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Anon.....some of us are degenerates who don't feel psychological strain. Or perhaps better, we have been through the worst already so there is not a problem anymore going forward. I firmly believe when learning trading, people NEED to experience a massive loss first, perhaps repeatedly. Lose your ass off, get margin called, see -20%, or higher, get fucking rekt. It is needed to understand lessons and how to trade better. but even more, it de-sensitizes you if you are strong. You have been through the worst. A -20% day? You have been through worse, who cares, weather the storm! Boomer investing is for those who are weak at heart, the sheep. Lions who are brave deserve to take all the profits from you sheep.

However, if you are over 6 figures, then you are retarded not "securing" a good size into bluechips. 10% portfolio for "risky assets" is too small for people. That is only for millionaires. The rules for how to invest change as you have a higher bankroll. While percentage wise and theory-wise rules are the same between high and low accounts and is argued by advisors as such, it is false equivalence. Money has real world usage value and stocks have set costs. The reality is that disciplined approaches only work well if you already have a ton of money, otherwise it is pointless. Small portfolios MUST gamble, otherwise they will not make it. Because let's face it, if you are willing to work for 20 years then you are a sheep and a loser who cannot seize opportunity by the balls when you can, this isn't a boomer economy where that flies anymore. This is do or die. Be a lion, or be a debt-ridden own-nothing forever-working sheep.

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>Analysts non-stop shilling semis today and yesterday
Soft confirmed tv personalities are all secretly making bank on SOXL, you guys really really should buy below 30 here like I got most my shares from. I am warning you, we are below 500 bigly pre-split price, you can't be greedy and wait for more.

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Well I'll be a son of a bitch. Looks like we got 1 more red day ahead of us, brace for the pain tomorrow. Maybe we get a reversal before market open tomorrow. Or it is time for true blood. Either way, I don't expect more after this, we have reached a ridiculous point by now. Even March last year didn't go down this often this continuously. Buy more SOXL unironically once it dumps.

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I sure hope you all bought this dip. Already close to my new SOXL average. Imagine not buying sub-30 SOXL. Imagine selling. The pain train is almost gone, 1 day more at worst, pure green from here at best. I really hope you all enjoy making money and chose to buy here rather than FOMO at 80+ GUSH. Sitting extremely comfy atm as power hour refuses so far to make a new low and maintain this bounce of correction.

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