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Also, is this what the great reset and stakeholder capitalism look like?

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>we're seen as legitimate market analysts
we must not be post enough racism

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>be me Amerifat

Must.. Sell.. Coins to buy breakfast at McDonalds

* Sells all his coins that he bought on 100x margin
* Drives off in 1976 Chevvy 4x4 5000lbs off-road
* Falls asleep behind wheel from sugar dip
* Runs over a couple of spics in process
* Wakes up in McDrive, orders the Diabeetus lite menu
* Has $100K debt now from crytpo losses
* Complains about crypto being a scam and stealing his money on Facebook

>Jews win again

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You seem like a knowledgeable person, and from what I've gathered from your posts, you do not live in the USA.

If you're still reading this thread, I'm thinking about starting a writing career as well, my current work is pretty laid back and I have a great deal of free time to make some bucks online.

What I wanted to know, though, is how do you deal with taxes and how do you ensure you will receive your payment? Since I do not live in the USA, I can't help but think that I'll get scammed by my clients or the tax jew will stunt my growth.

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