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Giving this thread one last bump before I'm off to sleep

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It’s fun learning the different tricks and techniques as well as building your own garden installations and setting up heating and protection for your plants when first growing them early in the season.

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Having trouble trying to buy linkpool. When I go to the site it says read-only and it automatically connects to an 0x I’m not familiar with.

42 if you’re out there would like some advice or any anon that can chime in.

Is this wallet generated for me based on my browser + metamask extension. I don’t want to send it there without confirming it’s my wallet. Don’t see info on the website regarding this. Want to pull the trigger on LP shares. Many thanks.

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checked and basedpilled

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I have threads on /x/ now?
Looks like others are taking on the 42 name, very nice.
Got some sauce?

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Lol give him some time to get acclimated.

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>I did it with chainlink and it’ll happen with $RSR.

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Actually more like .05 LINK every other week

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So is LINK going to $1k EOY or what?

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if you really hold that much you gon be rich as fuck within the year my niqqa!!!

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I started browsing biz in jan 2018. Got here cuz of XRB. Saw so many different shitcoins, but there were always the Chainlink threads with hundreds of replies. So after about a week or less, I started reading the threads to see what's up and it turned out it should make me rich as fuck. All the tokenomics are literally designed for $1k+ per LINK. I looked at the team and it was Sergey whose last post on twitter was like 2 months ago. This was something different I thought. I guess we'll see, but atm everything is going as it should. Also AB wrote some nice text that got me thinking bigger.

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Man I have basically lurked biz 24/7 since January. I've seen like 90% of Chainlink threads. I already understand it. I'm actually comfy.

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buying link for any price under $1 is a deal for you first time buyers now is the time to purchase LINK.

you missed it at .17
you missed it at .19
you missed it at .21
you missed it at .25

dont miss out while its still cheap were going to .50 within the next few weeks

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pic somewhat related

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Are we just going to listen to this dumb anon? Keep speculating it's fun

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You can literally look at contracts that already exist which serve high profile clients like Sony and AXA.

We don't know how many core devs there are, and there is massive involvement from an enthusiastic open source community. There is massive involvement and enthusiasm for Linkpool to such an extent that they cannot process all of the applications. The slack maintains constant contact and communication. GoLang initial implementation will be implemented and biblically available by end of Q1. IBM hyperledger devs have shown interest in chainlink, and chainlink has collaborated with elite universities, banks, and docusign, as well as ZepplinOS.

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Wow that is true now you can enjoy sitting in confort with those mobius bags knowing that you will soon be vindicated for elucidating the delusions of link holders and trying to warn us newbies about the impending doom of chainlink as we foolishly ignore the devs exit scamming us at .40c link it is really the perfect cover when you really think about it like who would really expect them to exit scam for so cheap but it is really smart now that you think because it would be too obvious is they exited at the top this way most of us won't know until it is too late but thanks to you some of us smart investors will pull out before it is too late thanks for helping me see the writing on the wall you really helped me today and I can feel a load lifted off my chest and am looking forward to having a new lease on life

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Lets be honest anon, they all have that 'look' and I guarantee you it triggers a ton of guys here, even subconsciously, to look at porn

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An immaculate conception

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