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Because the leader of Cardano is an insufferable manchild who himself fuds other projects and who stretches the truth at every turn and oversells/underdelivers.

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I watched exactly one video from him that was posted here. He was whining about 4chan calling him a faggot then literally called himself a chad. He also admitted that he has a program that automatically searches the web for people using his name and provides him a feed. He's a narcissistic giga fag with a complex. I hope cardano fails miserably just because he is a huge piece of shit. pic related.

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Watching this guys train wreck is too good. Spread the truths of this guys utter bullshit. He has never been taken seriously.

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>You're telling the CEO of iohk, founder of cardano and etherum that I don't know trash when I see it? Etherum started having a use case so I left to make something that doesn't. Don't tell me I don't know trash sir.

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>Blocks your path

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He's a krypto karen

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Based Metamask working with actual tangible products.

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I just want to take a moment to say fuck the influx of reddit ADA fags the past weeks. They're coin may pump but for the wrong reasons. Welcome to Web 3.0 bros.

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There are a lot of people on biz that don't understand how to go through basic browser settings. I've been astound honestly because it is so fucking basic. Never mind all the crayon eating faggots from reddit because of pic related. Some don't even realize metamask is built in. This thread is mostly to shit on them but still show them how to do it. They had 4 years.

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Because the crypto space doesn't take this faggots vaporware seriously.

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I tried to tell you reddit but you didn't listen. Cut down on the soi

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It's really not that complicated. Charles is a megalomaniac manchild, Sergey is not.

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I present you, the megalomaniac cringe lord and his deluded cult at its finest:

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Nobody is gonna move their projects to a centralized chain controlled by this karen

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Hoskysons wants to speak to the manager

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He's mad there's no manager he can complain to

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Imagine siding with this overrated megalomaniac liar instead of an OG like Szabo

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People love the idea, even though most of them aren't smart enough to judge it. Charles is an amazing salesman and people blindly listen to him like because he's an "academic". This is the same dude that tells people he co-invented Ethereum even though he had no part in writing the white paper or the initial implementations and was just 1 of 8 founders of the Ethereum Foundation from which he was quickly kicked out of for trying to take venture capital and centralize control over Ethereum development.

But since so far Cardano has made everybody money nobody cares if there is no substance behind it. It'll crash and burn hard if it doesn't live up to all the promises.

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He's won at convincing tons of idiots like you to believe that a project that's still in testnet and won't support smart contracts even when mainnet first launches has somehow "won". Also why does Cardano need to be shilled so hard if the tech is supposed to be so good? He's really good at selling something that doesn't exist yet, gotta hand it to him. The embodiment of fake it til ya make it.

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You're the one begging for the cum of a narcissistic manchild snakeoil salesman

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