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>mom walked in on me browsing a racist thread on /pol/
how do i explain my way out of this

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I'm so lonely that I wish my night terror would come out from under my bed and cuddle with me.
how to profit from this?

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>his ass irra
What did he mean by this?

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>wouldn't kill all of them

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Idk bros this is how the fall of lition started.

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>Why not buy a poster of the mona lisa so you have the mona lisa anon?
This but without the sarcasm. Plus it's physical too.
Digital art.. I mean what do you even do with it? You just store it on your computer just like this pepe image

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didn't sell my btc for ada because I was waiting on that 500 dollar bonus on phemix

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so what the fuck are you supposed to do after you make it?

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Some of you knew GRT would 10x and didn't even spill the beans. Fuck you.

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>some people were able to buy at 3k, sell at 40k, and they will buy the next bottom again
Why is this allowed? Why do some people always manage to profit no matter what? It's not fair.

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My space mansion is drifting off the lagrange point again. Will have to pay 0.00000000000015 mBTC to fix it.

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I justed an entire roll of toilet paper in one go

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I lost 10k on him. It just makes no sense that biden can win while pulling 20 people to his rallies.
I hope the courts can find the fraud, then I'll put another 5k on the january bet and I'll be good.

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The courts delayed the overturn just to prevent me from making it.

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My mom put vinegar in our dishwashing soap.

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>learning to code is ha-
No, stop making excuses, coding has been railroaded for years. You can learn the fundamentals to get a WFH job in a few days. Just go through the damn checklist and finish it.

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Big tits.

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Skool sux
covid university sux

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I don’t think my dad ever loved us. He just wanted kids to finally have people who he can feel superior too.

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One time I waited to let a girl out of the elevator before me and she got pissed.
Similar thing happened two other times in the same semester.
I wasn’t even trying to be a white knight, man.

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Every tradable coin on Coinbase is a guaranteed moonshot.

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Should I stake my ETH?

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