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Should I sell my chainlink at $100 or $1000?

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>Have you ever wanted to buy something, but didn't have enough money?
No actually not really. Happened when I wanted to buy an apartment but I just saved for a while and got one when I had the money. Before that I think I was 15 and wanted a guitar so I got a part time job.
Buying something you cant afford sounds pretty dumb desu.

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>got a job offer which was going to be work from home
>$80k salary plus stock options
>employer was pushing me to accept it reminding me that I should be grateful when millions are losing their jobs
>suddenly just got some bad vibes and ultimately said no
>employer called me back telling me I was a fucking idiot for rejecting it and that I will never get a job again
Give it to me straight /biz/, how badly did I fuck up?

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>make 500 bucks per day before tax
>made 1.5 months of my income in the stock market last few days
Should I just quit my job? I am literally made a month's salary in 3 days.

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TAlet here wondering if it’s a good call to enter btc right now? MACD rsi and stochrsi are saying yes on the daily but on the weekly it’s not so clear. Any TAbros wanna explain to me how to reconcile the differences on the daily and weekly?

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Is it worth it? Can you buy an island with people on it?

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