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Surge uses the new smart contract stuff, don't buy it, you can't sell it

One of the first legit assets, the plant is finally done building after some fucking long delay.
Production should start in the next months.

Another Waves asset to look for (well lets see how they turn out) might be CoffeeCoin.
A guy who roasted and sold coffee for BTC back in 2014 is now doing it with the waves chain and his token
He already sold quiet some coffees directly from the farm/roaster pretty fresh and some 3rd party roaster accepted it too.
It got quiet in the 2019 bear market but he is still selling coffee.
Worth a try buying some, the honey process was really good.

In general WAVES can be interesting since they are going full into the enterprise sector.
This means there may be some legal limitations but at least a fuck ton of possible money.

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