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some fagit jannie told me i get 1 per bread, so

Don't forget to Prepp the BHLL lads gonna be bannanas
also is gayhorse gonna touch .12 again?

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I want another great depression. Even worse than the first. I want to find that proverbial can we've been kicking down the road for decades and pick it up so that our kids don't have to.

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He was too good for us

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I don't think he will announce anything new, it's just a Q&A with WSJ, not a press conference

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I usually don't write anything here. I just read. Just wanted to warn you that a 51 year old who's still using a Nokia phone has started to invest in crypto. Do what you will with that info.

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bless kek

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Now I will have to drive to mcdonalds... thanks. I'll burn all my today's gains on $2000 per barrel oil and hyperinflated potato chips.

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Bitcoiners (BSV) when will Creg finally make us rich?

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GameStop is no longer short restricted. I expect Citadel to short today because I want to buy cheapies. But we can't be sure fren.

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I'm not a greedy person. I just never want to work another day in my life for someone else. Fuck having "bosses", "HR departments" and "social" events.
All I want is to be left alone.

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disinfo and psycho meme warfare everywhere. i follow the fren trail of life. be nice to each other. have it cozy. post apu. let the bots and dysinfo d&c shills and haters spit hate on each other. the place being seen as a place for qboomers and nazi capitol stormers is clearly a problem. but as long as they stay in their containment boards it's still no risk for /biz/raelis.

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This. It hurts desu

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I'm losing hope bros, anyone got any hopium or wanna give me a hug?

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ok i have 100 shares of AG on revolut, revolut also offer physical silver on app, but u cant make them delivery silver to you, it is still worth to buy some XAG on revolut?

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>No amount of money will ever bring IT back, it wasn't her, it what who we were at the time we were in love. She's a different person now and if she came back it wouldn't be the same. I miss the experience not her.

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Good, I hope millions of zoomers die

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nobody really knows at this point. The more sure an Anon is, the more likely they have no idea what they are talking about. I made $6k from the last GME thing, but I'm staying out this time. Good luck to anyone in it right now.

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Feels sad, can't even get any discussion going because of meme stocks. Welp I'm out for the rest of the week, hopefully GME will crash to $5 and all FOMOers will suicide

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Bob, my friends and I think you're totally radical, bro. We've got this super kewl party van we'd like to show you. Got an address we could drop by, share some pizza. It'd be super dope, bro, you're missing out. Give us your location. haha lol

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A-at least I'm not in 6 figure Hell anymore, haha-ha

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Is it unironically over?

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me too fren

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