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20K BAT here. I am very bullish and batty on BAT. I bought around .36 one or two years ago and got cucked in the red through most of 2020. I just held cause I don't like selling. It was one of the only tradable coins on CB and had the wackiest name and I knew it was part of Brave browser, which like I hear from anons around here means that it has an actual use in a product or service that is easily accessible and functional. I'm stoked that I'm in the green again and BAT is finally BUSTING out. Unironically zoom out. Just look at that 1 year graph. This shits gonna look like a Tony Hawk ramp. I feel like BAT is not going to be another "pump n dump rugpull" like 80% of the "pajeet rugpull scamcoin shit token" scams I see around here. I just converted the rest of my Orchid into BAT today, which I may get cucked by, but I felt the need to increase my suicide make it stack. I do have a Robinhood account with a fair amount and I'm thinking of cashing out RH and my savings and just straight up going all-in on BAT with every single penny to my name. Anyways, I'm very bullish on BAT and my prediction is BAT is going to $1 for sure this year and possibly to $3-4 by EOY. It will eventually hit $10 possibly 2-3 years from now. 5 years possibly $40-100 EOY. Of course I'm hoping for a ridiculous moon shot but who knows. I predict also that BAT may touch to $0.50 or $0.40 in a dip this year but will come back up. I don't usually post, but I feel like this may be the chance for some of us to make it. You had three years. Still under $1. Was the highest gainer coin on CB a few days ago. I'm probably going to post this in other upcoming BAT threads because I spent so much of my normie wagie life typing it.

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