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alright now i can see that you are just fucking with me because nobody can actually be this retarded. cant believe i took the bait. congratulations

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time horizon? well braves userbase is growing at a rate of 10% per MONTH. the compound effect on that is fucking retarded. if that growth remains stable it would mean 35m users by the end of this year, and over 100m by the end of next. with that many people using the browser, theres only so much bat to go around. i wont even go into the SDK, self-serve ad system, in browser ads, bat store, etc etc because theres just too many features and too much shit on the horizon to touch on. also keep in mind that unlike link or xrp, the brave team doesnt hold 65% of the supply to dump on your fucking faces. the entire existence of bat has basically been a bunch of small up and down cycles of distribution as the ico whales sold their shit and the team gave away free bat. thats pretty much all gone now. ico whales (crypto techboi faggots that no nothing about trading) have finally all sold to smart money and the inflation from the team giving away free shit is just about done. the team has barely any bat left now. this is setting itself up to be the ultimate fucking ponzi and i think people are going to be very surprised when they see this shitcoin go MUCH further than $1

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