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Makes me nervous too. Hiring SJW's, the gays and pajeets just to virtue signal. My bags are getting heavy bros...I don't want to relive 2018 all over again...I'd like to think I learned a bit since then and can spot a top from a distance. All I'm saying is consider taking something off the table before things slide fast.

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This upcoming week will see the Return of the FUD ..India Ban, 'possible' Coinbase regulation, etc etc and we'll start dropping again. People don't learn from the past....it can only go up!

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The fall in BNB this week will precipitate a sell off. They know they have to try to keep it up because the panic run for the exit this time will be epic. Everybody knows the hype game now. Coinbase error screens, 20% slippage on Binance...it'll be glorious to watch I just hope its during a time I'm awake to watch it.

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