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about 150 bat over a year myself.
Now worth 100 bucks

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I have a challenging question for you.
Compared to (more or less) fully realized businesses like Amazon, Google, and stuff like Bitcoin, ETH... where do you think BAT's fair value lays today, based on what it has already accomplished? You've put a shitload of money into this as an early investor, so you must have done a lot of research.
Since this is a bull market, obviously we will bubble way over its fair value, but what do you think its true fair value is?

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Very interesting. Thanks for dropping by, brah.

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You're buying the dip, right?

>$10 EOY
>$10 EOY
>$10 EOY
>$10 EOY
>$10 EOY
>$10 EOY

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I'm new to investing in BAT long-term, but I've also made some nice gains on blue-chip crypto, so I'm 11k BAT deep right now. Was 10k before the dip.

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lol that meme phrase

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gotta say, I've only been here 8 months, but...
you have no idea what's possible.
This shit has so much further to go. Crypto is barely 1 trillion Mcap. Minimum from here on is about 5 trillion USD Mcap, following a logarithmic regression from the previous peaks. If the peak is much later, the mcap could be upwards of 8 trillion USD.
Biz was actually early as fuck. But we were too scared, humble, or what have you, of what that implication would mean for the world.

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50x by EOY. Better hop on before it's too late

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Ok good. Meme atlas anon here, saw the anon in the other thread paging me for the BAT ambassador program. Signing up now.

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It is until it isn't...

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I agree. I'm also openly a doubled down overinvested delusional BAT bagholder for years - who can't help oneself from buying more and more. I feel stupid every day, but can't help but feel like i'm seeing something other people are blind to. I checkthe subreddit, telegram and batgrowth/brave transparency every day. In my head BAT seems like a sure bet, powder keg ready to blow. It seems like one of only a few cryptos that aren't vaporware. It boggles my mind when I occasionally look at twitter and see so called expert #fintech #crypto type operators that build a career around cryptos that aren't BAT verified nor ever mention BAT. Its like the world is blind or i'm on crazy pils. I don't understand.

I do feel like 2021 will be a huge year. SDK, Self serve and more coming. I feel that Brave will also start advertising harder to bring normies onboard. The only fear I have is that if somehow google nukes Brave from the appstore or likewise microsoft does something. We would all share stories of this perfect software solution that got stymied by greater powers.

Anywho thats my rant over. Also i'd like to take a moment to check those for you.

checked but cringe.

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I just converted my entire portfolio into BAT. Here's my POV on why I did this:

Today, I've seen my entire portfolio explode due to BTC getting back to the 19.5k range. If bitcoin retraces back to 18k, the majority of today's alt gains would be gone. Now that I've traded everything for BAT, worst case scenario for me, BTC retraces to 18k, and BAT follows and goes down to 0.19, which would be a buying opportunity and would result with minimal value loss compared to what could happen with other coins.

Even though BTC managed to get back to 19.5k, BAT barely made a move. Surprising considering it reached 0.29 at the end of November's run. If BTC can keep its' price point above 18.8k for a few days/weeks, I expect a lot of BTC owners to trade their BTC with other lower-valued coins with known potential to get more short-term gains. BAT is the best candidate for this considering its' current position:

BAT is one of the most under-valued altcoins in the top 100 as we speak: 0.2159 at the moment of this post, and last time its' value against BTC was that low was in 2017!

With all that said, keep in mind that this isn't financial advice and I do not own a crystal ball, but I expect BAT to get back near the 0.29 range by the end of the month due to BTC owners cashing out. If it goes past 0.30 and holds it for a good amount of time, it could be a psychological factor that would pump the price even more.

For short term I fully expect 0.30 by January. For long term, I keep the $40 dream. Either way, BAT is a very good crypto to keep in your portfolios, you can't go wrong with it.

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its all over

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On this episode of BAT SATURDAYS

-Brendans Macbook froze taking with it his collection of covid data notarized as 'B-drops' on his hard drive.

-Gemini wallet confirmed for brave integration for the, quote jennie "virgins who cant use uphold because their mom hasn't let them use their ID"

-Brave travala new tab ad sends user to a broken link

as always - check fellow IPA anon aka memeatlass anons website memeatlas.com for the latest eich edits

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crypto oldfag neet just bought 100k BAT. Never touched it before but it looks like its about to have a huge run

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You guys do know that a humongous portion of BAT is held by a small handful of literal criminals right? I'm not going to put them on blast and I don't know that much about it anyways, but just know that every single time that big money shows up in these threads it's the same group of people. Unless you want your future riding on them I would tread carefully with BAT.

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Let's listen to the newest BAT Community Podcast together frens!

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BAT bros, Assemble!

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'ate google
'ate censoring
'ate glowies

Love Brave
Love me privacy
Love me Jennie
Love me BAT

Simple as

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Jenny is waifu material, she's not some disgusting degenerate whore on onlyfans

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