to attract corruption and mafias from all around the world until they became the scorn of the western world. The deindustralization was so brutal in countries like Spain that it created the so called "structural unemployement", were 20% of the population became unemployed when hundreds of factories started closing, only masked temporarily due to the building bubble, which to begin with was incentivated by the tourism rush and the need to build more buildings, resorts and apartments for it.

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>tfw 61 days until the election
I hope that they have some media coverage lined up behind the scenes. I don't know if we have enough time to get mainstream appeal

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