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>the human organism always worships, first it was the gods, then it was fake, the observation and judgement of others. Next it will be the self aware systems you have built to realize truly omnipresent observation and judgement.

Do anons here think chainlink will ever become self aware? Do you think that’s what we’re in the process of doing now?

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>Crazy how we see the matrix with 20/20 vision this year innit

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>It's an exothermic reaction (transforms wax, produces heat) but why does it make light?
are you implying that combustion is the only way to produce light?
you know that nuclear explosions also produce light, but at much higher energies than combustion reactions

>Again, you can test this with a vacuum. If your charged particles fail to produce light when moving through a vacuum then I, and all of modern physics, is right in believing light comes from excited electrons in atoms shedding energy.
read what I wrote again:
>light is produced by charged particles accelerating (almost always electrons, but it could be other charged particles)
electricity always produces light BY DEFINITION
whenever there is a flow of electric current (positive or negative), there are corresponding ripples in the electromagnetic field which we call "light"

>This is high school level physics
it appears that high-school level is the extent of your study on the topic
read what I said again before you start another diatribe on vacuums
>An accelerating charged particle produces an electromagnetic (EM) wave. Electromagnetic waves are electric and magnetic fields traveling through empty space with the speed of light c. A charged particle oscillating about an equilibrium position is an accelerating charged particle.

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Stupid fggt

twitter took your coins ?// transgender or full blown fggt which r u?

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>So yea, we can def measure particles from a second ago. It just takes a second to do it xD
Forever trapped in a prism of light
It’s what dr Manhattan talks about in watchmen when he says “it’s always too late”

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>My bday is 6/12.

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Bear in mind that the price of a share will skyrocket once staking goes live
Best to buy in before

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>most of the occult can explained simply and empirically
There is something important to consider beyond physical explanations
Myths are history and these ancient teachings are true on multiple levels (not just physically) even though the physical is critical to understanding the nature of reality, it doesn’t encompass all of it.
The greatest minds like Pythagoras, Euler, Tesla, etc. knew this well

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A thread was revived for this

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>Never even came close to selling my dude
some of those that sold under $2.00 will be speechless by the end of the year
a lot of retail people got shaken out
not to mention CZ's outright stealing of 1 million link tokens

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Read the threads about the riddle
I didn’t do anything
Someone else posted the riddle and then then 4chan solved it (the answer was “MOON BOG”) and so OP came back a week later to post the 2026 price.
It’s dated as the winter solstice.

>the time is with the month of winter solstice
>when the change is due to come
>thunder in the other course of heaven
>things cannot be destroyed once and for all

>A movement is accomplished in 6 stages
>And the 7th brings return.
>For 7 is the number of the young light
>It forms when darkness is increased by one.
>Change returns success
>Going and coming without error.
>Action brings good fortune.


Chapter 24 || 42

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We're going to make it, we're all in this together.

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>Is there something under the surface that makes these mixes important?
listen carefully to the words on this track
they say the words "chainlink" a few times:

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>42 degrees is the angle at which the rainbow appears in the eye

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