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Would you like our BATshit insane special?

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Although Brave is open-source,
I do realize that it doesn't mean it's completely secure and bug-proof. For example, we did have the little "Brave Tor Mode leaks your IP address when browsing" fiasco from 1-2 weeks ago. It was since fixed, within 24 hours of it being made public, but yeah no, open source =/= perfect or even completely trustworthy.
We should get some advanced Lead CS anons on the case to audit that code.
BAT code has been audited before though.
And although various places like CNET and other tech sites have given Brave the "thumbs up" in terms of privacy, I have yet to see anyone dive deep into the Brave code on any major platforms like YouTube or even on a blogpost. Something to look into.
As a C.S. major I do actually care about these sorts of things and if anyone has any resource to point me to, please do.
It's worth noting that there is a Brave Support Forum

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I've been putting it a lot of legwork in these threads lately, but screw it I have a little time:
>BAT has an actual product alongside it, a free chromium-type browser that has a reward system that pays users if they choose to opt-in to see notification-type ads in place of regular website ads
>Brave blocks all normal ads in-browser, just like a regular adblocker.
>Hundreds of companies advertise through the Brave browser
>BAT has a lot of room to run, but normies are not hyped about its price action yet, simply because it has not reached ATHs yet, and are so stoic about its abysmal price action since 2018 that they hardly bother to pay attention to BAT
>BAT price action on the BATBTC chart looks very good right now, there was recently a bullish momentum shift with divergence and support found at 600-800 sats
Only things holding BAT back right now:
>BTC dipping and dumping
>The in-browser crypto wallet by Uphold, which people are not too keen on due to it needing KYC
>users dumping their free BAT earned by watching ads back onto the Brave team in exchange for USD

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>Google would have been on it already
Google has already built and "perfected" infrastructure to do the exact opposite. They are fucking users up the ass woth their adsense, cookies, trackers, and the like, giving this information to many advertisers, and some of this information leaves from those reputable advertisers into the hands of less reputable advertisers, who simply pose as advertisers in order to gain access to information.
Meanwhile, with Brave, which is an open source browser to boot, users get to keep all such tracking information within the browser, and it is never sent to questionable 3rd or even 2nd parties. Users no longer have to worry about any such collusion behind closed doors. In addition to this, they are rewarded the BAT token, which amounts to 70% of the revenue that advertisers/Brave themselves would usually get by showing ads. In the traditional ad system, users get nothing but an ad in their face. If you don't like it, then you can disable ads completely. Users win, additionally, brave wins and so does their token, BAT. There's a reason they have 25 million active monthly users.
I think we can blame the terrible, abysmal price action on the fact that a lot of people simply repeatedly sell their free BAT. But the people who are willing to sell their BAT are running out. That's my theory.

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Why do I get pop-ups up to 5 times an hour whenever my browser is open? Is this shit a scam? Is this what they call adware? Also what the FUCK is BAT and why is my browser accumulating it?
The money is nice and all, but seriously why does this happen? Can I just keep the BAT things? Is this legal?
Seriously considering just taking the money and wiping my hard drive.

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Check out Roadmap 2.0 for the BAT token and who the creator of BAT/the Brave Browser is. Without love, it cannot be pumped.

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Orchid is interesting but I haven't seen anything substantial from them in terms of a working product. I think what sells BAT for me is the very tangible work that's apparent in the fully operational browser. The concept of orchid is certainly interesting, but from what I've been hearing, isn't the Brave team doing quite similar stuff soon too regarding decentralizing huge aspects of the browser and removing old partnerships (Uphold) that simply hold them back due to their aged nature?

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I have 11k BAT here. I've seen 10k called the suicide stack, but it seems different from the LINK suicide stack. Instead of "It'll make you want to KYS because you should have got a make-it-stack," it's "You won't KYS."
Personally, my portfolio is 30-40% BAT, 30% ETH, LINK, BTC... Then 15% cash.
>1.50 USD
Idk if I'd want it right by tomorrow. I'm finally getting cozy in this bear/crab market...

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