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42 theme song:
“Speak my name, and I appear, right here”

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It’s just during incubation when we first plant seeds and they grow indoors. Of course we plant them all outside where there is no need for artificial lamps.
The reason for the bulbs outdoors is to keep the plants warm overnight and to prevent freezing. Every now and then we still hit sub zero in March so I have to be careful not to have them damaged from the cold.
By April we’re good to have all the plants outdoors and planted in the garden.
In my home country of hercegovina the climate is much better. In fact my grandfather was one of the first people to grow and sell kiwis in his day. I come from a family of farmers on my fathers side and they had to grow food to sell on the farm while my grandfather was a mechanic and earned a living that way.

I’ve learned that I like farmers much more than yuppies.

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