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Even your mom should not know any exact numbers, no matter how much you make. I'd just generally avoid people who ask too many questions on how much money you make, where do you work, what do you do etc.

And I'd avoid them not because of the questions themselves, but because in like 99% cases those are actually extremely toxic and jealous people you are dealing with.

Just say something like - I'm making enough money. Why do you ask?

And just look at their reaction. That question "why do you ask?" is like an instant brain damage for them.

Smart people already know how much money you make based of your looks (personal hygiene, hair, teeth, finger nails, perfume), and how you dress (if your clothes are clean and tidy, if your shoes are clean, what is your wrist watch etc). And it's not about the brands. No, no, no. You may wear even some cheap priced brands - it's all about how you wear it, and how does it fit your personality, and how do you treat yourself.

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Live below your income, don't get into debt for bullshit things, stop trying to impress random strangers.

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Do the admins actually answer questions? The coin i'm all in has admins that just send you links to articles that don't contain the answer to your question

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Boomers made their own bed so to speak, they're the ones who got us in this mess. Realistically we'll import enough Haitian wageslave apes to shoulder the burden; the best these decadent old timers can hope for is that we figure out how to automate geriatric care and some soulless robot cares for them until their dying breath.

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Just wait a few more months for the Crypto ban to go into effect

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The banks can afford to hold repos on their balance sheet forever due to 0% government loans.
The big question is when will ((they)) start to tell us 50year loans are normal.

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What does data economy mean

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Precisely. But you are, cunt.

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i know this feel

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I would absolutely prefer death over forced injection

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this is the simple truth of it.

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According to some, we should bring "civilization" to these people so they can wageslave their entire lives in highly stressful factories 14 hours a day, 25cents/hour, assembling Apple products.

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BLM actually makes me kind of dislike black peoples. But the fucked thing is, I know it's skinny rich faggot white liberals screaming BLM the loudest. No justice no peace easy to say when you live in a gated community you rich bitch.

Most black people in my personal life are likeable reasonable people. Same can be said for Hispanics in my life. Whites are 50/50, a lot of fellow guerros and guerras I dislike. Mainly the lib fags

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>tfw APY drops a little every time I log in to exodus even though the price has gone back down

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I will sell my 5980.06 shares of Corbeus Pharmaceutical holdings($CRBP) at $5.95 in March.

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>he wants to survive if there's an apocalypse
fuck that shit, i'll be one of the first to die if the world ends. enjoy fighting against grizzly bears just to eat breakfast

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>never rugpulls
>I make a lot of money

Why bother fudding BSC shitcoins? We know they're shit lol. We're here to make MONEY.

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how dare you put LTO with those incelcoins

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yes that's been happening on /biz/ ever since the board was created. we broke off from /g/ as the crypto containment board. and the mods still won't fucking add flags or range ban india

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my dad heard of litecoin years ago, called it a scam, and labeled all cryptos the same.
thank god he left

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> all crypto banned
This isn't 2013.
That ship sailed years ago.

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