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Not worried at all. Neither should you. Sitting in cash or hiding in inverse ETF’s are for people who don’t have faith in our system. People who don’t have faith in our system think they can game our system.
If you reply to me saying that you can’t game the system as retail, then you have faith in the system.
And if you have faith in the system, you should be ready for a Green Day tomorrow.
Sleep tight, guys.

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post yfw you didnt sell at 120

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>green premarket
I haven't seen this color all week

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i did the same thing except i held some btc as well because sam hyde told me to buy 6 months ago. Balling.

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So comfy

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I was always under the impression that most of /biz/ was early on crypto and has trudged through the bear markets.
Buut ever since the bull-market started, I could see how that is clearly not true.

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waiting patiently for the king to speak

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You're exactly right anon thank you for sharing. We need more posts like yours. I'm feeling comfy to, I can see BTC is leveling off when you zoom out, so in a couple days we'll get solid organic climbs back up and then alts will too.

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Tfw I sold at $1.42

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call me paper hands or whatever, but I bought 2 shares at $42 per, and between wednesday and today I sold them both for a total of $290.
That's a little over $200 in profit, and I started with $500 total in my account on January 30th.
This has been one of the most fun months of my life, and I hope for your sakes it surges up up and away :) I am ok with my few hundred bucks, I hope you all make it frens
I love you

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Have been cashed out for two weeks now. How do I make money? It's just sitting there...

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Based Jimmy Soul poster

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this shit is going to go at least 100% or more over the weekend from whatever price it is on friday imo

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trust the plan
1000 eoy

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How much are you delegating fren?

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Being scared is the only time a man can be brave.

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thank you fren, i genuinely hope we all make it soon

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>looks dead center into the camera silently for 5 sec after finishing the live read

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big time bag holder

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>everything up bigly
>still retards talking about crashing tomorrow
I'm going to take a break from this spedfest for a day

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I don't have the spare Ether for gas rn and i my ASKO is on MXC i think need to transfer it to metamask or something for staking which will be more ETH.

I only have 1.5k ASKO bought for about 270 USDT. That's my absolute maximum investment into this, this month, i am the absolute razor wire of personal finances here. I'm sure Mr Curry won't rug this.

This will have to be enough for now. I may never make it, but at least i make an attempt.

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