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They had years to buy while jews kept prices suppressed

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>not stacking silver goblins
ngmi, I'm just a 50 goblin stacklet but I add more every paycheck.

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nothing, waiting on the boomer talk to end in the senate. Mitch wont pass it but who knows.

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Because avepoints fundamentals support a 40 dollar price range. It's a long buy, ive held since 11 dollars and i will keep holding until the merger happens, dont buy it, nobody is forcing you to do shit.

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my neighbor is currently bumping music nonstop and I want to kms

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buy high sell low

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Get in here schizos. XRP the standard.

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Schizos need sleep too, fren. If it's dead by morning I'll start the next one.

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bro you sound a little bit rattled
have you tried working smarter, not harder?

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>buy for a long hold
I only buy for long holds. Its what I was hoping for with Chevron anyways.

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>can't sell stocks at night

that's why they let jews do it for them

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It's because Westerners are mostly atheists nowadays, and even Christians see Christianity as a tradition rather than a religion.
Literally everyone is living on the surface, ego taking all the decisions, nobody can survive 5 minutes in a quiet room. You guys have the brains of drug addicts even before you take your first drugs.
Stuff like inner smiling, microcosmic orbit or Shamrock sufi meditation are seen as mumbo-jumbo, and without those, if you're not going to overcome your inner problems, you have to at least distract yourself from them in order to cope with life. That's when drugs come in and provide a solution.
>tl;dr you have a lot to learn from chinks and even muzzies

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Needs more boomer tunes

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Ding Ding Ding!
Movie night tonight will begin at 2:30 WAT (Chad) time, 9:30 EST.
Tonight's Feature is "That's not Rosemary's Baby: a Porn Parody"

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On a serious note, BCH cash shuffle and Grin are better than both.

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I don't think so. More likely Bogs are accumulating AG themselves.

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this nigga is 50+ years old

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Two years til boomer status!

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Yes, a main net with no consensus algo and no metered bandwidth whose parameters synth can change on a whim. So robust, this will surely thwart the ebil gubment.

You have no idea what you're on about re script. It is turing complete. A more complete language to interact with script has been developed and will be released.

It has a couple of masternodes confirming with each other to write a tx in a block. Probs the same 9 people who have access to all the coins and create their own coin issuance schedules.
>inb4 muh timelocked.
The faggot literally dictates the coin supply by saying mining rewards are this much this month because the market can't handle so many coins out (never mind the fact we dumped on you from $50).

Every person in sky was a nucoiner retard who would rather talk about some retarded interview with that bronze retwrd cryptorick than network topology or game theory. You're appearing eequally as retarded and incompetent in your damage control.

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