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People keep using the Fees excuse as if every Ethereum investors is buying off of DEFI exchanges... most people buy off centralized exchanges at spot. Truth is, Ethereum is being heavily heavily HEAVILY manipulated by ETH mining pools who got their pussy hurt when Old Money Skelly decided to go to EIP1559 and PoS so they are protesting by pushing down the price. Also, asian mining pool F2Pool are trying to short ETH to death as well. Most people don't realize that F2Pool own a shit ton of ETH as well as BTC. Not saying the fees arent a problem cuz they are, but in the grand scheme of things, its not whats causing ETH to under perform. Although ETH is getting scaling sometime in april and the berlin hardfork.

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Some believe the suppression is being perpetrated by "muh financial institutions!" and they are just trying to keep ETH cheap so they can continue to accumulate before ETH has its BIG bull market rally, which I still think is coming. Remember, when BTC finally topped out in 2017 and started to finally correct into a bear market, we saw ETH do the opposite and went super bullish from $600 to $1400, and that was AFTER it went from $7 to $400. Everyone is sleeping on ETH while its getting FUDed to death. Patience is key. ETH isnt BTC and its not an ALT. ETH will go ballistic soon. like I said, no matter how much a crypto is getting suppressed, it still finds a way to catch up after so long

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Ethereum has yet to do a real big move during this alt season...

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Someone is fucking with the price. They aren't letting it break key resistances and Fibonacci levels. Watch the smaller time frames. Unusual selling taking places right before ETH is set to break out of bullish patterns. Its a greek tragedy... you mean to tell me the alt coin that almost the entire market is built on, that revolutionized the DeFi space and outperformed BTC last year cant muster up enough strength to break ONE bull flag now?? Yea, there's some shady shit going on behind the scenes. Fuck these scheming faggots

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When will this shit rise

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Perhaps... I take back half the shit I said about ETH

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Unironically bought more ETH from this post, thanks

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a singular ETH

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ETH has been unusally quioet the entire month of January... something is seriously up. ETH is like nut youve been holding back for months and months and months despite all the urges to coom and all the porn. ETH is getting ready to blow its load and then youll see everyone FOMOing in. Theres a reason Ethereum is one of, if not the BEST performing asset on the market, even better then Bitcoin.

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Wow... do you'll not remember when BTC tried to break its all time high? ETH is doing the exact same thing right now.... there are some gullible individuals in this space...

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I firmly believe the ETH gods will reward me for my patience. All the hype ETH has had, all the YouTube video's popping up about ETH, all the news articles. The fact that ETH is going is reaching the apex of its current symmetrical triangle pattern and a decision will be made soon, its all gonna come to a head as ETH will destroy 1250 resistance and go on to shatter the 1400 price range. Sure, it may take a few tries since there's gonna be a sell wall around 1400 but once its established, all the shorts are gonna get rekt and those that have held since 2017-2018 will reap the rewards. All the effort to try and suppress the price of ETH will be for not and the faggots that schemed and campaigned against it will be judged by there new god...

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>Literal digital oil

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