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nigger you just buy oil, it that fucking simple.

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so what happen to the oil fudders, missles just hit a saudi aramco site, that literally means less fucking oil on the market you retards.


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>just entered 5 digit club thanks to /biz/
>mfw a 3rd worlder
Bless all of you, wagmi.

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Which to get rid of? Which to add?

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I’m up 7% for the week, is this good or bad? I can’t tell.

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26 half a million NW, I don’t think millennial women like me... should I just steal a zoomer gf? Seems like men are dating 1 gen down for the past few decades.

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Bloomberg shilling oil as the top gainer these past few days, get ready for fomo oil chads.

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É assim que eu me sinto nessa thread, amos vocês bros...

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>purchased a studio apartment and can afford my eye surgery thx to /biz/
Love you all

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best I got

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