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We Conspiracy Theorists are aiming to compile the absolute best, most riveting crypto conspiracies ever made in one thread. Submit only if you have something juicy and / or thought provoking.

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Was away for 1 day, why do I see a Facebook Chainlink rumor going on? I was only away from biz for ONE day lol. Where did this come from?

Link marine - lieutenant reporting in

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Insider info thread . Post what you were sworn not to divulge .

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It’s that time again. Post info you were sworn not to share .

Biz reaps the benefits . It’s good to be a Chan.

Something B I G is coming

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Yes it’s that time again.

Share here what you swore you would never tell, yes the insider secrets that you swore to secrecy. We are anonymous, you’re secret is safe with /biz.


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