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Everything is going down soon brother
Just a little longer

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I think this space is prime to explode, but I do not know who.
Orchid seems best to me because they are affordable and easily accessible from fiat through exchanges like Gemini and Coinbase

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god i lost 1 btc by not selling mysterium network

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For me? Oxt. For the same reasons that you laid out.

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Seems like a no brainer to me.
I dont see how anyone who believes in the value of decentralized technology could not believe in the value of dVPN.
The only way I could see myself losing money on OXT is if there are better competitors in the market space, and it appears there are not.

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2 days

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>Oh! Hey there wagie! You almost didn't see me there. You almost bruised my delicate tum-tum.
Wh-Wha... YOU?! What are you doing here?! You never leave your house!
>Oh didn't you know, wagie? My dear daddums owns these stores.
>You see wagie, you're always going on about how great it is to be a wagecuck despite my mockeries, so I wanted to see what all the hullabaloo was about and asked my dear daddums to give me a job here and he made me the new assistant manager under him.
N-No... Oh fuck me please no...
>And I must say, you were right. It is satisfying to be a wagecuck. Sitting around all day playing with my gameyboy, telling people what to do and eating fresh tendies... Oh yes, my daddums lets me eat all the tendies I want from the store.
Please Please Please...
>I just wanted to let go of my pride and say sorry wagie, you were absolutely right. Wagecuckery is fulfilling. Strangely some of the bad stories you told us on the board about this place are completely untrue. I guess you were just joking eh? Why when I told daddums those funny stories you told me, he could just not believe it either. You should've seen him turning a funny red color and getting steamy, he looked like he was gonna burst with laughter! Oh yeah he wants to talk with you later.
Oh lord please no...
>Speaking of daddums, wagie, he put me in charge of re-evaluating your performance for the week, so you're gonna have to do whatever I say. Won't it be fun wagie? Incidentally I spilled a little peepee poopoo on aisle 5. Go clean that up will you?

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And they made bad investments, blamed it on me
How do I socially recover from this

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"Sorry, you should have monitored your own investment. I physically cannot hold your hand through every second of market movement."

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You deserve it for being stupid enough to fall into this trap.
Never ever give investment advice to friends and family

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never fix their computer either, they blame you for all subsequent issues.

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your family indirectly asked on biz for financial advice

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buy XSN

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Next stop 9200

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High wealthy individuals only support other high wealthy individuals.


Top swiss fintech.

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Now show me the yearly

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u mad?

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NOOOOOOO Cardanochads!!!! You can’t all just become millionaires without us!!!!!

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Cardano is the standard.
Future nummero 1 on CMC.

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where is my 40K BTC bro

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AnarchETH is an experiment on the Ethereum Network that will allow users and holders to fact check and expose truths, lies and injustices in not only the cryptosphere, but in any aspect of their everyday lifes and communities. The participants on the AnarchETH platform can validate or invalidate these claims by pitting their AnarchETH against eachother.
In order to receive the airdrop, you MUST post your address on this post and join our discord below and post your address in the “airdrop-1” channel.

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Your mum = suck my dick

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already posted my address in the discord in the last thread


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>Chanology mask in the year of our lord 2020

Fuck off, glowie.

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Cardano below 0,3 usd is literally steal

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If ETH doesn’t wake up, ADA takes the crown. The monetary system is on the verge of collapse, and Goguen is just about ready to go. Eth2 isn’t.
I hold a lot of both, and one of them is going to a trillion fast.

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can i do something with this?

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guardia di finanza is watching you and it's going to rape you

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No you can't. As soon as you use them the original owner will be notified and the will probably call their bank and notify them of the theft. Best thing to do would be to contact local police and give it to them.

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I live in Italy and some faggot got my wife's postepay account and spent 200EU on a pair of Nike shoes. They ended up catching him bc the online store had the address he shipped to. Stupid nigger.

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Don’t be a cunt.

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He probably wore the shoes when they caught him :D
Yeah most thieves are dumb as fk or just high on meth. My friend got his cheap "cool" wheels from his car stolen, police found them in an unrelated house search and found them in his living room! With a bunch of other stolen crap.

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Where do you guys find quarterly EPS from a free source? Is this the right thing I am looking for in the picture? Pls help biz

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Stakenets DEX and multi currency wallet is getting close to it's full release as seen here:


Trading on the Stakenet Lightning DEX is instant, and the DEX itself can connect with all the major exchanges, including Binance, Bittrex, etc. This allows for arbitraging between exchanges and the DEX.

Here's a short intro video to the DEX and wallet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSNFhFBKmsc

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Or just use bitCoin, no staking shit, very low fees, zeroconf transfers, no extra wiring needed.

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Checked but this shit is never going to release. Been in beta for like 5 years now.

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Trust the plan. $8 oxt.

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I bought in at the behest of you guys at 72 cents a few weeks ago. Any other moon missions you know about that are about to take off?

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LTRPB has very low volume and the volatility is extreme. Buying a couple of those shoots the price up like crazy.

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Why is Chainlink not $10 yet?

I seriously don't get it.

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Because normies won’t buy unless there’s a “partnership announcement”

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>Nobody cares about your opinion sharticle with fake suggestions.

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because the token is not fucking needed.
anons been telling you over and over and over again, yet you still dont want to listen but wonder why its not 100usd topkek

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i'm legit going to try to stay in this thread for as long as i can. to the best of my abilities i'll refuse to let even the most retarded comment affect me, and i'll make it all the way to the end without genuinely feeling sorry for you and having to leave. ok lets go.

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>because the token is not fucking needed.
Tell that to Google.

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