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>25 years old
>$28k in cash
>$60k in portfolio
>$450k in home equity
I am gonna make it

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>one life isn't enough

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where is my RBLX

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i cant take the cage anymore fren

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>sucked at swinging crypto in the past, decided against it for like 1-2 years
>decide to try again with Ren because it looked predictable and it's swing were pretty strong

>lose close to $700 in about a day

I am so fucking painfully dumb and retarded. I can't swing trades to save my fucking life.
I've decided to just buy 5000 of it and turn my brain off from ever looking at it for the next year. Looks like it can be decent hodl gains.

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I just want to make it so I can leave this godforsaken country the United States of America.

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no one willing to share an invite?

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I want my claws back, Jason

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youre right.... YOURE FUCKING RIGHT

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literally me

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how do you do the fake gps... im not the best at these kind of things

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im too stupid to understand what they mean...

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Tried to convince my uncle that a 10% return is a pretty average boomer RoI and he needs to ditch his stock broker who only got him 3%

Showed him 10 Year Average on DOW and SnP500 for basic BASIC reference point for passive investment normie Index Fund trading

Still nothing.....I'd normally give up but this is my inheritance he's fucking around with any advice guys?

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Pls help me......

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Link is now the same price as when I started buying. I would've had more money if I'd stuck with my savings account.

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Not just that, in fact the biggest fucking scam in this country right now is the intern/apprenticeship slavery schemes.
Every summer, most schools require the students to do like 2-3 works of intern 'experience' aka free labour at businesses. And then with apprentices, it's literally the same hard work and hours as a full worker, 6:30am-6:30pm mon-fri including every second saturday full day, sometimes sundays for 4 hours too, and every other bank holiday for a few hours, AND they get to pay you €3 an hour instead of the usual €8+, so I get a whopping €250 a month net disposable after taxes/rent/health insurance while my other colleagues only 1-2 years older, who cannot count to 10 in german, started after me, get €1600+ net disposable for working alongside me in the same fucking job. Sometimes we those 14 year old 'interns' working alongside us for a few weeks, at almost full hours too. So yes the entire muh strong ekonomy is a stale meme.
Boomers wrecked everything, the big boss has a literal fucking Y A C H T on his driveway for fuck sake thanks to this broken system of free labour.
Sick of this bullshit, i'm so glad I have a few grand already in crypto, golden retirement bull run when guys?

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that's a very big understatement, frend

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Literally cannot find any affordable house-sized land for sale where I am

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be nice fren

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