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>many forget that the chinese actually created corona virus in 2020 to crash the price of link to 1 dollar.
it's true
they timed it right before their smartcon, so they had to postpone it until August
I went to the last IRL chainlink meetup and they COVID the place the very next day

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>last time I went to a chainlink meetup in my town was in March right before the COVID world shutdown
s'true (pic related)
I started ranting and raving about how chainlink is actually a quantum computer/network but that they intentionally call it "cryptocurrency" as a way of covering for the true intention of rolling out roko's basilisk
needless to say, the illumi-naughty had to accelerate their timeline again because of me and rollout a worldwide pandemic ahead of schedule

I'll leave the public speaking to my betters haha
they have an awesome lineup

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yeah man
it's probably a shirt from her son who went to a brooklyn meet up
I have one from the meetup in my area, and got a shirt for my wife and a colleague of mine
>pic related

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>Mount and Blade early access
I've been hearing good things
but I got this PC mainly to play the new half life game
the valve index order is in but it's going to take 2 months to ship

>ensuring Cypherium’s collaborators have undisputed security and reliability of their critical off-chain data feeds, web APIs and traditional bank payments. Enabling Google Cloud, AWS and IBM access to Chainlink is a significant milestone
absolutely based
it's funny I had a zoom call with the chainlink team not too long ago to discuss collaborating on smart meter energy feeds for smart contracts related to the electrical grid and building management as well as energy incentives and carbon (GHG) reduction

it's looking promising to be honest
we will have a follow up discussion as my project progresses and construction completes
it's related to this:

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>smartcon called off
That one hurt the most
Think of all the free merch and the memes that would have come out of the 3 day event.
Everyone was going to be there too, including me.

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>March 25th
Sergey is self isolating with Adelyn right now.
Just like me, he’s comfy with his waifu and waiting for all this to blow over.
Such a shame, I was actually going to go to smartcon too.

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>Im done with crypto anyways.
just getting started

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just got back from a meetup
check out my comments
>pic related
chainlink swag

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Free drink tickets, merchandise and pizza were given out for those registering.
Well organized meetup and interesting discussions and group of people
It’s all done through the chainlink events portal and registered through google
10/10 would do again

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