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no, bigger

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no clue man

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moon wen sirs

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post yfw you hold the absolute, undisputed, incontrovertible mother fucking standard

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I just received $40,000 worth of BTC is this a random airdrop from coinbase?

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Canned chicken works.
Anytime you see a take a penny leave a penny at a gas station take all the pennies.
Also stop tipping.

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>tether dies
>everyone invests that money into btc
>another bull run

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Morning bros, we got some green on the screen

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Not this time, Bog.

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no need to thank me, but feel free to upvote

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I genuinely believe this. Colleges were the place for intellectuals to congregate and discuss new ideas. Colleges no longer support the free exchange of ideas, and work hard to snuff out ideals that compete with the financial system they have become.

4chan on the other hand allows users to say whatever the please, and it leads to some incredibly enlightening discussions. Reddit sometimes has its moments, but its karma based system discourages controversial and new ideas; instead choosing to only reward those with the most popular opinions.

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I just bought more puts on TSLA

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If dubs tomorrow Wallstreet cocksuckers will be swandiving from their high-rises.

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I’ve been averaging down since $319 almost daily. Lowest purchase was $39.45 last week, and dragged my cost per share below $100. May not have ever been as smug as I am at the moment.

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Im in both, you diversified your portfolio didnt you anon?

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>company-wide 4 hour meeting
>sleep through the entire thing

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>tfw $10k BTC and $10 XRP in 1 week

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Just sold my btc eth bags from 2014 and 2016. It's been a helluva ride bros. Godspeed. See you at the Oman luxury resorts

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That's just it my fren, no matter how many doors you open, there are infinitely more beyond. Try not to force understanding, just browse /biz/, read some articles, and experience the journey with the rest of us. Understanding and Knowledge are just biproducts of the experience.

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Savings are the only seasoning a biznessman needs

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now THERE'S a word i can get behind
10/10 post OP even though i didn't even fucking read it

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Only up from here frens, the absolute long term bottom was put in at $38.50

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Who gives a shit of its "decentralized" or "centralized" most of us are in this for one thing and one thing only. Money! Them green backs baby! More fiat! I can care less if a chain is centralized or de centralized. If it makes money it makes money.

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