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tether printer goes brrrrrrrrr

don't worry, every market is going to shit right now. shitcoins will follow. don't forget to up your short margins.

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Good evening sir, i hope you bring good news ?

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we actually might see a double top but I wouldn't count on it
t. bobo

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at least eth is shitting itself, so one of my positions are safu

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You seem to be in some kind of distress sir, how can i help ?

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I'm DCA:ing shorts because no matter how many of them are liquidated BTC will crash to 17k and I will make everything back and some.

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The top signal just came in

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BTC is not a currency. It does not meet the test of a currency. I wouldn't be surprised if it's not around in 10 or 20 years. It is not a durable means of exchange, it's not a store of value. It's been a very speculative kind of Buck Rogers-type thing and people buy and sell them because they hope they go up or down just like they did with tulip bulbs a long time ago. Yes, the price may still go higher, as these sorts of speculative bubbles tend to do, but eventually these speculators are going to have a very bad ending.

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You shorted at 38k, right?

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Sorry, just jerked off to the recent dump. I'm here, I'm here. Go on.

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25k eow

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I own short ETFs that increase in value when btc crashes

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oh wow, I called it?

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Last hours of Bitcoin ever being above 30k have started

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Today is the last day Bitcoin will ever be over 30k

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Considering your post history, you always posted at the top of the bubble...

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i was around in 2017, it ping ponged between 15 and 20k for a few weeks but never recovered since the first crash, 42k is the equivalent of 19.7k 3 years ago. moonboys back then were saying "it will moon a lot harder" but it just bled and bled the whole month until it capitulated.

the mental toll on bulls is too high. we enter the fear stage this weekend

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