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Sure. Have fun.

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Traders have always existed. Just sitting on their desk, pushing around cloth, salt or spices they never personally see.

The difference is that we are all alone at our computers, never moving anything or helping society. Nothing of what we do adds anything to society or is something to be proud of desu

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Hows it feel being a retard

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>they ban the code
>you change the name of a single variable

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has anybody else noticed how this current dip is exactly like the one from last year? flushout capitulation, dead cat bounce, re-plunge to barely new lows. heavy kickback rally, then slow grind down teasing a breakdown before finally bottoming out.

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>tax levy

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Currently work at a specialty cafe that sells imports from around the world. Think World Market but less corporate and we sell handmade sandwiches and shit.

It's comfy AF for such a small town, but it takes a lot of investment from the owner and the few of us he can afford to pay to keep the place running. It requires a lot of snap-quick knowledge about a hundred different kinds of international meats/cheese/coffees.

Basically: You're only going to succeed if you can find a niche to fill and become the Grand Master in your local area. You're not selling product -- anyone can play games online at home or drive to Walmart for a cheap pizza. You're selling an experience, something that they can't find within an hour's driving distance. You're not gonna be the lazy manager in the back, you're gonna be working the counter and scraping pennies into your coffers every day. Shit's not for the faint-hearted, and I get the feeling that you're not in it for the love of the work itself.

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