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Checked and true. It's a known scam.

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I’ll check those 9s, bud!

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Checked! Trips of terror!

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Checked. I've been thinking about it, I'm really excited about GRT so that's where my money's going for the next year.

If it maintains its value after this week at around .7, I might drop 2 grand in it and see where it takes me. Ain't ever gonna buy 10k at once though, I called the thread POORfollio for a reason, 10k is almost all my liquidity.

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That wasn't a woman anon.

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I agree with 0-500k being poor. But the rest is off and unnecessarily convoluted. The right chart is:
>0-500 poor
>500-mil middle class
>mil to 900 mil rich
>900+ mil mega rich
And mega rich means someone who can just choose to sway elections and do it. check em.

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I really hope it doesn't. I have 1300 at an average of about 70 but I WANT MORE BEFORE IT HITS $1.

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Beautiful trips over here! Checked, son.

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Look these holy trips!

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GRT, buy into it slowly. Put like a couple of hundred into it and watch for a while, see how it does and how the project is coming along and if you're satisfied put another hundred a month. It's either gonna be the backbone of dApp and deFi or not and you'll know as you watch it.

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>Next shiba
so the next pajeet scam?LMAO

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Checked. Also, very obvious shilling, try and cut out the GME part because right now it sounds too desperate.

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checked. What's the 10 billion?

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Digits to soar beyond moon, $10,000.

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checked. Also, I think the monday effect is gonna fuck me pretty hard. I just hope there's a rally on tuesday so I can liquidate before any major losses. Fuck stocks, I'm buying gold.

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Lol, digits confirm. My bags are so heavy bros, we up 10% tho kek

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Kek, this is just like LCX before it exploded.

Luckily my bags are packed.

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