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I don't need grammar to make money, stfu.

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Futures red, are you joking? How much more do you want to sell off?

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Well, tanker stocks are doing pretty well today so far pre-market, let's hope it continues on open. Hate how the shill hurt the comfy I think of this general, and probably did the OP since it doesn't have earnings.

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If you aren't up overall on XOM right now you bought it too late. I cut it out, you should too. if it falls a lot more pick it up before May 12th for high divvy then probably resell.

I got FRO, DHT, and NAT. It is sad because I know just how much sheer gains my XOM and especially FANG can get me, but this shit might be the end of the oil run. Thank god I was already out of PSX. HAL, MRO, and KOS are performing good in comparison so I am keeping them. I like MRO a lot too, it will definitely make it. But above all, RTX right now being so low is just wrong, especially with tensions rising with China. How do people not figure diplomatic tension = good for war stocks? I don't understand how China bad news is tanking RTX of all things, and really all war stocks right now. Only other big loser I am keeping now is DOW Inc. because that company is solid as a mother fucker, another one that simply does not deserve to be so low. I hate a minus 6% day, but considering 2 days ago I had a +6% it is fine I suppose.

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It is preferable to have it below 9 dollars atm, but yes it is. As far as oil stocks go it is going to recover and isn't going to give you drama bullshit in the meanwhile while still having huge upside.

>meme stock
Cramer also shilled RTX, does that make it a worse stock? NAT is a great investment because out of all the tankers it handled its debt the best during the down years even if it has the smallest fleet. Investors like hearing these sorts of things, and the fact they plan for their dividend to be secure for years to come rather than raise it to the high heavens like FRO and DHT will. Shilling does not replace the fact that NAT has a ton more room to go up just because momentum swung it high. It is below 8 right now, so consider it a bargain.

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Why are oil tankers falling?! They are my only losing asset right now.

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They probably would be doing worse than the average gambling anon. I also know some people with lots of money in the market who live by trading, all losing hard. I don't know a single professional (given I don't know too many) who is doing good for themselves. It is all a crapshot, nobody understands anything anymore.

Hedgefund ain't shit, but ain't top neither. The point in general is I don't think all the information and resources in the world can help any of us anymore, just gotta go with your gut. Also thanks, love me some Tanya.

Also, I got SQQQ too. idc, I just want it back to 16 so I can make off breaking almost even. Not a big ask, least I am not one of those anons who bought in at like 20 something.

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