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>look into a shitcoin with potential
>see it going for 20-30 cents
>invest in it heavily and shill it daily
>does a 100x over several years
>sell and move on to another undervalued shitcoin
>retards who got in late are still shilling it like it will ever do another 100x or even 10x

Why does this always happen? LINKfags are the worst offender but I see this with other shitcoins as well.

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>like it will ever do another 100x or even 10x
You really have no idea what Chainlink is about, do you?

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holy fucking checked

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OGN is the next chainlink. dont even @ me.

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Why do women get so angry when they see another woman with an ugly guy?

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Why are you trying to derail the discussion here?

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Why do you make kindergarten tier threads as a frog poster?

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Not in my exp.
Women however, tend to rage when they see a short man with a beautiful woman for some reason.
There is also a smaller subset of women/Karens that seem repulsed whenever they see a Man with a woman from another race.

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Because woman are jelous of other women’s happiness. If they see a woman that is happy with an ugly guy or doesn’t dress thoty or is a virgin . They’ll talk shit in that girl and make her feel bad for it due to their own insecurities. I have seen this first hand when I was dating a thot. The thot would get jelous if her her who was a virgin in her twenties. And would try to convince her to lose her virginity to a nigger. It was probably the saddest woman behavior I had ever seen but women are some weird beings so I can’t be surprised at the demonic shit they are capable of once they hit that wall

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part of the board culture newfag nigger, go back to WSB

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My goodness. This is really making me fearful, uncertain and doubtful about my investment in the Chainlink (ticker: LINK) project. I too shall divest my LINK tokens by market selling at the soonest opportunity on my cryptocurrency exchange account.

Thank you all for your concern over our finanical wellbeing. I too hope that this post containing my sincere thoughts will also persuade other Chainlink investors and enthusiasts to market sell their tokens.

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enjoy holding my bags down to $40k

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Do you guys/girls think GRT is a good coin or project? I looked a little bit into it, though I'm not tech savvy. I have like 3k I can drop on coinbase.

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How does 30k eoy sound anon

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>How does 30k eoy sound anon
whoa. you think so?

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GRT stands for gays rimming trannies. Worst coin you could buy.
>Gooble of bwockchain my dick

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>GRT stands for gays rimming trannies. Worst coin you could buy.
>>Gooble of bwockchain my dick
Wow be nice!

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Yes, I’m delegating 100k as we speak

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It's over...

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When will US fags receive the free party money?

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>Price goes up
>Lose money
>Price goes down
>Lose money

Why the fuck are you giving your money to the electric jew?

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even if it hits 100 tomorrow the only thing i will feel will be slight relief, not joy

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Someone's afraid.

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>the 20c to $30 it already did isn't 'mooning'

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>Chainlink is about to moon
>dumps 2%

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You stinkier linkies are just jelly all the other shit coins are getting love.

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so a week ago I aped into a few cyberkongz at https://opensea.io/assets/cyberkongz at 0.001 each.

Then I asked biz if I did the right thing and you guys said the nft bubble popped and lalalal blablabla all the usual biz bullshit.

Today I received an offer for each of the items (that I haven't even listed as for sale yet) at 0.5 eth each. This is a 500 increase.

I'm not selling yet looking it how they are taking off.

Biz is really fucking stupid.

OH AND BY THE WAY I'm currently sitting at like x6 in mcdc and x3 in rbc.

So yeah biz, I don't know what else to tell you.

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How hard is the GED test? I dropped out of 10th grade, failed all classes. i'm not extremely retarded i am very lazy.
Jannies dont remove this you absolute cucks this is a financial question.

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easy as shit. I did it and then I got a law degree and became a government official lol

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i seriously hope so i dont want to study for a second with this jew tier bullshit i just want to ace it

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you must sell

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I was losing bodyfat consistently during the bear market now I’m gaining weight

When will the bear market start again? Bull run is too stressful

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Would you pay 10 Bitcoins for a night of passionate sex with Emma Roberts?

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She would need to pay me 10 btc.

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3D women < 2D women
I'll keep muh scam points thank you very much

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The highest of based

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Shes not even attractive, you find literal hookers that are way hotter

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>half a billion TVL

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please do not fucking post this until after Thursday . thank u

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>I want my apr to stay where it is

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Is goose better than pancakeswap

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depends what you mean by better
if want to scam some retards who don't understand anything about economics then goose is better

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Do they pay fees for minting each on of these tokens?

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In the near future, augmented reality glasses that are connected through bluetooth/mobile data will be commonplace.
Pokemon Go was a huge fad. It utilized your phone camera to place augmented reality Pokemon creatures onto the world.
With the use of NFTs and these augmented reality glasses, there will be a much better, more realistic version of Pokemon. All it will take is for a blockchain company to partner with Nintendo to create this game. People will be all over outside catching Pokemon, challenging each other, etc. just like in the game.
Shit's gonna be big.
I had this idea a while back and now it looks like OVR is doing something like this, just not specifically Pokemon.

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No but they will have different "rarities" that will translate into an effective secondhand market

>See Aavegotchi

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Blockchain is unnecessary for this. Blockchain is more expensive and less efficient than using a centralized system to do the same thing. Blockchain is only worth it when decentralization and trustlessness are extremely important. This does not apply to a fucking Nintendo game, because consumers of Nintendo games are just fine with trusting Nintendo to run their service.

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How do I know Nintendo wont re-release shiny party hat Wurmple and financial ruin me?

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you dont need fucking blockchain or crypto tokens for a superior version of pokemon go lmao.

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They have everything to do with a better version of pokemon you brainless fuckhead. If pokemon go had NFT's it would still be as huge as it was when it was released, probably even more so. Rarity means something and NFT is the only way to truly get rarity into video games.

Brainlets just don't understand.

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Can someone make an OSRS private server where instead of GP everything is based on a crypto currency?

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There’s not a cryptocurrency that exists yet that can do tens of thousands of transactions a sec with pennies on the fees.

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Exploring the State of Venezuela and How It Affects RuneScape

i mean 1m now is i think equivalent to .25 USD

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Yeah cosmetic buyables only, maybe in game membership like OSRS.

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It’s called Binance

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Love those sirpugger vids.
I paid some vene to max my acc on OSRS and it worked out to be something like 5cents an hour.

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Who are these people constantly buying and selling millions of dollars worth of crypto all the time? Are they bots trying to make small gains?

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rich people?

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