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According to the Chinese Calendar the next year (2022) will be the year of the Ox.

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fuckin new chair. sweet, dude

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Enjoy losing all your money, faggot

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200$ net worth, 25 yo, virgin.
feeling comfy

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I'll go into some detail for you, anon.
I basically started my label for multiple reasons;
> Just to have a sort of "name" and medium to release my work under
> To have a professional way to market my music and physical releases
> Being able to incorporate a business aspects into my music
> Building a fan base (focusing on one certain genre of music)

Those first two two are the main reasons why I started my label. Before this, I was a soundcloud streaming, no name artist. Now I've got multiple press releases, radio play, and (possibly) a physical distributor. I''m not saying I've "made it," but starting this label has been the best thing I've ever done for my music career. I won't lie to you, I also wanted to make some money off of my music. I lost my job at the start of March, and needed a way to make cash.

After sending out press kits for my first album, I immediately got some hits. All because I was now behind a label with a web presence, and not some random guy shilling his soundcloud profile. I made sure to present them in a professional way, and I sent fuck tons of emails, all over. I probably sent over 100 emails to different music blogs and reviews for that one release. I'll list what I did to "start" my label below;
> Created a website with a shop
> Registered as a business
> Started a bandcamp
> Created an email address using my labels name ("[email protected]")
> Created press kits and spam emailed them out

Basically all you need to do is make yourself look presentable, and you'll start to make some progress. Hell, I even created some non-existent Japanese sound designer and added him to my album credits, all so it would look like I wasn't just doing it myself. Advertising is also very important, I recommend Instagram ads, as they reach a lot of people. I also even paid a popular ambient YouTube channel to post my music, which really helped with publicity. Try your hardest to get your music ANYWHERE you can, I hope this helps, anon.

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bought at 10200 sat

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>Implying I bought internet memecoin.
Better shill me your trash t-shirts.

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Enjoy your money. Tomorrow you will make more money than 95% of /biz/raelis

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gtfo pajeets, thats 0.5+ btc club thread

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Hello /biz/. Teach me how to earn 10$ a day on the internet to live comfy in my shithole country.
I have no skills and my english is shit. I wasted six years for university and I am about to waste two more years to make 150$/month.
I was making okish money selling currency in game, but this shit not stable and overruned by bots. I would easily invest 6 to 8 hours a day to make 10$.
Just give me any ideas.

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tfw in BTC instead of some random shitcoin that I have to shill on 4chan

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who else /tetheredup/

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According to my approximate calculations I have already made back all my trading losses.

I lost about 0.5 BTC and 3 ETH trading, a big chunk of my portfolio and by then about eight thousand dollars.

>be me, early February, watching my portfolio melt and tired of hodling
>Go to huobi, make an awful short, manage to get liquidated on 2x leverage, lose 0.3 BTC
>sell your entire ETH stack in an attempt to make a short term trade, trapped in a trade, later capitulate and buy in losing like 2 ETH
>Send my 0.15 BTC holdings to bitmex
>Lose it all overtrading and overleveraging
>Sell 1 ETH for BTC and send it to bitmex along with the remaining 0.05 BTC from huobi
>Lose it again
>it's the beginning of March: realise how much I lost but decide not to give up and set on trying to slowly recover some losses
>Sell your last OMG stack and send the money to bitmex
>through months of trading, taking it slow, not going crazy with the leverage and using small positions to have spare margin recover 0.65 BTC
>in the meantime swing trade other coins a few times gaining at least 1 ETH, probably more
>a few days ago send the BTC amount I sold my OMG for back to an exchange
>Buy in lower than when you sold, gain >50 OMG
>going to continue slowly trading while awaiting the next bull run, patient and potent, whether be it in weeks or months or years
>we're all going to make it bros

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TBQH, I'd rather not sell and go long soon and it all go to absolute 0 than do anything else and miss out on the potential moonshot of the decade

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Go on tell more
Your not the only one it will be a hard meme to fight

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>that pic

I got a better version of that pic 4 u bb

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>tfw 150 XLM

Feeling pretty comfy right now.

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How I feel knowing ive invested in the booming gene editing/bio engineering industry rather than worthless magic internet tokens.

Who else is actually making meaningful long term investments?

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~$100K/yr salary work from home developer. 401K, pension, brokerage accounts all chugging along. Also have a about $12K ( in today's prices ) in ETH from an initial investment of $1K in April. Very comfy.

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IOTA is +32% in the last 24 hours. Feels comfy

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Came into crypto literally a month ago with 4k. Managed to make babbys first trades on Bitfinex without a loss, though for small gains. Refused to fall for the FUD a couple of days ago and managed to make some more gains on that. Moved half my BTC to a wallet, thought I'd see how all this would play out. After testing the withdrawal and not getting anywhere for 12 hours I went all in on Monero before the pump and managed to get it out onto a wallet just in time.
Feeling pretty damn comfy right now guys. Thanks /biz/

>still need to figure out what exchange to go to from here

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