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Any other SQQQ weekend holding Chads here?

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what do you want to buy today sir?


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>inb4 rugpull yet again and then people complain as if it wasn't obvioius

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>learn how to manipulate a woman
There are much better things to do with my time than learn how to act like a woman.

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>looks like my wife will be paying me 20k in damages for being a whore.

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I'll call my broker and place a buy order right away! I hope she's nicer this time. Last time I called to place a buy order I could hear people LAUGHING in the background.

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Chainlink interaction with McDonalds when? Their assets must be pretty tightly correlated already since LINK price drives Sergeys BicMac consumption.

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2.89 EOW check em

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>Dad told me about crypto in 2017 and now we're both getting rich and laughing at nocoiners together

Not everyone can have a based dad I guess.

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All the new NFT coins are confusing me. I feel like a boomer.
What about RARI? A NFT marketplace sounds like a good idea, but the tokenomics are fucked.
Any other good NFT coins that I should look out for?

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Let's roll

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not coordinated, but if your coin does a 2x in time logically every holder will come shitpost here

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make it quick, kid I'm in the middle of some business

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It just might do it

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Same fudder that is in every reef thread, why is he so obsessed with our comfy coin, bros?

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Dimp it

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Checked and bought

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>mfw they're not laughing anymore

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what is that funny money that you trade with

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aye FTFT chads we out here

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You shouldn't focus on price anon. Focus on marketcap/supply

There are only 16 million AAVE coins out there, while there is a (total) supply of 720 million AVAX

It's logical that at a lower supply -> higher price

Not sure what you should do, but you should focus on marketcap

A x2 for AAVE will lead to a marketcap of 12B above Litecoin (and BNB). Do you see that happening? (I'm leaving that up to you)

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