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> am phd student

> read wojak index joke

> do a big procrast

> make wojak index webapp

> it's 3am

> i'm exhausted

> it's ugly; it's done. wojakindex.com;

why did i spend $20 and a fuckton of my time on this?

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tfw I bought at 5.40 but don't want to make any money off it because I believe it might actually change the world.

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>wake up 30 minutes early for validation
>open ssh tunnel to remote node
>it's not on
>strange, it was working a few day ago
>ssh into vps and turn it on
>only become synchronized a few minutes ago
>miss short session
why didn't I check to make sure it was synchronized before I went to bed

tell me /biz/



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Which Wojak are you right now?

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can you guys post the second row of wojacks? thanks

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