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you don't even have to click Brave ads to earn BAT, but yeah, it's based

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a watched pot never boils and this piece of shit never moves when im waiting for it. im just going to ignore it completely and forget that i even own this.

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This is a warning to all of you that are looking for where to turn to next for life changing money

>b-but muh browser plugin token

- the most widely used crypto with 17m users
- exponentially increasing ad campaigns and user growth
- huge increase in return on investment from advertisers when compared to google or facebook ads
- "pay with BAT" button coming for premium content on websites and apps
- BAT staking in the works

Don't say I didn't warn you

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friday friday friday bitchessssss. ARE YOU DOWNLOADING FREE INTERNET MONEY FAGGOT? come here and bitch about how much you hate bat and brave

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JUST'd edition.

>problems with payouts
>not receiving ads
>cameron asa

wtf bros how are we EVER going to make it with this piece of shit

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Nobody will tell me what day of the week I can talk about my shitcoin. BAT is going to make me rich.

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those numbers are actually pretty based - how long have you been doing it? think I saw these threads posted on /biz/ months ago

definitely something to keep an eye on, especially if they can get the ticker $BTS

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I love Brave Browser and BAT but sometimes I can't help but wonder what the fuck they're doing.

Get me fucking COINBASE widgets, COINBASE KYC cash-out, COINBASE partnerships. I don't want fucking Uphold and I certainly don't want fucking Binance. It's like Brave has the right ideas but poor execution. BAT's gone done the same path. At least they're building though.

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do this, but also get your youtube / reddit / twitch account verified if you use that, start shilling Brave for donations and start getting paid nigga

some day we better have some sort of 4chan Brave verification, I'd fucking kill for that

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Are we as deluded as Vechinks, BATbros?
Seriously, nothing can move this token value up. I like Brave and BAT but it's market performance has been pretty underwhelming so far.

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Exactly, another thing is that online advertising and content is changing. More and more people are using Twitch/Youtube/Instagram and these content creators need more beneficial ways to monetize. Patreon is too clunky and 3rd party, BAT is essentially a built-in donation system.

Game changing potential

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Why does /biz/ hate money?

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BAT is tearing it up again. Why are you not all in on the hottest token in crypto right now?

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The supply is capped at 1,500,000,000 BAT but it's not all circulating yet because Brave has some BAT kept for various uses, for things like Coinbase Learn, monthly grants, etc.

Take from that what you will. They use the BAT they have for solid purposes like promoting the advertising model, and I trust the team. I think BAT/Brave is going to be huge some day (2020+). One thing I can tell you for sure, BAT Ads will be a game changer if they do it right.

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Think you're on the right track, but Advertisers don't directly purchase the BAT.

The transaction would look like:
>Advertiser pays $1,000 to Brave to fund advertising campaign
>Brave instantly converts that into BAT at [current price of BAT]
>this BAT goes to the advertising campaign/ecosystem, where users and publishers will receive it according to their interactions with the advertisements

As for
>Can't BATProject just always sell BAT at any $ amount they want?

Advertisers will always pay a certain amount in FIAT for campaigns, NOT crypto. I think Brave mentioned there will be like 3 tiers of ad campaigns to begin with. These are strictly purchased in FIAT and not crypto so there's no risk involved for the advertiser.

>How do I cash BAT in with BATProject?

Right now Brave is using a service called Uphold. So what you would do is 1) get your YouTube channel/Twitch/Website registered with Brave (https://brave.com/creators/) and then in order to cash out the BAT you get, you'd have to 2) register with Uphold (do their KYC)

I am in no way affiliated with the Brave team but I just love the project, so my info might be off. If you go to the BATProject subreddit you can actually find a lot of useful information there

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That's the genius of it. You don't have to watch ads at all. If you ever feel like earning some BAT, you toggle the ads on and some companies will shoot an ad to you every 15 minutes based on what you're browsing. If you want to view it and earn some BAT, click it.

If not, don't click, continue with web browsing. It'll be seamless.

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nobody here likes BAT but I saw someone on plebbit posting about some bullish TA forming for BAT soon, figured it was bullshit

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BAT had 190 holders after its ICO.

It'll take a while before either 1) the big holders sell off their stacks or 2) there becomes enough of an interest/use for BAT that a few big whales can no longer set sell walls that suppress any meaningful pumps.

Brave is an excellent idea and BAT is a necessary token but the I'm almost positive the ICO screwed BAT, at least short term.

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Yeah, I know people here on /biz/ love to point out all of BAT and Brave's flaws, but it's poised to pick up where Bitcoin kind of left off.

Bitcoin originally was headed in this direction of being the internet's currency - just look at Silk Road, for me that was the golden era of Bitcoin because it was literally being used as an internet currency in a way that FIAT could never achieve. It fit perfectly in that use case as currency.

But sometime since then Bitcoin has taken on an entirely different use, and now it's basically just held, bought, and speculated with. It's traded and sold, sure, but it's not being used as a currency. In fact, I'd argue that people are AFRAID to use Bitcoin (and to a lesser extent, ETH) as currencies.

One "flaw" with Brave that I see people point out all the time is "WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST USE BITCOIN/ETH??" instead of making their own token. I think the answer to that is complex but one glaring reason to me is, PEOPLE DO NOT WANT TO USE BITCOIN AS A CURRENCY. The mindset right now is, "If I spend Bitcoin, I will be like the man who spent 10,000 Bitcoin on 2 pizzas, and I will regret it"

People don't want to "spend" Bitcoin. BAT overcomes this because you can literally earn it by simply BEING ON THE INTERNET. It brings crypto back to the "currency" it was meant to be.

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Absolute insanity that you're still talking shit after you were literally exit-scammed on in such an embarrassing way.

>trusting an anonymous random person on the internet with thousands of dollars

PRL "investors" were psychos. I'm in awe of your lack of self awareness. Hope springs eternal I guess, better luck with the new exit-scam

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I mean off the top of my head I could name like 5 potentially game-changing cryptos, but I think the best example is BAT.

Read up on what Brave/BAT is attempting to do with online advertising. BAT's just an ERC20 token so it's less about the technology and more about the application of the technology. Using a cryptocurrency to completely change online advertising industry is literally revolutionary.

There are hundreds of other ways people are changing the game with blockchain. You bring up a lot of tired old points that people used back in 2017. Bitcoin's market cap is currently $62,940,545,613. If you still think that number just reflects the universe's biggest ponzi scheme, then this discussion doesn't really need to go any further.

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The only real option.

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The man behind BAT is the most redpilled in all the crypto space.

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