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holy shit im dying

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>hanging out with normie friend this past weekend. he also trades crypto
>"hey bro i wanna show you this funny vid"
>shows me a bizonacci youtube video
>starts asking me questions like "do you know what they mean when they keep zooming in on the numbers?" (post# digits)
>literally mfw
Didn't expose myself or 4chan though.

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That is NOT the answer I was looking for anon

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>tfw you're invested in ETH, BNB, and ADA

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>Just wanted to pwn this fool
Did you actually shit in the eggshell or did you just place the turd in it?
This is odd even by /biz/ standards.

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fuck I am sweating

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Is there such thing as having too big of a position to the point where it catches the eyes of market makers who refuse to let it moon until you sell? Like, as a whale, should you actively worry about accumulating a top 50 wallet of something, or does that not matter? I know this is a thing in derivatives. But what about the spot market?

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I have the distinct feeling that if I just buy, DCA and hold Polygon, I'm going to make it.
Is this accurate anons?

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god damn i need a girlfriend again
why do you do this to me /biz/

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>throw millions of variations of chemical compounds together
>discover cure for everything
Very secure God thank you for the free money

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anon don't scare us like that ..

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I am trying to send some eth from metamask to smart chain . The first part of the transaction worked but the second part is like stuck for a while now. Are funds safu?

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They pushed back the evictions moratorium and student loan repayments. The economy is still the worst it has ever been. I don't see why they wouldn't push back tax day again.

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how do i get a girlfriend(male) like her?
ALGO is a great coin with like 8% APY staking rewards.
I use websites like blockfi, nexo, celsius, etc. to get APY on my other coins.

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Is the rug getting pulled?

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people have started asking me where i get my crypto information
i dont know what to say
some gross, perverse, degenerate image board?

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>tfw you realize literally every industry on the planet is saturated to shit
>tfw you realize that the population is increasing at a rapid rate
>tfw you realize 90% of zoomers are piling on mountains of debt for a piece of paper that will return nothing for most of them
>tfw they'll be priced out of literally everything
>tfw they're raised with a mentality that life is fair and that they're owed a living simply for existing
>tfw you realize there are literally no barriers to breeding
the oncoming nigger horde is actually going to happen isn't it bros?

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But I lost 20K LINK by gambling on shitcoins. How do I cope?

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Bros... is it just me has anyone else felt something in the last 24 hours?

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I think I’ll speak for all 2017 fags that using your own euphoria to gauge the market is a foolish move. Back then on biz, we were all ecstatic and during the mania phase, 90% of us thought that it would just keep going up. I don’t believe that sentiment will ever be here on biz again unless we get 100% invaded by normalfags. But the ones that have been here for the last cycle know the market is hot as fuck right now. I’m still holding, but seriously, if your bags did a 10x over the next week would you really think the same as last time? Unless you’re a complete retard, the answer is no. I’m at the edge of my seat, and every % my portfolio gains from this point onwards just makes me more and more nervous. I am NOT going to hodl through another crash.

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I literally just woke up to messages from 3 normie friends asking how to buy btc. I told them to buy months ago but since normies are physically incapable of buying anything other than tops, this has got me sick me to my stomach. I hate Elon musk so fucking much

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>be me
>haven't been laid in over a year
>start to get extremely horny over the last month
>redownloaded tinder with upgraded photos
>meet with a hoe with big tits
>she's down to meet up
How do I avoid cooming in 10 seconds bros? just the thought of actually putting my cock inside a warm, wet vagina again is making me orgasm

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is anything ever going to crash again?

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msm said bitcoin was entering into a bear market

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