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have this ass,
It'll only cost you nothing

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Be honest with me biz
Is crypto a meme? Wagecuck programmer here. I started with 1k in Jan as an experiment. I am sitting at 1138. Over this nearly two months I've invested a lot of time researching coins while deciphering the sea of pajeet shillings here. I barely have time to fuck my gf, I stopped studying coding and I've barely made 10% return.
The brapp posting should be banned btw.

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Your only chance at cheap iota is IF Btc crashes somewhere next year. Just keep a lookout.

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I have to create a website as a page for my business. Never done this before...

So I register a domain for... 15$ a year or something like that... then what? I still need to pay for something like squarespace, right? Is there a way around this?

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That ass seems so average.

Here is one that isn't average for comparison purposes only. You can't fap to it because this is a blue board.

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