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Yeah. Be a scammer retard. Get into a telegram with scriptkiddies and make a shitcoin. Then spam it on the board and dump it at your leisure.

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>Go out more,
I hate plebs, why would I want to interact with them? That's a few hundred dollars I could scalp into a thousand.
>go on cruises,
Been there done that. The only thing worthwhile is the fried rice buffet and escargot they sell on that one line. If I want to go to a different country, I'd buy a ticket and go. Then again, not like it'd do me any good since I can get all the food I want from a cook book or a restaurant. That's a few thousand I could gamble with scam coins and turn them into OPs net-worth.
>buy a nice car,
Any car made in the past 10 years is garbage. My straight piped turbo'd stringray runs circles around your shitty Tesla. Even better, the car gets more valuable as time goes on. More 50/50 into BTC and XMR for 10x.
>get a winter home,
To rent out to? Maybe after the housing bubble pops.
>get a SUMMER home,
To rent out to? Maybe after the housing bubble pops.
>buy a dog
My lab is enough.
>waste your money
Naw famalam I'm good. You stay poor while I stay comfy. If I want any of that shit I can get it next week when I can buy it two-times over.

This is why you plebs will always stay poor. Money makes money. Throwing it away earns you nothing. Aspiring to own things is stupid. Aspiring to make a number go up will never end.


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Nope. Actual bubble pops never occur in a single day. Not even the Great Depression. It's a slow decline of people losing faith in a coin, useful idiots buying back in for bog, and dumping more than what it was at the last time. The only time a flash crash will ever occur is in the event of a black swan, which you should be prepared for. Markets are motivated by psychology and while markets are unpredictable, people are.

Wanna know how to win in the market?
Don't fight the Bogs. Join them.

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bonjour gentlemen

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Do you think they have anything to do with all this ?

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hope you have your space suit ready
.... you DO have your space suit, right anon?

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Hey Ledditors. Listen up and listen good. If you wanna stay 'round these parts, you gotta start admitting a few truths. The first one is the white man is the superior man. Got that? Also, drop all that pro-israel nonsense while you're at it. Thank you.

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*blocks your path*

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what's their next step?

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just wait a few days and buy at 14k

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>crashing this market with no survivors

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You bought Monero right?

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Who else here is unironicall /bog-pilled/ https://www.strawpoll.me/15726922. there's too much evidence man, there's some truth in all the bog conspiracy memes. it's the harsh reality but the bogdanoff twins control the world

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Yes, he's feeling it now boiz. We'll dump a little further until he cracks, then buy the low and push it up 30%. Rinse and repeat until we hit 0 and have all is money.

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Good morning burgers

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Who here getting absolutely BOGGED right now

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You buy?
They dump.

You sell?
They pump.

One can not win against the Bogdanoffs.

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i almost lost hope yesterday and sold! thank to our lords and saviors the bogs

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>They'll rebuy so we can dump it again

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They started trading crypto from birth. Their bodies adapted to the constant stress to become something better than human. They became bitman.

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