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>in chainlink tonight, anon mentioned the mediledger partnership with chainlink
>FDA released a pilot project (DSCSA) designed to trace and identify prescription drugs as they are distributed in the US
>one of their participants is mediledger, a blockchain ledger for pharma supply chains
>chainlink logo featured several times in their info video
>medichain released report in febuary including advising on the use of chainlink
>chainlink's section is the only cryptocurrency mentioned that goes across 2 pages
>the pages of the pdf chainlink is on are 31 and 32, and thus copying and pasting that paragraph will result in "3132" appearing in the pasted text
>31+32= 63
>63 in prime factors is 3*3*7
>337 is a prime number and equal to the plural of the hebrew word "Ibriy", "ibriyim" (העבריים) meaning "Hebrew" or "One from beyond." This word is apparently used 32 times in the old testament, according to biblewheel, also reoccuring the number 32.
>ibriy in English gematria is 63
>337 also equals arabiy, the hebrew word for arab
>"arabic" is equal to 96 in English gematria, another confirmation of this method
>63 is the value of kaballah in JG
>reversed is 36, first 36 digits add up to 666
>The 63 boxes of the labyrinth in the game of the Goose, each one having a masonic meaning. This game which is played with the cubic stone, this one being a freemason symbol. The 63 boxes represent also the different stages of the human life. The goose represents the human soul intended to become on the last box the swan, Hindu symbol of the karmic liberation.
last part is just something I found from a google search, but has some interesting symbolism, I don't know much about it.

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