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I have 5,600 fanties will I make it

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Finally falling for the crypto meme. Not talking myself out of this again. Whatever happens happens.
t. Didn't buy BTC at $1k because muh risk

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bought at 1.4 cents

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no one here even understands what I was saying lol.

I was talking about margin trading and everyone just went full retard by talking about random shit.

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Are bribes a common occurrence? My friend has a small paving company and he always tells me the other guys are bribing HOAs and others to get work from them. He says a lot of them have guys on the inside who they pay anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for giving them projects. Basically, they give them a cut from the project. They charge a lot for the work too. He said he bribed a few people as well. I've known him since childhood so I find it hard to not believe him, and it does make sense. So would I be able to bribe people to get work too? I'm afraid of trying it because how the fuck do you know who you're dealing with? What if they report me? Could I get in legal trouble? Where's their proof I bribed them? How would I go about doing it in a safe way?

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>green gremlin guy
Anon, I...

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Heeeere we go. Fuck it.

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TFW I get a diploma from some shitty European (((school))) only to get a job and get cucked by my government into having my earnings taxed up to 80% so mudslimes and afro nogs can eat and sleep to their hearts' content.

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stop being an impatient negro and learn to fucking HODL

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went full into litecoin. hope this shit doesnt crash to 20 dollars now.

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>move coins to exchange to sell
>account locked
>coins blocktraced to ICO which was illegal for your counry
>lose access to exchange account
>under investigation for SEC violations

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