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I just uploaded all of my music as NFTs on OpenSea.

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I remortgaged my house to buy more GAYMF.

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I feel like I'm just giving the government an interest free loan

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What's happening tomorrow then?

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Fuck you (sounds like a rug pull).

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can bitcoin ever get rug pulled one day? like something goes wrong with tether and the entire thing crashes, or someone whos been actively mining since 2010 just starts pulling everything out and selling en masse or theres a huge security fraud and it gets hacked and then everyone panic sells and it sits dead for years?

or would this all have already happened? can satoshi in 10 years just cash out every coin he owns and be master of the world when bitcoin is worth 500,000 each?

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these threads have been pretty slow all day

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I thought making it would make me a better and happy person. But I got more bitter and resentful towards my family.

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The deflation before inflation happened in 1971 and we've been fucked ever since

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how do people even live on minimum wage

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It's fucking sad but true.

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how do I profit from this

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How can I trade on Uniswap without using metamask or paying gasfees?

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>Just met the boss of the company that i work for.
>He comes in driving a brand new Mercedes S-class
>find out it's his wife's car
>i'm told his own car makes this one seem like chump change.
>find out he's making many dozens millions a year
>prolly has a 9/10 waifu + dreamhouse to boot
>mfw i realize just how inferior i am
>Instantly get depression
>will never really go away until i am at least that rich but actually much richer
>even if i make it i'm still small fry

I'm getting even more suicidal bros. Has anyone had similar experiences? How do you cope being beta-rich at best even if you make it?

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You know why Jesus wasn’t born in the states? They couldn't find three wise men or a virgin.

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>put my six-figure hell stack of link onto an exchange to earn steaking rewards
Sorry bros. I know it will be used to suppress the price, but I'm sick of being dumped on by Sergey the Deciever. I should be living my real life by now. Well if Sergey the Accursed isn't going to release REAL steaking, I'll just have to steak on my own.

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>This results in a price disparity between the different pairs which allows vampiric "arbitrage" bots to swoop in and extract ETH from liquidity pairs. Do note that this is not "typical" arbitrage, this arbitrage comes from the fact that users are getting routed through sub-optimal coin routes, which means the profit that the bots receive comes from the fact that Uniswap users are getting overcharged, i.e you pay more money than you would have paid for the same amount of coins had you gone through the optimal route.
dude i wrote this months ago, word for word

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How are normies okay with being working jobs they hate with no plans of getting out?

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Put some fiat in shares and it's down a lot

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>in online chemistry class today
>teacher is doing a lecture with silver chloride
>makes a joke about giving the silver away to the highest grade at the end of the semester
>i make a joke to hold on to the silver because of the impending economic collapse
>nervous laughter

why am i like this

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im down $260 since i started investing this month

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