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What happens with "old" IOTA when the V changes? Do I have to exchange them, or can I just HODL them?
Also, where are they best traded?
And who makes sure that they're not just another waves? Huge promise, real world uses…
and they're just not important in any way or form.

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I'm finally reinstalling my PC after I have finished my PhD, and in doing so, I'm making sure that I don't accidentally delete* anything important.
So I'm checking on all my crypto "assets" (lol…) and it turns out the waves dex chrome app doesn't exist anymore, but it doesn't matter since I also forgot my password. However, recovering from seed works and their new exchange works surprisingly well in wine, it just produces insane CPU load and crashes about every 10 minutes.
But that's besides the point.
The point is, I had all kinds of crap dropped into my waves wallet (though not as much as in the heydays of crypto, where you'd get a fun token every few hours) but theres also
>Surge is a Smart Asset. Its price is increased every day: it is at least 0.001 * (1 + days * days) WAVES. DEX orders should have expiration less than 100 minutes.
of which I apparently have 145 which have an USD value of 14170.30
WTF is that shit?
I randomly gained 14k USD in the biggest crypto bear market without doing anything?
What even are Surges?
And is there any chance that I can atually use those 14k IRL?

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will I make it?

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What hardfork? Fuck, I really need to follow my HODLcoins more.
I hope they have some broadcast system inbuilt in the new client to tell me about such things.
Anyways… guppy here.

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Why? Who took them from you? I still have mine, but guess what: It's good that they stopped that shit.
It's normie ready and its a >>4910590

I don't really wan't to add more money into the magic internet money casino, but I'm thinking of getting rid of my BTC and switching them to waves.
Good idea or not?

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