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Help a boomer understand this.

Why do most posters here, when showing their wallet have bitcoin funds spread over different acronyms? can't you just buy a set amount and watch it grow? what is the point of all these different symbols and names? why are some worth more than others when bitcoin is 1 currency?

I'm looking to put around 30k into bitcoin and so far it seems that Electrum + a Trezor is a good way to start, but it seems like you guys diversify WHO or which place to buy your coins from. Is it possible to just buy 30k worth from a single place?

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It’s really just a milestone for me. I don’t plan on not working forever after that, I just wanna be comfy. I have other side hustles I’m working on that I’m passionate about that should provide enough supplementary income
Couldn’t fit it all on screen

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