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Kek. You wish. It's mooning to 1.2M within 18mo

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Is this "inverse racism"?

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>>Nobody goes to Ethereum any more its to crowded

The USA is objectively getting worse. States like New York and California, long regarded as the best places to live, are overrun with third worlders packed on top of Jews packed on top of niggers with a handful of real Americans still hanging around the fringes. The bulk of people are moving inwards to states like Nebraska and Utah or southwards to states like Georgia and Arizona. People are seeking out "the field less crowded", yes. Your posts are like the seething Californian upset that Texas is the new hotness.

Eth is 'king' for now, same with CA having 39 million people. But TX will have 36 million people in 2030 while CA will have 40 million. By 2040 TX will surpass CA.

This is the reality- Eth is on top and will remain so for the forseeable future, but potential mcap is being siphoned by ADA, FTM, BNB, AVAX and other projects I can't name.

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>woops I just *infinite printing bug*
>accidentally *supposedly hacked*
>let this coin *sudden rugpull*
>get fucked up *pajeets somehow clone it before it releases and flee with the money*
>but believe me guys *yfi was a one time thing*
>I'm on the level
>t. andre "not blue kirby" cronje

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>TX froze over
>liberals get FREE rent in CA
>none of them moving to TX or FL right now

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It's funny because it's literally dumpening right now. And when BTC dumps back to 30k in a few days, this will dump to a dollar or less. As is the natural order.

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