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I don't think sats has been legitimate metric for a couple years now. You don't measure the value of all other stocks in terms of Amazon, Apple or Tesla. And I know its not apple to apples but the principle still holds.

Agreed. Any startup takes time to grow. But once it starts to get serious momentum behind it that's when the fun is going to start. Look at all the huge advertisers they already have on-boarded. That speaks volumes about how desperate the market is to have a viable solution to ad fraud. Which is good for Brave.

Well said anon. The google thing scares me too but once again Apple went up against IBM and won, so anything is possible.

I think you're way off base here. Chainlink is vaporware at this point (sorry stinkies) with 50 other competing projects that could easily replace it. Brave and BAT pull farther ahead each day with no crypto competitor in site.

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