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I dunno man I already made 300 BOG staking just this evening

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Optimism launch on March 15th

Optimistic UNI launch on March 19th

It is becoming increasingly obvious even to complete goobers that ETH-killers were never competing with Ethereum, instead they were competing with L2. As various L2 solutions are basically done rolling out with Optimism launch and gaining rapid adoption, it is becoming obvious to low-IQ momentum traders that the Ethereum has scales and that subsequently the network effect, tooling and dev community on Ethereum, including the fact that it is actually decentralised, really is a huge boon.

EIP-1559 confirmed for London update in July, Ethereum becoming a deflationary currency + gas optimisations.

Major dip on 10y bond rates rising is done.

ETH breakout on technicals ~24 hours ago.

We are witnessing what I call a convergence. Where macro, fundamentals and technicals all converge to point in the same direction, bigly.

These are the moments you trade on more aggressively with larger positions than any other. Witness.

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holy shit this is too much

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Optimism mainnet on 15th March. Optimistic UNI on 19th March.

All of a sudden dog-brained normies will find it is cheap as chips to transact on Ethereum again because of all the functional L2 solutions.

Loopring for high-IQ patricians who only trust ZK rollups (validity proofs)

UNI for shitcoin gamblers who don't care about withdrawal times on optimistic Rollups (fraud proofs)

Quickswap on Matic (Polygon) for early direct-to-L2 fiat onramps with their plasma solution (fraud proofs).

Dog-brained normies will realise that their centralised ETH killers weren't ever competing with Ethereum, they were competing with L2 solutions... and L2 will win because Ethereum is a superiour, decentralised chain with all the developers and tooling.

We will see 5k within the next 3 months.

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I am one please sirs excuse my mention of butthole tickling I am a classy frog

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yes, im waiting for the next pool to open

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I use the browser for adblock and free internet money, but otherwise I can't see any purpose to BAT. Im happy to get it out of someone else's pocket, but it is not a token I would ever purchase expecting to increase in price.

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100k is make it

10k is suicide

Reference metric for making it is being worth 1m at 10b MC. Suicide is obviously missing out and only making 100k.

This project has reasonable potential to see a MC in the 100s of billions, though. So take that into consideration.

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UPHOLD limits 2.5k buy daily im dumping another stack on XRP and shut off my wallet for 5 years and wage slave

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What The fuck i love drinking peepee now!

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Let's have a toast, frens.

A comfe toast
My feet are roast'
Sitting down in my chair
In my fren lair
I get emails from Kyle and Karen
I sit on my ass, I ain't caring.
WFH is where it's at
At home, alas, I am a king.

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0 debt
18eur net worth
10k crypto out of 190 bucks
no job


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I bought some linkies back when they were 2 bucks because I thought the memes were funny and well...
I'm making easy money.

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you lack social skills
be a man, grow up and ppl will be willing to negotiate with you
if you are a simple laborer - there are about 300k ppl just like you in a mile radius - you are not special by any means, twisting hands with the "power" of the union (read, the government, without it unions are nothing but a organized crime unit) is the lowest a scumbag can get
enjoy being a certified loser your whole life, being so stupid you wear your stupidity as a badge of honor, wagie

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More champagne for what can only be a based announcement.

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no pajeet here sir

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Blessed thread. The crab will break!

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That's it. BUT
Be sure to do this beforehand. https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/connecting-metamask-to-binance-smart-chain


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i sold half my stack at peak now I'm buying this dip lets watch this go x5 from here

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Checked. Alright detective anon, please tell us what you found.

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So if I trade with $100 at X100 leverage the most I stand to lose it $100 but with the potential to gain with $10,000?

Remind me again why people hate this and encourage people not to do it?
People dont really trade with their entire stack, do they?

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I bought a stack of BNT at $1. I also still don't know what staking or defi is.

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