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What the fuck was that ?

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Bro you need a proper strategy and stick with it. Nobody else matters, let them wallow in your diarrhea and piss.

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youre probably right fren.

I dont have a ton into the market but had i held my BTC and link back in january my net would be a lot different.

Truth me told I dabble in it for fun rather than sitting on my ass watching netflix, so huge gains would be amazing but as long as i dont crash to zero im happy.

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I will NOT do it
I will NOT kms

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>finally enough cash to sell big boy cash covered puts for free money
thank you GME

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I'm already emotionally numb, panic selling is not on the menu.

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Any BCRX bros?

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I lost 800k in 13 trading hour this morning. But now only down 600k and not nervous till anyone of my holds comes close to CMPS 2 billion usd marketcap. This is just a healthy 300% profit taking sell off.

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Thank you. I’m in my late 30s and jealous of all the guys starting in there 20s here. I know we are all going to make it.

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For the past year I've oscillated between a fully shaved head and a pseudo mullet. Haven't been to the barbers since feb.

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You are an artist.
My life is made better by being in your presence great one.

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Yes, time to buy shroom stocks while the Americans are eating Turkey. Markets pretty wild today.

CYBN.NE is my new recommendation. It or NUMI.CN.
Trying to buy 40k of TRIP.CN right now, thing jumped 15% while I was doing my research on where to spend my numi profits after it doubled.
Shits wild.

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Started doing peanut butter and cricket powder smoothies on the morning. Healthy, filling, confident and delicious, plus ethical. Only shitty part is the texture and cost.

I’d invest in cricket meat if I could. Think it will be huge for fish farms

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We all are one

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