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Why won't you listen? Sell now and buy more later

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Any oldfags remember what happens when BTC crashes -80%? Will shit like ADA stay at $1 when BTC stabilizes in the bear market or will it drop to $.1 for the next 3 years? Tell me if I should sell now.

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>gf knows I browse here and gives me shit for the women pics. Pajeet's will pay for this.

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You didn't fall for another dead cat bounce, did you, /biz/? We're still heading to $ 40k by tomorrow...

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>Why is BTC

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I honestly don't care anymore

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>mfw the bull run is still going
is we getting another market crash?

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>desperately trying not to go below $60

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Why doesn't the market crash? It was suppose to be our time bobos

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How much longer until they dilute the shares?

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>share dilution

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>NOK trading at $14 in Japan right now

my puts are fucked

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That's what happens when something goes up too fast.

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All we are saying is that for the health of the market Bitcoin has to correct to at least 25k. This is the only way for the trend to naturally continue!

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my BOND sale fucked up!
it says i have $2342323590 gorillion dollars when i only bought $100 worth
whats going on how do i fix it to match the correct price?

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zoom in, it's as clear as the night sky in swedenistan

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How does $ 17k by eom sounds like?

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So that was it?

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>Be me
>Buy at $14K
>Sold at $19K because "it's gonna collapse once it hits $20K"
>Been waiting since then because I don't wanna buy the top
>Top never comes. Train departing without me no matter what I think it should do
I just missed x2.5 because of my weak hands.

How much money will I lose before learning my lesson?

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i will never make it anon
i'm 40 and have like 60k in the bank
bought 1 btc for like 3k...panic sold
shortet the market in 2020 and lost everything on the way up
i stack my satoshis for like 50$ a month because i can't fucking stand to loose

it's all a fucking scam...erc20 tokens made our of thin air...tether fud...the fed printing like crazy...its all a giant bubble and i only make money with meme-stocks

why am i like this? if it matters, i have a phd in maths...am i too intelligent or just retarded?

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>Bitcoin touted as the digital equivalent of cash
>One of the main points that are always brought up in favor of Bitcoin against the current financial system is that transactions nowadays require fees and BTC is set out to solve double spend
>BTC still requires you to pay fees for transactions, and the fees increase in price as time goes on because mining rewards decrease
>If you don't pay a high enough fee your transaction might take hours or days to confirm
>The measurement unit for fees is sats/vbyte and you have to have a fucking phd to understand how to calculate the size of a transaction
>There's no immediate no bullshit way to calculate a suitable fee for a certain transaction, Googling how to do it if you're in a hurry shows this
>It's simple: all you gotta do is work out the size of your transaction in bytes, multiply it by the median byte size, take the answer in satoshis, divide it by 100 million (or 1e8 on a scientific calculator), get the answer in bitcoin and then convert to USD.
>what the fuck

How is this any better for the average person than a simple PayPal % fee? Not to mention everytime anybody tries to explain BTC basics they always imply BTC doesn't require fees to complete transactions, that's so disingenuous

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They are all going to be filled anyway and you'll lose a shitload of money.

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My hatred for Bitcoin can't be properly described. I am so fucking pissed right now.

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